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New Membership Site Coming Soon

Chilly Hicks and I have been working really hard to put together a new membership site. Some of you might remember the old Southern Charms days or even the Dreamnet days. Chilly and I had a lot of fun with that but we never had the control over the site that we wanted to have. Now we will have what we want. Here is what we have planned… of course lots of movies and picture sets.  A direct link to our chaturbate shows, skype shows, tons of extra stuff. Also a direct link to all our social media. If you have noticed I have started doing vlogs. I really like these and plan on continue making them it is so nice to highlight our new toys, clothes, things going on in our lives etc and get them straight out to you. We are also looking at kik or instagram so if you have a favorite let me know which one and why.

Clover Nipple Clamps Chilly Hicks Chaturbate

Chilly Hicks enjoys having her nipples played with though she has never owned a pair of clover clamps. These are for more intense play. So if you want these in a show they are for use with someone who understands them, respects them and is willing to show appreciation for them. Watch Chilly talk about her new toy then join her for some one one fun.