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February Fan Club Balloons

 This is our very first Fan Club and we are super excited about it. This is for all the people that wanted to be part of something a little more intimate. We are picking a subject for each month showcasing some fun things and talking about it. If you want to be part of our fan club you can add me or Chilly Hicks to your favorite list on Niteflirt. If you are not on niteflirt you can send me an email and I will let you know when a new one comes out. Or if you like you can rss subscribe to the blog and get all our updates.  If you want a personalized Happy Birthday you have to send me an email with your special day.

February is Balloon Month!




balloons come play (17)


Chilly and I were introduced to the balloon  fetish a few years ago and we haven’t done a whole lot with it. However, this year that is all changing. We have a number of fetish movies and fetish picture sets coming out. For all our fans I have included a fun movie. If this is not your fetish well hey maybe it is time to do a little bit of exploring or just enjoy hearing Chilly giggle a lot as she plays with them. She has a cute laugh.


balloons come play (25)



Balloons are just a super fun thing to play with and explore. They are a fun fetish and the people that are into them really enjoy the fun times. Everyone is a little different but one of the great things that I hear about is the smell, the feel, the sound and just how much it makes you want to laugh when you play with them.





Some people are all about the popping and then some people would never dream of popping them. The two groups seem to be very different in how they feel.  When we do balloon fetish shoots we spend the next few days just playing with the balloons that made it through the shoot. We bat them around or tease each other with them. Yes sometimes we do rub them all over each others hair just to make it stand up with static. Most of you know that I am into sensual domination and I really enjoy that. I do however enjoy having a great time and think that sex should be fun. This is one of those types of fetishes for me.




Here is our free movie of the month. So we hope you enjoy and look forward to exploring all the fetishes this coming months.





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