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Frat Boys

I recently graduated from college with another degree during my stay to finish off this degree the opportunity presented that I could hang out with some frat boys. Through the years I have been around many present and past frat boys. Dressing up as women is often a punishment or hazing that men use against each other.  One of the characters I am working on is a girl who comes from the midwest. She is pulled into a situation that involves teaching frat boy a lesson about how being a woman is not as easy as he believes it to be. I have a friend Kylie Gable who came to be under the control of some women due to inappropriate young man behavior. Through listening to the things these women did to Kylie, it made me wonder what it was like from the woman’s side.

Lindsey my character came out of those stories, the frat boys I had met over the years and my adventures. She is a young midwest girl thrown into a California University.  The rudeness of the boys surrounding her is not something she handles well. At first, she tries to be careful about everything, but after awhile she gets to the end of her patience.

Frat boys are like all men they enjoy a woman who is controlling most respond best to sensual domination rather than someone who yells at them. Over the years I have noticed a lot of men starting out in college enjoy being placed in a feminine situation as long as it not in their control to be there.  The games their brothers play on them of having to wear clothing that is considered female while meant to be degrading are often empowering for later years.  Some men throughout the years have told me their feminine adventures started with events that happened in high school and college.  Panties and bras are often the starting points that take humiliated frat boys to the next step in the adventure.

Frat boys would never let on to the men they live with that the feel of women’s clothing is not humiliating but something that turns them on.  When men are young, it is common for them to purchase outfits then purge them out of a range of emotions.  When I was young, I could never understand why men of their late teens and early twenties would go along with having to wear clothing while their friends made fun of them. Now that I am older it is understandable that the humiliation is a sexual turn on.  The dress is part of the process that causes an adrenaline rush. While most frat boys probably do not think about the situation creating a sexual rush for their buddies in the end sometimes that is the result of hazing.

What You didn’t know

A little about me. I am in my forties and probably more happy now than I have ever been at any other point in my life. I live on 15 acres with my husband and our girlfriend of 15 years Chilly Hicks.  I have never been a city girl the thought of crowds stress me out. We started our first business in 2007 at that time I was not sure how I or others would react to us working in the adult industry. Through the years I have learned a lot. First off women like myself who work in the adult industry are some of the smartest, toughest women one could meet. We build a business teach ourselves everything and take a lot of crap that we should never have to deal with. Second, off I have met some awesome people in generally sure there are jerks, but you get that everywhere. Third I am dominant I can not play the submissive, and I can not deal with subjects I do not enjoy.

Writing for me has always been comfortable in high school I was one of those people that wrote term papers for extra cash. There were more than a few jocks who would not have graduated if it was not for me. I had never written fiction before starting my own business. It started out with writing scripts from mp3 or shorts for other works we were producing. About four years ago I decided I wanted to start writing in erotica. There were things in the way of that, and the timing was not right. I wanted to finish off a degree first, so I went back to school took the classes I needed and some creative writing classes.  I started on some story ideas during this time but did not get a lot finished. Now I am free to write what I want and how I want.

I am a reader of course and have read a lot of things that are self-published. There is a considerable amount of hard to read and follow writing out there. I want to publish real stories with strong women as the main character.  My main goal is to write something that makes you the reader want to read more. There needs to be a connection with the main character or maybe a side character without that connection there is no desire to come back for more. When it comes to the erotic scenes, I have read a number of the same things you have I understand that writers tend to speed through them. We read erotica for the graphic nature and spending time during that interaction makes the work something we want to revisit.

I hope that you will join me on this journey. Feel free to interact with me and offer suggestions. Our lives should always be based on growing who we are and exploring what we enjoy.

Pantyhose Destruction

Pantyhose destruction fascination or fetish comes in some different ways. Some men enjoy having women wear nylons for them. There are men that enjoy wearing pantyhose themselves. A smaller number of men are into the destruction of pantyhose.  They enjoy the way the nylon feels as it slowly rips. Watching the runs start to form, and the strands start to stretch until it gives way to the pull on each side. Most people are not aware, but pantyhose have a smell that comes from the nylon particles being separated. When it comes to specific fetishes such as pantyhose destruction the details are the most critical part. Sounds, smells, sight all play into the turn on for the person with the fetish.

Through the years I have talked in depth with some men who all enjoy variations of this type of play. Generally, it starts with innocent events of no sexual nature. These events can be brushing up against a pantyhose covered leg to snag it and cause a run. This simple act of accidental destruction can start a chain reaction to a fetish. Pantyhose destruction evokes a sense of euphoric pleasure through the course of demolishing the nylon.  Destruction of pantyhose can be compared to popping balloons or bubbles.  The sexual side of it is complicated in how it presents and unique to each person.

Women destroying pantyhose while men watch there is often a layer of a power play. The men are forced to sit there while their favorite article of clothing torn to pieces.  Most often it is playful a tease and denial of what is allowed.  The women wear a silky pair of hose enabling the men to stroke their legs. The fun part comes when a man gets worked up then told to sit. The men generally do not enjoy the destruction process they enjoy buildup and tease. In the end, the sexual portion comes into play when the men do what the woman asks to attempt to save their favorite pair of hose.

Pantyhose destruction involving men and women can also come with the role play of passion. Think about the romance novel scene where a man passionately grabs a woman and tears her pantyhose off.  It takes people out of the healthy sexuality and adds a level of spice to a night.

There are a number of fetishes that invoke a level of misunderstanding. Pantyhose destruction has an element often misunderstood by people who have never experienced it. Having been exposed to this fetish along with other fetishes, it is fun to play with. I enjoy power play situations especially those that evoke a man to be uncomfortable.  Two people can appreciate each other’s differences, and both enjoy the moment even if they do not share the same fetishes.

Leaving Effective Feedback For A Phone Sex Call

A lot of phone sex operators but a tremendous amount of emphasis on feedback. For myself I do not pay a lot of attention to it. I feel that I get enough feedback from my callers that being concerned about it is not a good utilization of my time. I do want to talk about some things that I feel are important when it comes to feed back. In a number of ways these are universal in nature.

Phone sex operators (pso)  can not control the quality of a call on a large scale. There are so many factors that determine how well a call sounds that while we can make sure we have the best phone service and a good quality phone that is about all we can do. I do not use a cell phone when I started out I did but it caused me so many headaches I quickly changed that. If you use a cell phone there are things that can and will happen. You can have a call drop with plenty of towers showing if the tower gets overloaded your call can just go POOF! You can get static or the “under water” effect where it is just hard to hear. You can have issues with calls connecting or with having it register numbers on your key pad. This is not your fault and certainly not the phone sex operators fault it is not even the fault of the carrier, cell phones just do these things sometimes.  If a call drops there is nothing the pso could have done to prevent or circumvent that so leaving bad feedback on them is just not justified.

If you and the pso just do not agree some people click and some people just never click. I have been doing this for a long time and though this doesn’t happen very often sometimes a caller and me just do not mesh. It does not make me angry there are times when I will just say hey we are not compatible how about you try xyz.  I want happy customers that come back. I think the vast majority of pso’s feel the same way. On this same aspect please do not call a pso that is opposite of what you want. If she/he is dominate and you want to break someone pick someone that is into that kind of play. Tell a new person what you are looking or up front. I get people all the time that tell me that was the best call I have ever had and the reason for this is I try to find what they like. I can easily adapt to someone if they are honest.

Do not expect a pso to break the rules I know you as a caller do not always know the rules. That is okay we will tell you generally in a really nice way sorry we can not do that. We have rules and while we can decide to some degree what we want to talk about there are hard core rules we have to follow. If you are being judgmental of a pso protecting their lively hood on a larger scale that is just not fair.

Now we can discuss what is awesome. First off be honest we can all appreciate honesty. If the pso did not give you what you were looking for ask yourself did I communicate this with them. If you did and there was no reason for them not to comply then that is a reason to put that down.  Did they speak too soft, too loud, or pause too much? We all have off days we are only human here but these are things that feedback is made for. It is perfectly good to give both good and bad that is highly constructive and most pso want to learn to deliver a better call.  If your issue is technical please do not leave that in feedback rarely will you run into a pso that is not willing to help you fix an issue. We want your time to be enjoyable it should be something you look forward to doing again.

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

How To Do Skype Calls

Have you ever wanted to do a cam call but never knew exactly how it works or how to make it work? Well I have set up a step by step guide to help you through it. We prefer skype it is a little confusing when you first look at it but I will walk you through it all.  First log into your skype. Now go buy our id’s.  Take a look at the screen shot below.

skype how to


The red circle is where you paste someone’s id’s to add them to your contacts.  Hit “Enter” that will search skype for that person then click on their name to add them to their contacts.

The blue circle is where your id is located so if you are asked for your skype id this is what you give them.

The purple circle is where you start a video call.

Now lets talk a little proper protocol here. It is okay to ask a simple question via skype. DO NOT type out a whole fantasy that is not cool. However a lot of us girls work from home so we do not always sit right in front of our computers so please remember that. Also if we are on a call already we are paying attention to that person and it can take us a few minutes to get back to you.

It is okay to add us to skype first in fact we encourage it because it can take 30-45 seconds to add someone to there.

Call us on niteflirt FIRST! Do not call on skype first.

Please remember that things go wrong and us girls tend to know about as much about computers as you do. So be kind when something messes up whether on your side or ours often we have little to no control over it.


What Does Amateur Mean?

This term gets thrown around alot when it comes to adult entertainment and I thought it was important to talk about what an amateur is and what that means. For our company it basically means there are three of us, myself, Chilly Hicks, and my husband. We do occasionally shoot with other people but that is all they do is shoot a movie or picture sets with us. I do pretty much all the online stuff. Which means I do all the html coding I had learn this from scratch and there are a lot of things I want to do but there are just not enough hours in a day. I take care of deciding what content we will shoot (have an idea please email me). After it is shot I edit it, encode it, upload it and write a description yes that is all 500 some movies currently and all that come in the future. I write all the blogs and do all the advertising twittering etc. I literally work seven days a week from when I get up generally around 10 am to midnight. I enjoy every minute of it but it can be overwhelming at times. We have a small budget for shoots that is why we get so happy when guys send us something to do a movie in. There are no big companies paying us or taking care of us when times get a little thin. If we do not make anything then bills do not get paid. This has been one of the hardest and most challenging things I have done in my life. It has also been by far one of the most rewarding. We have overcome every obstacle that has been thrown at us and come out on the other side. I have learned so many new exciting skills and explored areas of my sexuality I would not have even touched on had it not been for my time in the adult industry. I have made new friends some from all over the world and been empowered by other women. Everything in life is what we make it yes the porn industry can be bad for women but it can also be the most liberating and freeing thing they have ever done. It really depends on what a woman is willing to put in over herself to find out which way it will go. Being an amateur for me has meant finding skills that I never knew I had, letting go of procrastination, learning to be highly organized, teaching myself new skills and letting myself just enjoy the moment.

Talking About Price Per Minute Of Phone Sex

Okay I am going where no other phone sex operator dares to go. I am going into price per minute. I am consistently told that I am so good that I should charge more.  I have played with my price level over the years and while I can get calls at a higher price level. For me I have found I enjoy having my phone ring consistently. I like that I get a lot of calls and get to know a lot of people. For some pso’s they like to think they are charging what they are worth. I do not agree with this philosophy. I like having guys go hey I will check her out and then call me  even if what I have written might not completely fit into their fetish initially. I like that guys can talk to me for awhile without even really thinking about it. I have a number of online friends that we talk for hours at a time about some of the greatest conversations. I have a number of guys that call me to help them with things that people would never think a “phone sex” person would talk to.

I have made the choice of my price through a lot of different aspects and I am completely happy with where I am at. Yes, I do get other pso on occasion writing me questioning me about my decision. I am okay with that. I really enjoy talking to the people that call me and I like that they are comfortable with just being themselves. I am honestly curious about human nature when it comes to fetishes. Some of fetishes I talk about or even explore are directly related to calls that I take.  When you are looking at phone sex operators please remember there are a lot of reasons for price points. The price per minute does not directly relate to experience of the person you are talking to. There are some things in life where what you pay is what you get when it comes to talking to a real live person about some of your most intimate thoughts that thought process does not necessarily apply.

I would greatly enjoy hearing about some of your own experiences with this. What do you think of when you are looking at calling someone new do you take price into the consideration or do you just go with what you want?  Let me know in the comments below.

Unblocking Someone

This is one of the subjects that I get asked about over and over. I understand that sometimes flirts can get annoying. Sometimes you are just having a bad day and that one more email irritates you. After you have blocked someone, you might revisit the idea later. Thinking about it you might actually start to miss her or him. At that point you really want to unblock so you can communicate with them again. Before we go into how to undo that action let us talk a little on how to avoid the situation to begin with. It is okay to ask to be removed from mailings we are human we understand that sometimes things are just a little over whelming. Before you do that take two minutes and make sure that is what you truly want. For a lot of people I talk to emails are an important way of communicating with each other. For me it is how I communicate new movies, picture sets, mp3 etc. It is how I let my online friends know if I have something important going on in my life. It is also how the flirts can give away free pictures, minutes, and other things. If after that two minute break you decide to block someone then by all means do so.  If after a few weeks you no longer think that blocking was a good idea you can unblock a flirt. You can go to your email and  click on Options tab. See if the flirts name is in the Blocked Members. When you have located the flirts name, highlight it and click the option Unblock.  For Some reason this seems easy once you do it but the instructions are not easily available. The best way to deal with a situation is always communication so please email before you block any flirt.

How To Have A Good Call

There are a lot of things that go into a good call but there are some things you can do from your side to help things along. First off have a general idea of what you want to talk about even if all you want to do is talk. We talk to lots of people that are just lonely and want to discuss anything. If you are wanting to talk about a fetish just ask up front if that is something we are into or even interested in. Some of the most awesome calls I have ever had were on fetishes I did not know anything about. Its great to learn about new things. Understand that there are just some subjects we are not allowed to discuss. These can be such things as incest, underage, bestiality, scat as well as site specific things. Please do not try and talk a girl into discussing something that she is contractually bound not to discuss. Also, understand that a girl that is willing to discuss this may not be around very long. Understand that there are things some girls just do not like talking about and respect that. One of the worse things we as phone sex operators can here on the phone is “I am into anything”. We both know that is not true and these calls generally end short and badly for both parties. If you are not sure just say hey I think I might be interested in xyz or I saw this movie/story/picture set and it got me to thinking about xyz. This is something we can happily work with or direct you to someone who will make your experience more pleasant. The more open you are even if it takes a couple of operators to find a good fit the more you will enjoy the whole experience. Emailing is generally not a good idea we are slammed with a ton of emails and yours will easily get lost. Plan a five minutes call someone up and see if that person fits.

Call Quality

Call quality is not about the connection between you and the phone sex operator. This is about the technical side of can you hear them clear and can they hear you clear. There are so many things that go into how a call sounds and a ton of things that can go wrong. It is rarely the fault of the phone sex operator. Cell phones are great for can you meet me at the restaurant, however, they are awful for long calls. Cell phones are designed to be used or short bursts of communication the longer a call lasts the more issues that can show up. Cell phone calls can drop with no warning your little indicator at the top of your phone is not precise. If there is an emergency in your area even if you are not aware of it your call can drop because theirs takes priority. Also the more people using the tower the more likely calls are going to drop.  We understand that sometimes you have to use your cell phone but understand that it can cause issues. Most of us full time phone sex operators do not use cell phones we use phones that are more stable on our side. Most of us use a pots (plain old telephone service) it has no extras at all. Some of us with really fast internet service may use voip (voice over internet protocol) service. Both of these are very good services in the vast majority of situations. The voip can have a clearer voice then the pots because of speed issues with old copper lines. This is just your side/my side of the equation. Once the conversation leaves these then tons of other things can cause issues from switches, saturation, interference, as well as other things. The far vast majority of calls have no issues but in the off chance that yours is not the greatest understand that it could be something neither of you can make better, fix and generally it is a temporary issue.