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Let me start off by stating my philosophy of cheating: cheating is lying and lying will always destroy every relationship.

Those of you that know me a little know that I am married and have been for over twenty years. My husband and I have always had some type of poly relationship or cuckolding play time. So yes we do have sexual relationships outside of our marriage. This does not cause issues in our core relationship. So yes it is possible to have multiple relationships and keep those relationships healthy. The issue with cheating is stepping outside of the agreed upon boundaries.  A lot of people cheat because they feel their relationship is boring or their significant person is not responding to their needs. This is not a thing of men cheat more than women. That is not true. I have researched it and just from personal experience women cheat as much if not more then men.

The issue I have with people that cheat is they are lying to everyone around them. Once they start down the lying road it gets really bad really fast. Once everything comes out it is almost impossible to get trust back after a person is justified with not trusting someone. This is not an issue of having another sexual partner. The sex is not the problem it is the lying and all the conniving that must take place for someone to cheat. I really believe that people may not know what they are being deceived about but they do know they are in the middle of a deception.

The flip side of this is the huge rush that people get from “getting away” with something. For habitual cheaters I personally believe that the rush becomes almost a fetish. They are not intentionally trying to harm someone they are just want the rush that comes with it. Like any other situation that causes a rush for people that are susceptible to addictions this can become an addition.

There of course are issues of health I don’t know if cheaters really think about this or even think about the other person they are involved with at all. With my poly lifestyle I take risks being fully aware of those risks and I have a say in what I am willing to do. When it comes a cheating situation the other person does not even know what is going on. So they can get an std without ever knowing they should have been careful. Pregnancy is another real problem with cheating between the sexes.

So, for people that would like the rush of cheating without all the down falls that can come with it. There are games you can play with your significant other to liven things up and stay within the confines of your particular boundaries.  Or give me or Chilly Hicks a call and we can have some fun that stays completely in your own mind.

From’s A Subs Point Of View

The following is an awesome email that I got and wanted to share. My responses are in red so it is easier to follow everything. I think there are a lot of guys out there that feel the same way on a number of different subjects. Keep the wonderful emails coming and if you want to talk about something lets open the dialogue and have a great conversation. 

Came across your amazing blog the other day…Was one of those times you really feel ”at home”, if you know what i mean!! 🙂 Many of the things/fetishes and fantasies you write about, is something i´ve ALWAYS had in my fantasies myself…Would probably be too long to put in a comment, though. 😉

I believe i am as much of a sub and masochist as one can be – in my MIND…! So i wouldn´t even know where to start on this…:) But i´ve always LOVED the thought of sexy women dominating and torturing me in various ways…As long as i can remember…Walking all over my body in stiletto heels, sitting on my face, scratching me with their nails, slapping my face…

To me there is something very sensual about tormenting a man in a way only women can. I have always enjoyed watching a pair of balls underneath my heels and underneath my toes as if those balls were a cigarette butte that I was stomping and grinding out super slow.  My nails are always long and I have been known to leave my mark on occasion. Far more often I enjoy just raking them across a mans chest or his balls and cock. Just hard enough to leave an impression. Slapping is something I do often with my subs from a slap of correction generally from runnings one’s mouth when it should be silent; to ridding a cock and slapping a face just because I want to.  A woman slapping a sub man is forceful and humiliating both things I like to see with a sub. 

Always used to dream of being a carpet in the ladies locker room in my teens, and just lie flat on my back on the floor with my arms stretched out, totally motionless and submissive,  while all KINDS of sexy mature women in thongs and push up bras walked all over my skinny body, so they wouldn´t have to walk on the cold hard tile floor…Using my body to protect their precious feet from potential brusing from the floor…:) Like i wasn´t even there and was just a rug, or the dirt under their feet…

There are a lot of men that enjoy the thought of being trampled on by women’s feet. This does sound appealing to have a guy that me and the girls just use for whatever we desire. You are not even human you are just a thing to be stepped on. 

Or having ladies use me as a human bench in the sauna and just have me lying flat on my back for them all to sit on my body and face whilst talking with each other about their lives, work, other men they found cute, husbands and family…Completely covering me under their butts…Like i didn´t even existed! 🙂

I have done this before and it is so much fun! To have a man or even a woman be my table to hold my glass of wine dont even think of moving. To be my foot stool you better be steady. Or to be my private bench where ever I go. 

I love to be a complete gentleman and treat ladies as princesses…Always value them above myself…Always loved the kind of women that sees themselves as true Princesses and expects me to pamper, spoil and do anything for them, so they won´t have to do a thing themselves and risk breaking a nail…Who would expect to be showered in compliments and presents on a daily basis…And the more bitchy, spoiled, vain and selfish she would be, the more arousing…:) The more she would value only herself, treat me only as her personal slave and see herself as WAY too good for me…Love the thought of a woman who takes me along with her like only an accessory…Someone to use to be as comfortable and carefree as possible! Who would expect me to just follow her and carry her bags while she´s shopping with my money so she won´t risk breaking a nail, open her doors….Lay flat on my back every time she wants to sit down so she could sit on my chest instead to not get herself dirty ”because a Lady never sits on the dirty ground!”

I have been told on numerous occasions that I am like the Evil Queen Regina in Once Upon A Time I demand and expect you to be my complete servant. Your wants and desires mean nothing to me it is all about what I want and how I want it. 

I love every act of chivalry and servitude to women…Just to feel a bit like their servant in any way. Like the norm in the old days. 🙂 Love to open doors for women and stand aside for them to enter before me, just to show she always comes first…:) Offer to carry their bags, or anything else they might need help with…

A man that knows his place in life is a happy man. Women too often do not use their control in anyway that they should. This leaves men confused about where his place is in a woman’s life. A controlled man is a satisfied man. 

I´ve joked with women on some occasions about laying my coat down over it for them to walk on, if they get to a puddle they don´t know how to cross…Love when they laugh about it and say it sound great. 🙂 But always secretly wished i could lay down flat on my back in it myself, so they could casually tiptoe all over me in their sexy high heels to not risk getting their feet dirty and get safely to dry land again! 🙂

A woman’s feet should never touch dirty water, mud, nor be grass stained. A man is there to do whatever is required of him to make sure that never happens. 

I remember wanting to serve women already in my teens…Especially sexy mature women…Every one i´d see, i´d secretly wish i could just serve her and do anything for herl…Offer to carry her bags, fix her car, help her with anything else she might need help with, come over to her house anytime to do handiwork for her, move her lawn, do her laundry, wait on her while she´s relaxing by the pool, be her personal chauffeur…Give her my number for her to call any day and at any hour if she ever needed anything… Especially if she would really use me and call me up in the middle of the night, say it´s an emergency and ask me to come over right away, only to ask me to change a light bulb or kill a spider when i finally get there… A really vain and high maintenance-woman who had me completely wrapped around her little finger and ready to do anything for her, with a truly ”spoild princess” manner! That´s always been my biggest fantasy…:)

There is a reason that a woman who knows what she wants and expresses that gets what she desires. That reason is because she deserves it all. Men were truly put here to make women happy in every way. 

What do you think of that? 🙂

I completely love the forniphilia- post too!! I´ve always dreamt of being all kinds of human furniture for women, too…LOVE that part about having cocks stand at attention for you to hang your purse, coat, etc on when youi get home! 🙂 I´ve dreamt of a lady using me as her personal coat-rack many times, or human clothes-rack, to hang her lingerie on…Having me just stand there completely motionless while hanging her sexy little thongs all over me, on my arms, face, shoulders, on my cock that would be SURE to stand att attention for her….:) And just turning out the light and have me standing there motionless and alone in the dark basement while her clothes are drying…The core of it all is for her to not see and treat me as a human being and only an object, for her to use in any way she sees fit. That to me is incredibly arousing. 🙂 And that part of wanting your slave to control his breathing even so you would not feel the rise and fall of his chest while you sit there…I have to admit a almost draw a gasp of arousal from reading that…You could take me along with you everywhere you go, so you could use me as a bench and sit on my chest instead, anytime you don´t want to get your pants dirty!! 🙂 After all – you know  a Princess like you would never have to dirty herself when she could have male servants like me to sit on…;)

To be objectified means that you are truly subservient to one Goddess and she rules your world. She is the center of your universe so everything that you do for her makes your life even more perfect. 

Keep writing on that amazing blog – i´ll definitely continue to read it!

Wishing you a great day! 🙂

What a wonderful email from a sub’s perspective which is always insightful. 

Glory Hole

I have yet to have the fun of taking one of my sluts to a glory hole. I have talked to guys on the phone that were at them. I greatly enjoy getting pictures, videos and even being on the phone with a slut sucking cock for me. It is not the same thing as taking one of my sluts to a glory hole and forcing their head down onto whatever pops through that hole. I will be honest I thought for years that glory holes were things of porno movies. I didn’t believe they actually existed until I ran into a large number of guys that frequented them. Even then I was skeptical, that was till I started getting pictures and videos the more I got from all over the country the more I started to hey there might be some truth to this. I also went hey it sure would be fun to take a slut to one of these and make him suck cock for me.  I have noticed that most to the ones that have anything decent size frequenting them are generally in the big cities where Atlanta seems to very popular for glory hole activity.  I have always enjoyed making my sluts suck cock and the thought of having them have no control over what comes through that hole is fascinating to me. I also like the thought of me having no control either. So maybe it is a huge cock that any of my sluts would desire or perhaps it is something on the smaller side that makes them feel the full brunt of the humiliation. I often enjoy making my sluts suck cock smaller than themselves that is a full power play. Even though they are larger they are still less of a man and more of a cock sucker than the tiny pathetic cock in front of them.

I would really enjoy hearing about your experiences at a glory hole if you have had them. If you have never gone but fantasized about it tell where your thoughts wonder too.  Most of the time guys that think about this are not bisexual it has nothing to do with attraction. Actually most the guys that think or desire a trip to the glory hole are completely turned off by a cock. What they are craving is the power play of being forced to do something they would never do on their own.

Forced Ejaculation

There is something fun about tying a man up and teasing his cock over and over for an extended amount of time.  One of my favorite things to do is take a man out while I am wearing my thigh highs, high heels and a very short tight dress. That way I can tease him with my soft silky thigh highs on my feet all night long. The entire time telling him how much I enjoy the thought of taking him home and tying him up for my pleasure with those thigh highs that he is touching just now.

I have spoken to a number of men through the years that the thought of being my complete servant in this manner turns them on in great ways. The thought of a woman taking what she wants in the way she wants it is something that a number of men do not get very often. Women often do not use the power that they have and do not understand how they can control a man in ways that want him to be controlled. A man that is forced to come on a woman’s time in either a fast or even a very extended matter.

Men have told me through the years that having the power of their own orgasm taken from them is a very powerful power exchange.  Most men that I have spoken to enjoy being tied up so they are only allowed to look down and see their penis rock hard and standing at attention. They are not allowed to touch themselves in any way instead they are can just watch their penis twitch and the balls swelling.  A woman can then do with both as she wishes for some this means using a bit of pain as a persuasion to her wants and desires. For others like myself I enjoy more sensual play a tease and denial of orgasm until I feel that he is going to explode to completely.

Many a man tends to think of the longer versions of play as being more controlling but a quick forced ejaculation when a man wishes to play longer can be just as controlling. The feel of orgasm makes a man want more and a woman enjoys the feel of her complete control over a man.

Have you ever thought about having someone tie you down and force you to ejaculate for them? Have you ever thought about a little phone play of a woman telling you how to play? Tell us all about your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Call Story “spanking”

So I really do not plan these out they just kind of come to me right before my fingers touch the keys.  Today I had a call come in on a spanking line with a gentleman I had done a call with a long while back. I will be honest if you call me regularly I will remember your voice and the basics of what we talked about. This was a very short call like one minute but the length of the call is not what I want to talk about. This gentleman asks me my name hmm you are calling a listing that is Diane Callaway and my name is Diane go figure. He then proceeds to ask me am I dominate or submissive. I tell him that I am very dominant this question does not upset me in any way there are a lot of people out there that are switches and besides I like it when guys ask me questions it gives me insight into them. He then proceeds to tell me that he remembers talking to me (which at this point in the call I do not remember him). He goes on to tell me that I balled him out because I told him that I did not believe in a “warm up” spanking. OHHH yes know I remember you I think to myself as the light bulb goes off in my head. It had probably been at least a month since I spoke this guy and it too was a short conversation though it was a wee bit longer that this call.

We get to the point of what I wish to talk about and that is warm up spanking. I do not believe in them at least not in the way that he wanted it. He wanted to be able to tell me how to give him a spanking how many swats he should get and how hard. The whole point of a spanking is to punish in a submissive dominate setting. Now I do understand that sometimes we spank to tease or to entice a sexual experience, but that is not we were discussing here. He was wanting a punishment spanking where he got to dictate the punishment and it does not work that way with me. If my submissive has done something that I feel warrants a spanking then I decide the details of that punishment. I am not going to beat someone until they are bleeding I am not that kind of person. I will however paddle a bottom until it is good and red. I will spank at my speed giving the skin time to recover so that the next swat is felt as much as the first swat.

I guess this particular gentleman was still upset over not being allowed to top from the bottom and he hung up before I could ask him more questions.

Extreme Closeup

One of our more popular themes of movies is extreme closeup. Those movies that are shot from a point of view right between our legs. Where it looks like you laying right there and being treated to our beautiful pink pussy. I have asked about this before and the answer I get is always a variation of the same.  When a movie is shot with extreme close up there is nothing to distract from the pussy. Also, most men feel that a woman’s vagina is very beautiful. They are pulled in and enticed by it. I do not think that many women know the power they have over men when it comes to their breasts, their bottoms, and their vagina. While for men most the time from what I have been told and from my personal experience as a bi woman the smell is just intoxicating. Granted we can not capture the smell of a woman through video.  We can shoot movies that bring you in and capture you with our pussies. These movies let you see how wet we get while we tease ourselves. They also let you know see each fold of skin that makes up our pussy. You can lay there and watch our holes get tighter and tighter the more excited we become. For some men that is a huge turn on.  If you are into this type of stimulation I would really like to hear what it is that turns you on personally. Is this something that you only feel the draw to when you are watching a movies or is it something that you crave in a real life one on one scenario? If you are not into this and want to chime in and say what about it turns you off then please do that as well.

Men In Cages

I talk to a lot of men that enjoy having their cocks caged or want to find a key holder to control their cocks. Some day I will write an article about what pushes a man to want this. In this article I wanted to highlight a forum/website that one of my caged men sent me. This is an awesome site from what I can see it is for men only which is great there is nothing wrong with that. The site gives a lot of resources for men that are caged by their significant others or mistresses. If this is something you are interested in take a look at the site, give me a call and lets talk or do both.

Blow Jobs

As a dominate woman I have been asked in the past how I could possibly give a guy a blow job because a number of people feel that is a submissive act. I have always thought that blowjobs were actually power play. That is a very sensitive thing to have sliding past very sharp powerful teeth. Having those very sensitive balls under my control while I tease a cock is a very controlling thing. For men blow jobs seem to be a utopia of sensation. It is a very intimate act for both people. Now for a submissive girl she may take the situation from a different aspect she may feel that she is being utterly submissive. That is the wonderful thing about power play is that it can be utilized either way. There are some things I have never really understood and that is gagging. Not sure why a guy would want to feel and hear a girl gag to me that is just a horrid sound. I have always been able to take a cock pretty deep down my throat so it was never a huge issue for me personally. I really enjoy watching a man while I am teasing his cock and balls working him up and then backing it back down over and over until he is just begging for me to let him come. When it comes to blow jobs most people think of a girl on her knees and a man standing over her. I have found that most men do not like this position if they are going to truly enjoy what is happening to them. Most the time laying down or sitting is far more enjoyable than having their knees locked and trying to maintain themselves vertically. Unfortunately a lot of American women are raised to think that cocks are dirty and should not be played with in this manner. It is pushed that only dirty girls suck cock which is really sad because it can cause a man to think that he is not that important to his girl when she refuses to do reasonable sexual things. Even if a girl is not into swallowing at least showing some attention to his cock in a very intimate way will help strengthen their relationship.

Bound Orgasms

There are some people that really enjoy into having all control taken from them. Most of us are into having an orgasm and enjoy the relaxed time after for these other types of people it is the full extent of being put under someone elses wants and desires. I enjoy tying people up and giving them a hard intense orgasm after teasing for a very long time of course. The feel of someone straining against ropes they are unable to get out of is a lot of fun. Men especially do not know what to do when they are completely bound and their cock is tied up. The nice thing about a bound cock is how super hard it gets. That cock turns such a pretty shade of purple and those balls fill up all the way. Then to tie a man down so that the only thing he can do is watch his cock and hope that I allow him to come. It is amazing how quickly a man learns how to beg when the one thing he wants is a hard orgasm. Bound orgasms are not for everyone some find it beyond exciting and for others the frustration is too much and they will not enjoy the moment at all. I would advice starting slow and seeing how much your partner enjoys because you do not have to go completely out on the first play session. You can start with just tying up a guys cock or a girls legs and then with each play session step it up slowly to a point that is pushing their limits and allowing them to enjoy the sensations that are happening to them. If a person is not into being tied up do not do it acting in such a matter can completely ruin a relationship. I am not talking about someone that is just not sure I am talking about someone that has a fear or an extreme dislike of being tied up. There are plenty of other fun sexual things that you can do that does not require tying someone so leave your options open. For those that like to be imbolized there are tons of options available. Pantyhose and rope are some of my favorites. Alot of people enjoy handcuffs and they are easy to use. There is also sex tape which is reusable and fun. You can use plastic wrap (think Dexter).  What a fun thing to try out and see how it goes.

Aliens The Outerspace Kind

I will admit that most of my exposer to this is from the reading of sex novellas. I have had a few people over the years talk about this but not many. Most of the time when it comes to aliens it is a male alien with a human female of course a large phallus is always involved. I have had a couple of men that were into a female alien that forces them to perform sexual favors or to manipulated into doing things for her with little or no say in the act. I have even had a few men that wanted an alien that was both female and male that force them to be violated because that is what the alien wishes to have.  This is a pretty normal fetish is most ways though the details may be a little different. In what I have seen of the fetish it is a standard exchange of power with one person either being manipulated or forced into a full surrender of sexual desire. What I do find interesting is most of the time in my personal experience the color of the alien is blue. Now this could be because of such movies as Xmen influencing our culture and sexual desires even I will admit that was a very hot scene in that movie. It could be that green is just not a very sensual color to most people and blue is a lot more appealing. There are a lot of things that could come into play and sometimes people just like what they like with no explanation. In most cases this is a fun fetish that takes place in the mind more than in an actual play out of events. We see this in a lot of modern movies, art, and culture. There are a lot of very sensual aliens in movies very feminine in nature large breasts and substantial hips. We as a society seem to place sexual desires onto a lot of different object so aliens are not different in that. There are a lot of short stories out there dealing with aliens both from the male alien taking over a female subject and a female alien forcing herself onto a male. If you are looking for something fun and different to indulge into then find some of these stories and allow your mind to run wild.