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Diane Callaway’s 1956 Chrysler New Yorker

Anyone that follows me knows that I have wanted a 5 window Pickup for a very long time and I still do. However, sometimes life just hands us something and we have to seize it. That is the case with this. It had an original Hemi motor in it that we are using for another project. The car is in really good shape and I just couldn’t cut it up for the motor. The guy I got it from gave me a 440 motor that was running for it. Right now we are at the stage of removing the Hemi. What is exciting for me about this whole project is that I should have it up and going in a very short time frame.


This is how we found it. I am suppose to be getting the rest of the trim back.  The body is really straight.


I really like the lines of this car. It is much larger in person then I thought it would be when I first saw the pictures of it. It does have a lot of surface rust or rust coming through the original paint.


This trunk is bigger then most insides of cars today. It is huge to the point it has multiple tires in it and still have tons of room. Awesome road trip in the making.


Most people want a two door to turn into any type of project. I prefer a two door but I want to build this for a long trip car. In that case a four door works. It has a wonderful leg room and is really set up for comfort. Most of the modern cars have so little leg room that even for someone like myself it is really uncomfortable to go anywhere distance wise.



I am missing the grill I am suppose to be getting that in all the other trim that is missing. If not I will figure out something else to make it interesting.

The original hemi that is now out of the car. I have a 440 that is going into the car to replace this.








Over all the car is in great shape. I will need to replace the oil pan on the new motor, an oil pump, and an extension for the oil pump. It needs a bit of sheet metal work inside. It needs the rocker panels redone and new floor pans. I am having the seats redone not sure how much that is going to cost but they smell awful and are missing some of the stuffing.  It will also needs suspension work which is over $500 just for that due to the age of the car and lack of choice of parts.  I also want to update the braking system due to the age of the car and we have much nicer systems available now. I will update this project as we make progress on it.

New Membership Site Coming Soon

Chilly Hicks and I have been working really hard to put together a new membership site. Some of you might remember the old Southern Charms days or even the Dreamnet days. Chilly and I had a lot of fun with that but we never had the control over the site that we wanted to have. Now we will have what we want. Here is what we have planned… of course lots of movies and picture sets.  A direct link to our chaturbate shows, skype shows, tons of extra stuff. Also a direct link to all our social media. If you have noticed I have started doing vlogs. I really like these and plan on continue making them it is so nice to highlight our new toys, clothes, things going on in our lives etc and get them straight out to you. We are also looking at kik or instagram so if you have a favorite let me know which one and why.

Life Of A Cam Model

Have you ever wondered what a daily routine is for your favorite cam star? Chilly Hicks and Diane Callaway have been camming since 2007.  While we have worked on a number of different sites through out the years our schedule has pretty much been the same. We play from our home we do not work for a studio so there is no drive time to get where we are going. We used to get up at 8am and work till midnight. In more recent years we have decided that we craved a bit more “me” time. We generally get our day started around 11am and hang out with you guys till 1am. Now while we do spend a lot of time in front of the camera we do take off to watch a show, eat or do girly things. Sometimes we take off and go shopping. Because we are self employed we have a lot of freedom to do things at our own pace on our own schedule. We have a great time with everyone though and have made some friends that have been with us since 2007. We absolutely get to know people and their lives.  We have been there when people have gotten divorced found someone new and even heard all kinds of different life stories. Being a cam model is not all about sex in fact a lot of it is about connections. We do make money and enjoy the life it has given us.  There is so much we have been able to accomplish because of the freedoms that camming has provided. We also enjoy the people we have met. Our normal day is like any other working girl get up drink our favorite caffeine beverage, take a shower, do hair makeup all that fun stuff. Then we login answer emails, social media etc. Diane is a bit of news junky so she checks out all the latest and not so greatest things going on in the world.  Diane takes care of all the advertising and the writing (including this LOL) so she spends more time doing that then Chilly does. From there we are ready to start our day logging into the site and seeing what everyone is up to. Just like anything else sometimes there are days where more people are online some days things move at a slower pace. On the slower pace days we try and get our other projects worked on like blogging, taking pictures, shooting movies all the really fun stuff. Our days are not that different then yours well except for the minute detail we get to have a heck of lot more orgasms then the average person. These two girls are not complaining about that though.

Pantyhose Play Clips4Sale

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Pantyhose Play
Price: $10.99
Size: 129 MB
Length: 14 minutes
Diane Callaway is laying back on her bed wearing her reading glasses and teasing her pussy. She had come home from work and decided to go read on a book she wanted to finish. Taking off everything but her suntan nylon sheer pantyhose she started to get turned on by a sexy naughty scene. She couldn’t help herself she just had to play with her pussy. Rubbing her fingers on that engorged clit she teases it with her french nailed manicure. That nylon feels good but after her pussy is so wet she just has to reach underneath and feel it. She knows that you are watching but that just turns her on even more. She likes to put on a show for you. She knows those pantyhose turn you on as much as they do her. That is why she wears them every day to work. The feel of that nylon is super sexy on her skin and rubbing her fingers all over it just makes it feel even better. Picking up her high heel that she casually discarded she rubs it against her clit. She likes being super naughty for your. At first it was about relieving the stress of the day now it is about turning you on too. Rolling over she pushes that nice round tattooed ass of hers way up in the air. Letting her fingers trail over that pussy from behind while she looks back at you smiling. Playing with those “B” breasts of hers she teases her nipples getting them super hard. Pressing those fingers deep inside her pussy while she makes herself come very hard. That sweet cunt of hers is just soaking those suntan sheer nylon pantyhose. After making herself come multiple times she lays back and just lightly teases her clit enjoying the sensation.


Diane Callaway And Chilly Hicks Girls Playing In Silky Hose

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Diane Callaway And Chilly Hicks Girls Playing In Silkyhose
Price: $11.99
Size: 56 MB
Length: 11 minutes
Diane Callaway and Chilly Hicks have been out all day shopping and doing girl things. Wearing their cute little sundresses and pantyhose on very hot summer day. Chilly Hicks is wearing her black pantyhose and her white chunky heeled sandels. Diane Callaway is wearing her black pantyhose and her black heels. Diane rubs up and down those silky hose of Chilly pulling off those heels. Diane likes the way Chilly’s tiny foot smells and feels after being up on them all day long. She enjoys rubbing those nylons against her skin. The girls start kissing on each other making out with their hands and tongues. Diane slowly undresses Chilly out of that sundress of hers showing off those pretty tiny breasts. Chilly is a huge fan of girls feet she slowly takes off Diane’s heels. Messaging those aching soles and kissing all over those feet of Diane’s. Being that close to Chilly’s pussy is too much for Diane she slips her fingers under those full pantyhose and teases that little clit of Chilly’s. The girls have been teasing each other all day long and can’t wait to actually be able to touch all over each others bodies. Chilly rubs her fingers all up and down those pantyhose slipping inside the waistband of Diane’s to tease that swollen clit of hers. Diane needs to feel Chilly’s mouth and fingers all over those big “DD” breasts. Taking off that sundress so that Chilly can wrap her lips around those sensitive nipples. Chilly uses the roughness of the pantyhose to make that clit of Diane’s super sensitive. Rubbing through the hose Chilly makes Diane come hard making the crotch super wet. Diane pulls Chilly’s pantyhose down just enough to expose that pretty pale pussy of hers. Rubbing all over that clit she makes Chilly explode hard with her fingers.


Just A Little Oral Fun

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There is just something about a man’s penis that is super soft and through me touching it, teasing it, and sucking on it watching it get super hard. The soft touch of the skin on my face and the look of pure pleasure on a man’s face is a huge turn on for me. I think that sucking on a cock is a very powerful place to me. I am in complete control of when and if you orgasm. I might just take your cock and give you some very slow deep throating attention. You don’t get come unless I decide to pick up the pace a little bit. If I want to I can tie you down using my mouth and my hands I will give you multiple orgasms over and over until I draw every bit of sperm from those balls of yours. My tiny little hands are very strong even if they do not look like they are. I will wrap those fingers around your cock and chocking that cock of yours while it pulses under my control. When I can feel you are completely ready to submit to anything I desire of you I might give you what you really want. When you get to the point that you are begging over and over for just a little bit more of my cock sucking I will give you what you beg for. One of my favorite games to play is letting your cock to just start squirting then shutting you down so all you feel is a hard throbbing in your testicles. This is my world. Sucking your cock is about what I want and when I want to give you pleasure or push you to your absolute edge. My favorite men to give a blow job to are alphas they are generally in control. I am not forcing them to give up that control, I am just giving them so much pleasure they will beg to give it up. When I decide it is time for you to have an earth shattering orgasm I will release you to give me every bit of your whole body surrendering to my form of pleasure.

Call me and lets talk about your phallus.

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Come Be Ignored

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Some men do not deserve my attention some are just so far below me. You are one of those me just be happy you are allowed in my presence because there is nothing else I am going to give you. I do understand I am being emotionally sadistic to you. That is part of what I enjoy the most. If you try to talk when I tell you to stop talking or even just give you that look, I will get out my large collection of ball gags then all you can do is whine while I laugh at you. I will do with you whatever I want so if someone makes me angry you are the one that is going to get the face slapping. It makes me feel better to take out my frustration and anger on your skin. While you are not allowed to speak unless spoken to we both know you have become very good at begging with your puppy eyes. I on the other hand have become very good at ignoring you. I will dismiss you with a wave of my hand and you will do anything to get my attention back onto you. You are a spoiled brat who needs a lot of obedience training you do not have the level of manners that I demand of a loser like you. The only way I will allow you in my presence is for you to show your complete submission to me. This is not a line where you get to call the shots. If you call this line then understand I will talk to you when and IF I desire. If I want then you will sit there while I do whatever I want and you pay just to hear me breath. You only place in this world is underneath a strong Goddess Woman. You work hard to take care of me and I demand that you take very good care of me. It is not about what you want or even think you should receive. This is all about me and you learning how to stay silent unless I choose for you to speak.

Take your place at my feet and kiss those Goddess Toes.

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All About The Ass

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I have a nice round ass that always seems to attracting attention and I really enjoy all the looks I get. I like to wear my jeans low and my thongs high. When I see you staring at that bottom I bend over just a little bit further then I normally would to keep your attention. I am such a tease winking at you as I slowly walk away. You know you have to follow me everything about that round bottom of mine is enticing you closer and closer. It is a very intense feeling that turns me on so much when we have a hot night of anal sex. Teasing with my bottom is a wonderful game for me I know it will end in us both enjoying each other. I know you enjoy ass play the feel of your lips and fingers as you tease that hole of mine. Your tongue is wonderful rimming that tight rose hole of mine kiss those round cheeks before you tickle down that crack with your talented tongue. Sometimes I enjoy a little bit of ass humiliation sitting on your face forcing you to take a nice slow ass smelling. Pushing my bottom cheeks way apart spreading my ass all over your face. When I really want my ass crack to be sweaty for you I put on my very sexy latex panties by the end of the day my bottom is wonderful wet. I have a number of butt plugs to put inside me that is not the only toys that I have. I greatly enjoy my glass dildoes, eggs, anal beads and other fun sexual devices. Sometimes I like to spice it up even a little more with a soft silky flogging yes that skin gets a little warmer but that is what makes life so interesting. You do not need anything but that beautiful Goddess bottom all of it will become your world. If you worship that bottom very well I might even let you take that cock of yours and do a little ass hole fucking. Put me up on all fours and give me hard, deep, intense night of pure anal pleasure.

That tight little hole sometimes needs its own attention.

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