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Looking For Erotic Writers

I have started working on a new project that has me all excited. I have already partnered up with a couple of writers.

Goals of project

I am wanting to find erotic writers preferably ones that are self-publishing but also those that are just starting out. It can be someone that is making monies from their writing. I am also open to someone exploring their craft and have not made that decision if this is a fun hobby or something they want to monetize.  This is about creating a circle of writers who help each other.

What I do NOT Want

I do not want this to be all about the “baby birds” one of the largest complaints I have heard from other authors is that when they try and showcase someone that person just does the buy my book, buy my friend’s book.  I do not want this at all for this project.

What I Want

What I do want is to showcase the author and what the authors driving motivation to create works in this genre. I want to give authors some wonderful areas that they get attention over extended time. I want to showcase some of their work to a group of people that may have never found them otherwise.

How to make this happen

  1. Building a social media circle for erotic writers.
  2. Doing a mp3 of the author’s self-selected work to be distributed for free over the course of weeks.
  3. To give an author their own page on my blog as well as putting them in with a group of other authors that are being heavily marketed through social media.

Check out what has already has been done and if you are interested in joining please email me If you see something that might work better if done a different way please contact me. I am building this from the ground up so to some degree it is an experiment in motion.  If you are an author just starting out and you want to participate but you have a limited number of books for sale. Please do not feel that you have to send me your money makers. Instead, sit down an evening and write a prequel or a tease of a sequel or perhaps write something about a supporting character.  If you are struggling with what to do with your social media shoot me an email and I will send you a short tutorial to help you start to make that work better for you.

Goddess Worship

I am often asked if I prefer to be called a Mistress or a Goddess during play time. I have always thought of myself more of a Goddess than a Mistress. Here is why! I am a happy person I am not one to yell and scream. I enjoy being in control but do so with a smile on my face. I like someone who comes to me and wants to be submissive. That does not mean that I do not push the limitations and enjoy that. What I do not enjoy is someone who wants to be broken down. The Goddess aspect fits my personality. Body worship is something I enjoy telling my submissive to worship my round luscious bottom, my beautiful breasts, and all the other places.

A mistress to me seems to more about the professional side of this. I started this journey when I was in my teens and for me, it is a journey that changes every day. I enjoy talking on the phone but I have no desire to meet strangers in person for this type of play.  It is my special time to let myself be the aggressive and seductive parts.

My personal experience has shown me that those who want to be submissive respond in positive ways to my friendly fun style. I can be assertive when I need to be but I have no desire to be mean to someone just to be nasty. I enjoy humiliation play my style though is done with a sweet smile while I humiliate a man completely.  Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) is also an area that is fun for me.  Tying up a man’s cock and balls while I sit on his face is a great way to spend an evening. Putting a man into a cock cage while I pleasure myself brings me a delight. Especially when a man can not control his erection and that cage gets smaller and smaller.

Goddess worship is the only way for me to go. I want a submissive that enjoys having a great time. I do a lot of the things that a Mistress does I just come at things from a different point.

Forced Bi

You may have noticed that forced bi has left a lot of girls descriptions. That is due to a lot fo sites making us take those words down. I have played with bi play for almost twenty years now. I enjoy having a man do things for me that he would not do on his own. Forced bi is just a search term that makes it easy for men to find women who enjoy taking control of a situation. They look for a woman that will treat them in a way that makes them want to push their boundaries. In all reality, you can not force someone to do something of this nature without their wanting to be there at some level.

It is not about being homosexual it is about being pushed into a situation that is uncomfortable. That unsettled feeling is a huge turn on for a number of people. The butterfly’s they get in their stomach as they realize they are going to do something for someone they would never do on their own. They want to please the woman in every way. Submission is giving of one’s self completely over to another. It is also about trust. Forced bi situations are all about trust. There is nothing more destructive than a person giving themselves in ways they never would other wise, and then having someone use those actions against them. I have spoken to men over the years who’s girlfriends would turn these instances against them in very cutting ways.

I want a person who gives themselves to me and does what I ask when I desire it. I do not want to force someone in a physcial way I enjoy the mental play between partners. I desire to have a man that goes above and beyond to give me parts of himself that he has never given someone else. The more uncomfortable he the more fulfilled I am.

Five Most Shocking Sexual Traditions From Around the World!

These are very odd even to me! Check them out if you dare!

From a tribe of men stealing each others wife to kids having sex at a very young age ,amaze yourself with these 5 Shocking Sexual Traditions From Around The World! Lets begin!

1. The Mardudjara

The first portion of this Mardudjara ritual involves a barbaric circumcision followed by the circumcised male ingesting his own foreskin. After he heals up, the penis is then cut lengthwise on the underside, sometimes all the way to the scrotum. Blood is then dripped over a fire in order to purify it. From then on, the male will urinate from the underside of his penis instead of the urethra. The real question, however, is how does destroying a boy’s ‘manhood’ bring him into manhood? Like seriously….

2. The Trobrianders

These islanders from a remote tribe in Papua seem like a case study in the ultimate consequences of the sexual revolution: girls want sex just as much as guys, and kids start having sex at a very young age — 6-8 for the girls and 10-12 for the guys — with no social stigma. There are few customs about dating to inhibit “hooking up” and, of course, revealing clothing has been taken to its limit, with girls actually going topless. Well damn…..

3. The Sambians

To become a man in this primitive tribe, boys are removed from the presence of all females at the age of seven, living with other males for ten years. During the ten years, the skin is pierced to remove any contamination brought upon by women. For the same reason, they also regularly incur nose-bleeding and vomiting caused by consuming large amounts of sugarcane.To top it off, they are required to ingest the semen of their elders, which is thought to sustain growth and strength. Ohhkayyy……

4. The Wodaabee

In the Wodaabe tribe in West Africa, men are known to steal each other’s wives. The Wodaabe’s first marriage is arranged by their parents in infancy and must be between cousins of the same lineage. However, at the yearly Gerewol Festival, Wodaabe men wear elaborate makeup and costumes and dance to impress the women – and hopefully steal a new wife.

5. Saut d’Eau

If you travel to Haiti and visit the waterfalls of Saut d’Eau during the month of July, you may witness quite a ritual. Voodoo practitioners make this journey each summer to worship the goddess of love. Pretty normal stuff, right? Well, not quite. Just picture a bunch of naked people twisting and moving around in mixed mud with the blood of sacrificed animals, including cow and goat heads thrown into the mix. I’m sure there’s nothing like it. What do you think of this?

10 Most Dangerous Sexual Fetishes Ever


10. Choking we all see have seen the meme’s and after the Grey series, I personally know of lots of women that are into being choked. This is the really tame one of this list though so hold on tight. Oh and about 1,000 people a year die from this so if you are into choking do so with caution.

9. Public Sex I understand the appeal of this one it is about the rush of doing something where you should not be doing it. I might be guilty of this one a wee bit. The major issue here is being arrested which would ruin the mood.

8.  Cannibalism wow just wow. Us humans are a very strange lot I know this seems like it should be number one but it way down the list of top ten. That should be scary in itself.  Just in case you were wondering the largest act of cannibalism each year is eating someone’s feet.

7.  Train attraction to train this is not about having sex on a train I can get that. This is about wanting to have sex with a train or a part of a train. Yes, people do die from attempting to have sexual relations with a train. Crazy right!

6. Pyrophiliacs this is all about the fire, not the emotional kind either. Some people enjoy playing with fire but others want to be ON fire while having an orgasm.

5. Sex with/in Cars I have written about this one before and it is about having sex with a car. Now we all or at least the good majority of us have had sex in a car. Not generally because of fetish more of being in the moment or lack of privacy.

4. Vampirism I have known a lot of people who were into vampirism in a number of different forms. Some like the smell others the feel and yes some people do enjoy the taste.  Right now it seems to be a “fad” but under that, this one will always be around.

3. Symphorphilia This is another one I have written about a few times. This is about people who get off on accidents or tragedy. Pain and pleasure are always close together. The issue comes when people demand their fix so much they set up something to get it.

2.  Roller Coasters again this is not about having sex on a roller coaster something that actually might be fun. This is about having sex with a roller coaster. Not sure I will ever get having a feeling for inanimate objects.

  1. Zoophilia yes this is number one and that is just sad to me. I can never wrap my mind around the whole animal and human sexual contact thing.



Taboo is one of those words that makes most phone sex operators skin crawl. While most of what we talk about is considered taboo by definition. It seems at some point this word has come to mean incest, pedophilia, and scat. I do not know how we got to this point, but that is not what taboo is by any means. We do not make the rules about what we can and can not discuss or role play. Though the things I listed above would be on my ‘no no’ list irregardless. There are reasons why we do not discuss things that society deems completely unacceptable. A lot of what we discuss people would be uncomfortable with and that is okay to push people’s boundaries. Those types of things do not harm anyone either mentally or physically. The ones that create a situation of harm are not places to explore though. Incest is not something that society can ever accept it is detrimental to the society by creating unhealthy relationships that are regressive in nature. It is extremely harmful to the family ties and those can never be repaired. Even the discussion of it can give someone a sense of well I discussed it x amount of times and that person was okay with it there fore I can proceed.  Again this is not taboo it is a breaking of social laws. I doubt any of us need to discuss pedophilia in depth. While the age of consent varies from state to state and with the times. There comes a point where no one argues the point. Most sites keep this at age 18 because that is the universal age of consent. Yes we phone sex operators are aware that your state might be different. No we will not argue this point with you. We are not in a position to make a judgment call on this we have been told by the federal government as far as we are concerned 18 is the age of consent. It is not okay to put us in a position where we have to fuss at you about something that is just common sense.  While the list I have provided here is not all inclusive and each site changes it for a number of reasons. Please be respectful that while we want to make you happy there are just some lines we are not able to cross. Your call while important does not take precedence over our whole income.

Face Sitting

I am a huge fan of face sitting. It puts me in the perfect position to tease a man’s nipples, cock, and testicles.  I greatly enjoy the feel of a man’s tongue in my pussy and ass. I have found that most men like a woman to sit on their face it is intimate and passionate for them. A lot of women do not understand the power they have over a man.  Women in the United States are brought up to think their bodies stink or  their bodies are ugly. Men are absolutely attracted to the way a woman smells that is a biological thing it is part of mating and all animals are attracted to their potential mates.  What makes women stink or smell off is when they start using all different kinds of products to hide their natural good smells with something artificial. These fake smells can just mess up the chemistry between two people or they can such things as mess up a woman’s ph values and cause health related issues.  All a woman ever needs is soap and water nothing more. Men are also very attracted to the way a woman vagina looks. Most men do not care if it is shaved or hairy they generally like it kept meaning hair not running down the sides of the inner thighs but beyond that they just want to be close.  It is true that every woman tastes different and men adore the way their woman tastes.  Again do not go messing with biology here just a general regime of hygiene is all that is required.  A woman may think she smells bad or tastes bad but at that time is when her partner is most attracted to her.

There is a huge power of sitting down on a man’s face and capturing his head between my thighs. I like that moment when his tongue makes first contact with my clit. Rubbing my pussy all over his face and knowing that I am scenting him with me is animalistic in nature.  It is kind of a primitive way of marking my territory.  The funny thing is a person that smells like sex is far more attractive to other people than one who does not. It has to do with sexual pheromones.  I want my partner to know that I am in control and they will only get pleasure if they take care of my wants and desires first.

What about you are you a guy into face sitting or a girl that enjoys the power? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

Sissy Feminization

Sissy femininization is one of the more popular subjects that I talk about on the phone. The basis of the subject can vary greatly but there are a lot of men that like to thing about this type of  role play. I try to get men to talk about what they are into because the sessions have such a large degree of difference between one person to another. Some men want to only be about girls they want to be completely dressed up and turned into women in all ways. Dressing  up in girls clothes, wearing makeup, and even wigs. To all men that are into being sissified and feminization the outfit from top to bottom is extremely important.  To some men they want to be dominated by a woman with a strap on while others want to have a lesbian session.  For a large portion though they want to be forced or made into bi sexual activities with other men. They are not into being on their own most of them want a woman involved. They desire that power exchange that happens between a sissy and a woman.

All men that I have ever spoken with or played with in person have been about the process of becoming a woman. They want to enjoy the feeling of the fabric. Being made to get rid of all their manly things is a huge liberation for them. The touch of silky things is a huge turn on for all the sissies.  Feminization involves the use of make up to create a more girly person. Men are often fascinated by makeup but often leary of it. It is like a complex toy that they want but are too afraid to touch. The feel of the lipstick as it slide on their lips is often a complete mind changing event. For some men the process of feminization is the only thing they crave and they want to go as deep  into that process either mentally or physically as they can possibly go. For other men they crave a sexual nature to their process they want to experience sexual relations as women do either through strapons or real men.  I enjoy feminization and sissy sessions because of the light hearted nature of everyone involved. It is a fun time that allows a lot of creativity, teasing, and power exchange.


Have you ever thought about sissification and feminization? Ever wore panties or maybe tried on makeup? Tell me in the comments below.

Live Out Our Fantasies Together

Role playing is what brings the fun into a good night. It spices everything up and makes for some memorable times. There are so many things that I enjoy doing. We can just talk about all those times I have had sex in a naughty public place. I can always get out my big thick strap-on and show you how to be on the bottom. Are you into a sassy girl that likes to put you in your place and show you complete humiliation no matter where we are? Oh or how about a bunch of guys for me or maybe even for you lets talk about all those fun gang bangs we can explore. I have always liked the thought of caging up a guys cock and me holding the key. I am even into the thought of me in a full chastity belt and you are the only one that can turn me loose. Do you want to be the bad doctor that makes his nurse do all kinds of naughty things in the examining room? We can make it even kinkier where I am the Doctor and all my nurses force you to be our play thing for the afternoon. I am such a bad secretary and you are my high profile boss that knows exactly what it takes to make me behave. Let me be that naughty neighbor that shows off all her goodies and makes you do terrible things would will never share with your wife. Flirty and obnoxious fresh from college show me what an older man does with a young girl like me. There is nothing more important than a good education as your Librarian I am going to make sure you learn your lessons. Even if we have to complete those lessons over and over. College girls like me know how to make a professor do anything and I will make sure you want to reward me with really good grades. You know me when you see me I am a very submissive girl that likes doing kinky things for her dominate male. Put me in my place and I will take complete care of you. Please, Officer I can not get another ticket I am just a girl in trouble if you are bad cop it will end up being a very good night for you. I am habitually late with the rent and there is just no way I can pay this month how naughty of a landlord are you can we work something out? These are just a few little ideas in my deviant mind. Do you have have an idea call me!

Lets talk about all those Roles!

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No No Topics

I have talked about some of the things the site will not let us discuss because of laws that we all have to follow. I am not saying the laws are good nor am I saying they are bad they are just there so that is the way it is. I thought I would touch on some of the things that I will not personally talk about and why.

Incest to me this is the greatest crime on family. With a lot of blended families there seems to be a large amount of step fathers that think about their step daughters. Even if it is just in their head which I hear a lot I will not participate. If you take on a family then you better respect it. While I can not force someone to respect the vows they have made to be a good, honest, decent human I will not participate in fantasies of them breaking those vows. This one is not open to discussion.

Underage- this one is a grey area for me on one aspect. I will not talk about YOU doing something to someone who is underage. However, I do understand that a lot of sexuality comes from the first times of doing things. I understand how fantasy can go back to those times.

Bestiality- Yeah really keep it within our own species.

Scat- sorry I do not even see the appeal of this one and it just flat out turns me off.

Fisting- if you want to talk about me doing it to you I am okay with that. I am not into having it done to me for me the thought is a huge turn off.

If I do not feel comfortable with a situation then I will just tell you and we can either move to something else or part ways. I am actually really easy to get along with and do not get offended easily. By all means just ask me flat out if it is not my thing I will tell you straight up and wish you the best. I am open to a ton of fetishes and I learn new ones all the time. If yours is something unique tell me about it I would enjoy learning something new. One of the major things I enjoy about being a phone sex operator is exploring human sexuality.