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What Does Amateur Mean?

This term gets thrown around alot when it comes to adult entertainment and I thought it was important to talk about what an amateur is and what that means. For our company it basically means there are three of us, myself, Chilly Hicks, and my husband. We do occasionally shoot with other people but that is all they do is shoot a movie or picture sets with us. I do pretty much all the online stuff. Which means I do all the html coding I had learn this from scratch and there are a lot of things I want to do but there are just not enough hours in a day. I take care of deciding what content we will shoot (have an idea please email me). After it is shot I edit it, encode it, upload it and write a description yes that is all 500 some movies currently and all that come in the future. I write all the blogs and do all the advertising twittering etc. I literally work seven days a week from when I get up generally around 10 am to midnight. I enjoy every minute of it but it can be overwhelming at times. We have a small budget for shoots that is why we get so happy when guys send us something to do a movie in. There are no big companies paying us or taking care of us when times get a little thin. If we do not make anything then bills do not get paid. This has been one of the hardest and most challenging things I have done in my life. It has also been by far one of the most rewarding. We have overcome every obstacle that has been thrown at us and come out on the other side. I have learned so many new exciting skills and explored areas of my sexuality I would not have even touched on had it not been for my time in the adult industry. I have made new friends some from all over the world and been empowered by other women. Everything in life is what we make it yes the porn industry can be bad for women but it can also be the most liberating and freeing thing they have ever done. It really depends on what a woman is willing to put in over herself to find out which way it will go. Being an amateur for me has meant finding skills that I never knew I had, letting go of procrastination, learning to be highly organized, teaching myself new skills and letting myself just enjoy the moment.

Talking About Price Per Minute Of Phone Sex

Okay I am going where no other phone sex operator dares to go. I am going into price per minute. I am consistently told that I am so good that I should charge more.  I have played with my price level over the years and while I can get calls at a higher price level. For me I have found I enjoy having my phone ring consistently. I like that I get a lot of calls and get to know a lot of people. For some pso’s they like to think they are charging what they are worth. I do not agree with this philosophy. I like having guys go hey I will check her out and then call me  even if what I have written might not completely fit into their fetish initially. I like that guys can talk to me for awhile without even really thinking about it. I have a number of online friends that we talk for hours at a time about some of the greatest conversations. I have a number of guys that call me to help them with things that people would never think a “phone sex” person would talk to.

I have made the choice of my price through a lot of different aspects and I am completely happy with where I am at. Yes, I do get other pso on occasion writing me questioning me about my decision. I am okay with that. I really enjoy talking to the people that call me and I like that they are comfortable with just being themselves. I am honestly curious about human nature when it comes to fetishes. Some of fetishes I talk about or even explore are directly related to calls that I take.  When you are looking at phone sex operators please remember there are a lot of reasons for price points. The price per minute does not directly relate to experience of the person you are talking to. There are some things in life where what you pay is what you get when it comes to talking to a real live person about some of your most intimate thoughts that thought process does not necessarily apply.

I would greatly enjoy hearing about some of your own experiences with this. What do you think of when you are looking at calling someone new do you take price into the consideration or do you just go with what you want?  Let me know in the comments below.

Unblocking Someone

This is one of the subjects that I get asked about over and over. I understand that sometimes flirts can get annoying. Sometimes you are just having a bad day and that one more email irritates you. After you have blocked someone, you might revisit the idea later. Thinking about it you might actually start to miss her or him. At that point you really want to unblock so you can communicate with them again. Before we go into how to undo that action let us talk a little on how to avoid the situation to begin with. It is okay to ask to be removed from mailings we are human we understand that sometimes things are just a little over whelming. Before you do that take two minutes and make sure that is what you truly want. For a lot of people I talk to emails are an important way of communicating with each other. For me it is how I communicate new movies, picture sets, mp3 etc. It is how I let my online friends know if I have something important going on in my life. It is also how the flirts can give away free pictures, minutes, and other things. If after that two minute break you decide to block someone then by all means do so.  If after a few weeks you no longer think that blocking was a good idea you can unblock a flirt. You can go to your email and  click on Options tab. See if the flirts name is in the Blocked Members. When you have located the flirts name, highlight it and click the option Unblock.  For Some reason this seems easy once you do it but the instructions are not easily available. The best way to deal with a situation is always communication so please email before you block any flirt.

How To Have A Good Call

There are a lot of things that go into a good call but there are some things you can do from your side to help things along. First off have a general idea of what you want to talk about even if all you want to do is talk. We talk to lots of people that are just lonely and want to discuss anything. If you are wanting to talk about a fetish just ask up front if that is something we are into or even interested in. Some of the most awesome calls I have ever had were on fetishes I did not know anything about. Its great to learn about new things. Understand that there are just some subjects we are not allowed to discuss. These can be such things as incest, underage, bestiality, scat as well as site specific things. Please do not try and talk a girl into discussing something that she is contractually bound not to discuss. Also, understand that a girl that is willing to discuss this may not be around very long. Understand that there are things some girls just do not like talking about and respect that. One of the worse things we as phone sex operators can here on the phone is “I am into anything”. We both know that is not true and these calls generally end short and badly for both parties. If you are not sure just say hey I think I might be interested in xyz or I saw this movie/story/picture set and it got me to thinking about xyz. This is something we can happily work with or direct you to someone who will make your experience more pleasant. The more open you are even if it takes a couple of operators to find a good fit the more you will enjoy the whole experience. Emailing is generally not a good idea we are slammed with a ton of emails and yours will easily get lost. Plan a five minutes call someone up and see if that person fits.

Call Quality

Call quality is not about the connection between you and the phone sex operator. This is about the technical side of can you hear them clear and can they hear you clear. There are so many things that go into how a call sounds and a ton of things that can go wrong. It is rarely the fault of the phone sex operator. Cell phones are great for can you meet me at the restaurant, however, they are awful for long calls. Cell phones are designed to be used or short bursts of communication the longer a call lasts the more issues that can show up. Cell phone calls can drop with no warning your little indicator at the top of your phone is not precise. If there is an emergency in your area even if you are not aware of it your call can drop because theirs takes priority. Also the more people using the tower the more likely calls are going to drop.  We understand that sometimes you have to use your cell phone but understand that it can cause issues. Most of us full time phone sex operators do not use cell phones we use phones that are more stable on our side. Most of us use a pots (plain old telephone service) it has no extras at all. Some of us with really fast internet service may use voip (voice over internet protocol) service. Both of these are very good services in the vast majority of situations. The voip can have a clearer voice then the pots because of speed issues with old copper lines. This is just your side/my side of the equation. Once the conversation leaves these then tons of other things can cause issues from switches, saturation, interference, as well as other things. The far vast majority of calls have no issues but in the off chance that yours is not the greatest understand that it could be something neither of you can make better, fix and generally it is a temporary issue.

Masturbation Instruction

I have always enjoyed watching a man tease his cock in front of me. There is something powerful about sitting in a chair dressed in my heels and hose. Telling a man that he needs to stroke his cock slowly while I enjoy watching his face change shape.  Bringing my man right up to the edge of orgasm only to tell him to move his attention to his testicles. The struggle as he wants to keep going knowing that will only make me upset.  He wants to keep me happy so he makes the decision to do what I ask of him.

It is not just about me though I also like to watch a woman tease herself. With a woman, it is easier to control her orgasm unless she is like me. I have learned how to let my anticipation build inside so I can explode in orgasm when I desire. You can tell how much a person masturbates by how well they can control their own masturbation.

The playful side of masturbation is what I enjoy. I want to tease and deny until my playmate is begging to be allowed to explode all over. If they are a good boy or girl then I will probably allow that to happen. There have been times when I wanted to let someone orgasm but life would get in the way so they were left needing but unable to be satisfied.  Sometimes I have to admit this can be a lot of fun in itself.

Lesbian Domination

Some men enjoy being dominated by a woman who has no sexual interest in men at all. They enjoy the thought that the only joy they are bringing is the whimpers escaping their lips. This is a role play that takes a minute to unpack and understand. It is all about power exchange. In most BDSM play it is about having an orgasm of some kind at some point in the play time. If a man is truly craving denial then it might be a time when he enjoys having a woman who is completely not into his extra appendages.

I have played with the fantasy of this time and it can be a lot of fun. Especially when we utilize humiliation. There are a lot of fun things that can be said when I step in that portion of my bi brain. Those of you who know me understand that humor is a huge part of my play time. I enjoy being snarky and sarcastic in a fun maybe slightly mean way but with humor. When it comes to humiliating someone I like for there to be a basis of truth. Lesbian domination is being used by someone that you could never have.

How To Email Properly

How to email a phone sex operator properly this is specific but it applies to a lot different situations. While this is a little of opinion it is also having observed complaints by phone sex operators over the years. First off use the subject box for the subject of your email. Unless you are a regular customer who has permission to email chatty emails please do not. We get tons of emails which are titled such things as ‘Hello’ or ‘Do You Want To Talk’. If we are logged in you can be fairly certain we want to talk. If we are not logged in please do not send us ‘can you log in’ especially if we keep normal hours. Most of us work anywhere from 8-12 hours a day. So use the subject box for what your question is. These questions should be used to answer things that our websites do not answer.  Please keep your emails short and to the point we get a ton of emails every day. Emails should never be used instead of a call. If your question can be answered during a call such as what fetishes do you cater to? That is way too vague ask about your specific fetish this is something we will happily answer for you. We are not going to list 100 plus fetishes and their subfetishes for you in hopes that we hit the one that you are looking for.  We have probably heard it all so even if we do not get into what you get into its okay we will just tell you so and move on with our day. Expecting us to change prior to a cam show is not acceptable unless you want to send us a little something. We only make money for the time we are on the phone.  Some of us pride ourselves on keeping our prices low so that you can feel completely at ease with the time that you spend with us. Please respect us to the degree we respect you. Email is an important part of communication and we use it to talk to you just like you talk to us. I know one of my highlights of my day is when I send out a live journal or chatty email and I get responses to it. So keep email just make sure that your emails get the results that you want and gain the attention from us flirts that you desire.

Looking For Erotic Writers

I have started working on a new project that has me all excited. I have already partnered up with a couple of writers.

Goals of project

I am wanting to find erotic writers preferably ones that are self-publishing but also those that are just starting out. It can be someone that is making monies from their writing. I am also open to someone exploring their craft and have not made that decision if this is a fun hobby or something they want to monetize.  This is about creating a circle of writers who help each other.

What I do NOT Want

I do not want this to be all about the “baby birds” one of the largest complaints I have heard from other authors is that when they try and showcase someone that person just does the buy my book, buy my friend’s book.  I do not want this at all for this project.

What I Want

What I do want is to showcase the author and what the authors driving motivation to create works in this genre. I want to give authors some wonderful areas that they get attention over extended time. I want to showcase some of their work to a group of people that may have never found them otherwise.

How to make this happen

  1. Building a social media circle for erotic writers.
  2. Doing a mp3 of the author’s self-selected work to be distributed for free over the course of weeks.
  3. To give an author their own page on my blog as well as putting them in with a group of other authors that are being heavily marketed through social media.

Check out what has already has been done and if you are interested in joining please email me If you see something that might work better if done a different way please contact me. I am building this from the ground up so to some degree it is an experiment in motion.  If you are an author just starting out and you want to participate but you have a limited number of books for sale. Please do not feel that you have to send me your money makers. Instead, sit down an evening and write a prequel or a tease of a sequel or perhaps write something about a supporting character.  If you are struggling with what to do with your social media shoot me an email and I will send you a short tutorial to help you start to make that work better for you.

Goddess Worship

I am often asked if I prefer to be called a Mistress or a Goddess during play time. I have always thought of myself more of a Goddess than a Mistress. Here is why! I am a happy person I am not one to yell and scream. I enjoy being in control but do so with a smile on my face. I like someone who comes to me and wants to be submissive. That does not mean that I do not push the limitations and enjoy that. What I do not enjoy is someone who wants to be broken down. The Goddess aspect fits my personality. Body worship is something I enjoy telling my submissive to worship my round luscious bottom, my beautiful breasts, and all the other places.

A mistress to me seems to more about the professional side of this. I started this journey when I was in my teens and for me, it is a journey that changes every day. I enjoy talking on the phone but I have no desire to meet strangers in person for this type of play.  It is my special time to let myself be the aggressive and seductive parts.

My personal experience has shown me that those who want to be submissive respond in positive ways to my friendly fun style. I can be assertive when I need to be but I have no desire to be mean to someone just to be nasty. I enjoy humiliation play my style though is done with a sweet smile while I humiliate a man completely.  Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) is also an area that is fun for me.  Tying up a man’s cock and balls while I sit on his face is a great way to spend an evening. Putting a man into a cock cage while I pleasure myself brings me a delight. Especially when a man can not control his erection and that cage gets smaller and smaller.

Goddess worship is the only way for me to go. I want a submissive that enjoys having a great time. I do a lot of the things that a Mistress does I just come at things from a different point.