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Tied In Pantyhose Vs Tied In Ropes

There are many types of dominant women and just as many types of submissive men.  When it comes to men that enjoy being feminization the thought of ropes is probably not something they wish to explore.  Women who enjoy placing men in situations where their manhood is stripped away would never dream of using ropes.  Tying someone in firm white cotton rope, while a common practice in BDSM is about removing the ability of movement and pushing someone towards objectification.  Feminization, on the other hand, is about taking away manhood and pushing a man towards more thinking not less.  Women like myself desire a man to concentrate on the details. We want a man to notice how the fabric feels against his skin. The smell of the female products changes how a man starts to see himself.  In other BDSM situations, it is more about taking things away then adding things to. Men in high power often want to have things taken away control, sensations, and decisions.  I have played on both sides of this it is enjoyable for me to take apart and also to push boundaries. I often put this experience in the expression of “sometimes in life we push, and sometimes we pull.” I pull men towards feminization and push them towards submission.

When we tie a man up in pantyhose, we are pulling him towards feminization. Pantyhose are deceptive in what can be accomplished with them. On the first touch, pantyhose can seem very delicate, and in the single layer, they are fragile.  Placing a man in pantyhose making him wear them is a reminder of how the fabric feels. Nylons are silky when brushed one way, but if swept the opposite they are scratchy.  Wearing hose all night letting a man play with them, hear them touch against themselves, and the smell that is unique can be a tease situation.  Taking a man home to brush those hose against the skin makes the skin more sensitive. Then taking those pantyhose to use them in tying a man up. He thought he was going to be allowed to use his penis. In feminization, the most important step is removing the power of the penis. Pantyhose are lovely for taking a man to a new state of mind of being a feminized playtoy. Those soft silky hose are beautiful in that they are strong when utilized to keep a man in awkward positions.

If I want a man to step out of his head, I will tie him up with rope. On the other hand, if my complete desire to have a man tangled up in his mind nylons become the proper choice. The more he struggles in trying to get away the tighter those bindings become. Rope the knots stay fairly loose a person can work to get themselves out of them at least the kind we utilize during BDSM play. Pantyhose knots increase in tightness the more one pulls against them. I will always have scissors on hand but only use them at my discretion.

Feminization From A Woman’s View

When I first started on the internet the only exposure I had received from feminization was a friend who had went through gender transition surgery. After a few years, I was introduced to forced feminization. I had never thought of creating a situation where a man had his masculinity stripped away and replaced with female attributes.  Once I found out that men were indeed into this, it was something I wanted to explore further. I have been dominant my entire life. Sexually I started studying my different kinks when I moved out.  I thought I knew a lot about kinks it surprised me when I did not know about feminization.  I am tactile by nature it is easy to understand why a man would be attracted to the silky things women wear.  For some men it is all about the fabric from satin to nylon pantyhose it heightens their arousal. Some men are into power exchange having a woman take full control over them. A lot of men are taught at a young age to not wear girl things.  When a man is put in a position with a woman in which she takes full control over him that can be exciting in a level they never dreamed possible.

Feminization, while varied from person to person, is often about power exchange.  For me, feminization is about taking a man and turning him into something he never saw himself as being. It is about the little things the catch of his breath when he decides to submit to my deviant desires. The look of terror on his face when he is stripped of everything that made him manly and placed into that first pair of panties.  I want a man that would never do this on his own. His desire for feminization comes from the intense need to please me.  I am not into breaking someone through force that is something that bores me. I want a man who yearns to give me his submission. Feminization is about taking control and giving a man an adventure he may have never thought of.

Some men want to be feminized I enjoy talking to them we share a lot of the same thoughts. When it comes to real life playmates, I want the man who never thought he would find himself where he is. It is about taking someone beyond their thoughts and into a world only I can give them.  I have just done this in person a few times and all those times have created memories that I would never change.  Pulling a person out of a comfort zone is something part of being dominant. It is fun to dress a man up in outrageous outfits then make him wear them is a significant part of the feminization adventure.  High heels and lipstick take on a special meaning when it comes to learning how to use them.

Role Play Vs Real Play

I am a lifestyler, so that means I have done both real play and role play. Real play and role play are both fun and sexually stimulating. Humans need the mental aspect of sexuality. The physical point of being touched by someone is not what creates an intense orgasm. It is the tease that builds up the intensity of how we react to a partner. Humans are complicated yet simple. Think about the first time you were involved in a sexual interaction. Most of us have a long time of trying to get from one aspect of sexuality to another. The whole baseball comparison of first base, second base, and the home run it cliche but explains the tease/denial aspect.  I have had people tell me there is no connection between role play and real play that is untrue. I have had a real play that was disappointing. There has been roleplaying over the years in which the orgasm was intense. It is the interaction of the people involved and how much they invest into the situation that determines its outcome.

Read an article on marriage and ti will tell people that sex gets better for people involved in a relationship. Being in a relationship can be great, or it can be horrid. Over the years people have told me they do not share the kinks with their partner about the intriguing fantasies they have. I would not want to be with someone I could not open up to.  If a person is in a relationship that offers sexual exploration, then it would be great for sexuality. If a person feels the need to hide certain parts of who they are then they will withdraw from the relationship and sexuality will suffer.  It is not necessary for my mind to have a romantic relationship to have a sexual relationship. I have played with several people over the years who I enjoyed but would not have wanted to spend every day in the company of.

When it comes to role play (I am defining this as two people in two different locations in this instance) in my experience, this can be just as wonderful if not more so than real play. Over the years I have talked to some fun individuals even though we were hundred if not thousand of miles our play time proved to be sexually stimulating.  After being around human sexuality of people, I do not have an intimate daily relationship with I have discovered there can be role play that is intense.  I have some people that I have talked to for over eleven years they have shared with me intimate, deep parts of their life. I know more about them then their stream of significant other through all that time. While we may not have the daily connection due to our strict relationship limited by circumstances the understanding of sexuality is intense. Most of the time these fetishes are innocent. A lot of men are into panties, pantyhose, being tied up, or different roles where women are in control. I enjoy hearing about them, and it saddens me in a lot of ways to think they do not have a level of comfort to share. Explore the parts of yourself even if you are not sure how it will be received understand that many have already traveled that road. Be yourself be open and surround yourself with people who adore you for you, not for your sexuality.

How Did I Become Dominant

Everyone asks me when I found out I was dominant and the answer to the question is there was never a time in my life I was not dominant. Even as a young child I would take control of a situation. Being dominant in any given case came naturally to me. As I grew into a teenager I was never a swooning teenager at no point did I have boy bands decorating my walls. My whole life books were an essential part of who I was. I would read anything that presented itself including romance novels. The submissive women in the stories annoyed me. I always wanted to be the dominant one. If you have never read women romance novels, they are the same setup. There is a strong man that the women could never be with they are thrown together in some form of sexual encounter. The man gives the lead heroine a night she can always remember life breaks them apart and then by the end of the novel they are thrown back together. The couple is expected to live happily ever after.

Even growing up I had issues with how the girls around me viewed sexuality.  Commitment and love were different than sex for me; I expect far more from my partner in life than I demand from a sexual playmate. The first time I felt an attraction towards women came early for me. I did not realize it at the time it was going on. First I thought all girls felt that way towards other women. Even at this age, I remain unconvinced that women do not have crushes towards other women. When it comes to being dominant, there is no difference between women and men for me. I do not know if I would be submissive towards a woman only because that situation has never presented itself.  I do not believe I could feel submissive towards anyone.

I have only dated one man in my life, and the attraction was immediate. He is dominant with everyone but me. We are equals in all areas except one, and that is the bedroom. In the bedroom, I am in control, and he enjoys being under that control. I am not submissive to men I had tried when I was younger I could not appreciate the situation. We have a live-in girlfriend that we have dated for almost 15 years.

Recently, I wrote my first novella Times are Changing, of course, the main character is a strong young woman finding her sexuality. While I have many books planned they will always involve strong women taking control of their partners. I am writing the books that I wish I could have read when I was a younger woman trying to find my sexuality.

Frat Boys

I recently graduated from college with another degree during my stay to finish off this degree the opportunity presented that I could hang out with some frat boys. Through the years I have been around many present and past frat boys. Dressing up as women is often a punishment or hazing that men use against each other.  One of the characters I am working on is a girl who comes from the midwest. She is pulled into a situation that involves teaching frat boy a lesson about how being a woman is not as easy as he believes it to be. I have a friend Kylie Gable who came to be under the control of some women due to inappropriate young man behavior. Through listening to the things these women did to Kylie, it made me wonder what it was like from the woman’s side.

Lindsey my character came out of those stories, the frat boys I had met over the years and my adventures. She is a young midwest girl thrown into a California University.  The rudeness of the boys surrounding her is not something she handles well. At first, she tries to be careful about everything, but after awhile she gets to the end of her patience.

Frat boys are like all men they enjoy a woman who is controlling most respond best to sensual domination rather than someone who yells at them. Over the years I have noticed a lot of men starting out in college enjoy being placed in a feminine situation as long as it not in their control to be there.  The games their brothers play on them of having to wear clothing that is considered female while meant to be degrading are often empowering for later years.  Some men throughout the years have told me their feminine adventures started with events that happened in high school and college.  Panties and bras are often the starting points that take humiliated frat boys to the next step in the adventure.

Frat boys would never let on to the men they live with that the feel of women’s clothing is not humiliating but something that turns them on.  When men are young, it is common for them to purchase outfits then purge them out of a range of emotions.  When I was young, I could never understand why men of their late teens and early twenties would go along with having to wear clothing while their friends made fun of them. Now that I am older it is understandable that the humiliation is a sexual turn on.  The dress is part of the process that causes an adrenaline rush. While most frat boys probably do not think about the situation creating a sexual rush for their buddies in the end sometimes that is the result of hazing.

Who Is Raven Hill

I did not wake up one morning and decide today I will start writing erotica. I have been working on these characters for a couple of years. Many great people have helped me along the way. Writing is something I have always done just not fiction that is something new.  It started out with writing mp3 scripts; these are a ton of fun. After I had spent a couple of years creating short scripts about different fetishes and scenarios my mind started to create characters. Every woman out there has spent hours reading romance novels, and I am one of those women. I was never happy with the women in the traditional romance writings. I am a dominant person, and I craved to read about women who were strong while being in control yet still acted like women. These thought processes led to some different characters forming in my mind. Raven Hills was not the first character I formulated. I started with a couple of other women that I will be writing about soon.

Raven Hills is fun for me. She is a young woman in her early twenties starting to find herself sexually. Raven was raised on a ranch around men. She does not have the same hang-ups that a lot of girls her age tend to have. Ginger is the best friend of the powerful girl and one of her first lovers. They still enjoy each others company but on a casual fun level. Neither Ginger nor Raven is a lesbian,  they both enjoy men and each woman wants a partnership, though it varies in how it will come to pass. Her circle of people is small due to the ranch being a distance from a larger city.  Being raised by men, Raven is fierce in how she conquers a situation. Having lived her life on a ranch around strong creatures taught her how to best utilizes her surroundings to get where she wants to be.  Raven has worked hard to raise her own breed of working beautiful creatures her horses. Her drive to take men and create her version of strong submissive men ties into the creation of her horses.  She has her faults just like every other human out there.  Raven’s age will come into play as her story unfolds it will be up to her to utilize her natural power to overcome the obstacles in her way.  While I have a plan for her through the book. I can not plan out everything in the chapter I am currently working on “There Is Always Denver” the plan has already changed. As I write it is fun to relax so that Raven can go where she wants.  Together we can explore how Raven builds her stable of submissive men and where her sexual adventure takes her in other areas of her life.

What You didn’t know

A little about me. I am in my forties and probably more happy now than I have ever been at any other point in my life. I live on 15 acres with my husband and our girlfriend of 15 years Chilly Hicks.  I have never been a city girl the thought of crowds stress me out. We started our first business in 2007 at that time I was not sure how I or others would react to us working in the adult industry. Through the years I have learned a lot. First off women like myself who work in the adult industry are some of the smartest, toughest women one could meet. We build a business teach ourselves everything and take a lot of crap that we should never have to deal with. Second, off I have met some awesome people in generally sure there are jerks, but you get that everywhere. Third I am dominant I can not play the submissive, and I can not deal with subjects I do not enjoy.

Writing for me has always been comfortable in high school I was one of those people that wrote term papers for extra cash. There were more than a few jocks who would not have graduated if it was not for me. I had never written fiction before starting my own business. It started out with writing scripts from mp3 or shorts for other works we were producing. About four years ago I decided I wanted to start writing in erotica. There were things in the way of that, and the timing was not right. I wanted to finish off a degree first, so I went back to school took the classes I needed and some creative writing classes.  I started on some story ideas during this time but did not get a lot finished. Now I am free to write what I want and how I want.

I am a reader of course and have read a lot of things that are self-published. There is a considerable amount of hard to read and follow writing out there. I want to publish real stories with strong women as the main character.  My main goal is to write something that makes you the reader want to read more. There needs to be a connection with the main character or maybe a side character without that connection there is no desire to come back for more. When it comes to the erotic scenes, I have read a number of the same things you have I understand that writers tend to speed through them. We read erotica for the graphic nature and spending time during that interaction makes the work something we want to revisit.

I hope that you will join me on this journey. Feel free to interact with me and offer suggestions. Our lives should always be based on growing who we are and exploring what we enjoy.

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  • Dirty Talk VS Phone Sex:  How are they different?  Get the basics down for each and you’ll hit the mark every time! (See page 29)
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  • Three steps to dirty talk escalation revealed and broken down in easy action steps!
  • How to grasp this “secret weapon” that you can pull out – at any time – to stir things up between you and your man in seconds! (See page 85 … )
  • LONG TERM DIRTY TALK:  How to keep the spice alive in a long term relationship, no matter if its only been a week or even decades long! (See page 97 …)
  • How to ultimately build the most solid, most exciting, and most rewarding sexual bond humanly possible between a man and a woman through sexual connection! (See page 99 … )
  • And much much muuuuuch much more!

Honestly, I can go on and on about what awe inspiring insights are stuffed inside Dirty Dialogue:  A Good Girl’s Guide To Being Bad”, but I’ll stop right there.

The fact of the matter is, there’s enough dirty talking dynamite in this book to turbo charge your skill set and absolutely blow your man’s mind!

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My only wish was that I had known forty-five years ago what I have learned from you, I would have had a happier life with the man I have loved so dearly.

I just didn’t know what to say, or how to tell him what I wanted or like. Now, we have the most wonderful love affair, by e-mail and telephone. It is sad that, girls and women have been taught to be ashamed to feel, want, or even convey, what they truly desired.


For this, I thank you! Perhaps your knowledge will be the new wave in 2012″


-Jessica S.

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