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Make Your Fantasy Become Reality

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There are so many fantasies that we can talk about and talking dirty is one of my favorite things to do. I am a very intelligent lady who knows lots of big words but some of my favorites have only four letters in them. Are you into role play? Have you ever thought about that librarian with her hair all up wonder what she does after hours to punish her bad boys. What about a boss that takes advantage of all her employees. The office slut that just can not keep her hands or anything else off of you. The neighbor that teases you every day until that one where she invites you in to butter her muffin. Ever thought of being the stock boy that takes care of all the housewife’s needs. I have so many ideas for dirty, hot, and fun fantasies. I can be the older woman and you the younger stud man that gives me that hard shaft or can we reverse the roles. I can be dominate and demand you please me or maybe you want to take charge. How about a group of sorority girls that want to punish the perverted professor. Whatever it is lets have some fun and get dirty together. I have always enjoyed the thought of being a powerful amazon warrior princess controlling all the men in my life. Taking you with my band of amazon women and forcing you to be our own stud for as long as we desire you to be. I am often asked about closed female naked male and I have to say this just sounds like so much fun. A group of us girls all dressed up in our business attire capturing you and forcing you to undress in front of us. When we have you at our attention we tie you to a chair and torment you in the most delicious ways. Have you ever thought of being in a situation of complete desperation one that you can not escape form. Being under the complete control of a woman to what ever I desire of you far from the world of safe words. Okay I am a little bit bad when it comes to this but from frum fetish is just sinfully delightful to me. A good church girl being released to be her true bad girl self what a fun dirty thing to do. I actually talk to a lot of guys about wedding fantasies whether it is just straight vanilla or maybe a cuckolding scenario. I have done them all. I am not always nice actually I enjoy being a little edgy sometimes I do believe that teeth and biting can be highly erotic if you haven’t tried it maybe you should. One of my more favorite not so nice but utterly evilly delicious things is electro torture a little zap zap on the balls never hurt anyone for long.

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This is not a technical article about cuckolding I am sure we will go over lots of aspects of it in due time. This is about my personal experience with it. My husband and I have always had girls in our relationship pretty much from the very beginning. We started dating at the end of January and by June of that first year we had the first of a long list of girls.  When we got to our mid 20’s we started fantasizing about other men. We did that for awhile till we decided to give it a try. While there have been far more women in our lives than men it has been a ton of fun. Like most things sexually we progressed to at different levels over the course of time. Cuckolding for us is like the vast majority of things we do. It is a spice it is a thing to add to our fantasy time. If you watch our movies then you know that we really enjoy what we do. It is not just for entertainment. For us having the ability to enjoy other people openly without lies and deceit is important to our relationship. I think most people in cuckolding relationships feel that way. There are a lot of men out there that enjoy the thought of their significant other with someone else. They are often to scared to express that to their spouse for fear of rejection.  I believe that people should be able to talk about things with each other it doesn’t mean you have to go through with a fantasy and there are ways to make parts of a fantasy happen. People that are afraid of their life partner turning them away in my humble opinion have already been turned away. There is a thrill with being with a person for the first time we all feel that. Often that is all we want from them they are not partner material but the excitement is enjoyable. For couples that practice cuckolding one incident can bring a lot of future fantasy.

Come Explore Your Submissive Side W/cam

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I am needing some submissive guys to play with. One of the fun things I enjoy doing is a little bit of bondage play whether that is some cold metal handcuffs around those wrists of yours. Or how about a fun blindfold to cut off the rest of the world it is only you and me and I am completely in control. You need some serious discipline and I am going to give it all to you. I am your Goddess and you will learn to be my good slave.

I really enjoy cuckolding my men making you sit at the end of the bed while a real man pleasures me. Grabbing you by a nice handful of hair and giving you a hard hair pulling I enjoy forcing you down to lick my pussy after he is done. Cock and balls are some of my favorite things to play with. I have a hook hanging from my ceiling and I will tie up your balls before I stretch them way out. Nice dicks deserve to be in a pretty cock cages and I have a very large collection of cock cages as well as rings. A man is a lot more complaint when his dick is not easily accessible. Do not worry that key will be resting right between my breasts for you to always stare at. The only time you will do anything beyond looking at that cock is when I choose to take that key and release you from your jeweled cage you are completely under my power and I will use that power however I desire.

I have always enjoyed making a man throw his legs way above his head and force him to perform auto fellatio on his cock. The look on ones face the first time this is done and the power exchange of it is something I greatly enjoy. If you come into my world I will give you a lot of BDSM instruction. How I expect you to behave and the dirty nasty things I will do to you. I never clean up my sluts messes so be expected to do a good job of cleaning up yours. I will give you all the cum eating instructions that you need. A few years ago one of my playmates introduced me to electric play and I have to say that is one of the most fun things to do to your cock and balls. A little electricity always gives the evening some spark.

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Come Peek Into My Bedroom

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I like a naughty boy that knows how to go after what he wants. I am a housewife that gets left alone all day to my own toys and devices; believe me I have a few. If you are into toys that is great because I really enjoy using mine. As a matter of fact I tend to use them till they just give up. I know we will have some fun both of us masturbating together. If you are into a little bit of raunchy kink I greatly enjoy giving my play mates some cum eating instructions. I really enjoy dressing up in some lingerie and having some fun with bdsm (bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism). I am on most days and most the time. I do not always sit at my computer as I like to be outside naked or working topless in my flower garden. If you call me I am right here reading and waiting to get worked up with you. If you choose to join me and become on of my online special friends then expect a few really good things. I will remember you if you spend a little time with me. I do not take notes I just have this ability to remember people and special things about them. I have a free blog for my close friends which has all kinds of stuff on it. I have free trailers to my movies, free pictures, stories about calls, and kinky things I do in my life. You will also find things that I find funny or weird or interesting and just a ton of other stuff. I have a twitter account and welcome you to follow me on it. If you tumblr then you can find me there as well. I am very kinky and enjoy a lot of different things I have been bisexual my whole life and enjoy talking about girls. There have been a number of adventures in my life. I enjoy cuckolding and have explored that side of me many a time. So if you just want some old fashion fun or maybe something with a little spanking. Give me a call and lets take a little time with each other.

I have a very big clit and if you suck on it just right you can make it larger. The feel of my clit swelling always gets me super excited and always gets me very wet. One of my favorite things to do is watch a man play with his cock teasing it until he gives a huge shot of cum all over. That just really makes me happy to know that I made you come that much and that hard. I have some nice 34DD titties and I really like it when you worship those nice big breasts on my petite frame. Give me a call and lets have some fun.

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Diane Callaway’s New Tattoo

I have been wanting to have my chest piece covered up for a long time. Generally I am like well this needs done or that needs done. After the wreck in February we were all like we are just going to start doing what we want to do. I have a very artistic husband who completely understands what I like and what motivates me. He sat down and started looking around and drawing up an idea to have it inked on. We started looking for a new tattoo artist mine had moved away years ago and I don’t do cooking cutter tattoos. I like someone with a lot of talent who can take a general idea turning it into a work of art. I want something that is mine that you will not see on someone else unless they copy it of course. I also want a tattoo with a lot of meaning for me! After weeks of looking we finally found an artist that could draw (yeah that is a bid deal). He also seemed competent to take paper ideas and turn them into skin which can be difficult. It took him less than an hour to draw up the general sketch. That is pretty darn fast. 10407378_1645583728915342_8136054425943120926_n (1)


The rose is covering up my old tattoo and it is perfect size. My great grandmother raised roses for years so they are significant to me in a different ways. I tend to kill plants which makes me super sad. I have a great admiration for birds of prey and I am part Cherokee (not the princess kind the dirt poor kind LOL). 10411819_1645583828915332_6662069338697937921_n (1)


I adore this dream catcher I think he did an awesome job on making it look delicate. I am also plagued by horrible paralysis dreams it is something that I have dealt with for years.

1610893_1645583768915338_1795860552995789814_n (2)Those who do not know me probably would misunderstand the black widow. I adore spiders to me they are symbol of feminine power. They care for their young are the perfect predator and are beautiful. Yes, there is that small eating the male mate part but not everything can be perfect. The web coming down was my husband’s idea and I really like that one little part you rarely see it. I have a black diamond necklace that I got for Christmas a few years ago with a black widow on it. It is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.


The finished product of course it is changing and will continue to change as it heals but I absolutely adore it. Do you have tattoos what is your favorite piece and why? Tell me in the comments below.