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Ball Busting/CBT (Cock And BAll Torture)

This is one of my favorite ways to play. I have been playing with cock and balls for a very long time. One of my favorite ways is to tie them up and stretch them out. If you have bought some of my movies you have probably seen some of the cock cages, ball seperators, ball stretchers and other toys that are in my collection. I have to say though that metal and rope are two of my most favorite things to play with. I like how metal starts out cold then warms up to the same temperature as skin.  I have a number of metal eye hooks in my bedroom and a number of pulleys to use as stretching mechanisms. Tease and denial is one of my favorite games to play.  I have a number of guys that think about this kind of fun but their significant others do not want to play.  I even talk to a number of guys that are into being kicked in the balls.  They like the feel of the instant pain and the feel of complete loss of control. Most of the time this comes from a guy that has been kicked by girls when they were younger. The loss of control is what makes the ongoing fantasy appealing for most guys that feeling of being pushed further than they would ever want to go. There are a number of guys that are not into pain they are into the fantasy of the pain. They do not want to be kicked violently in the balls but they do want to talk about it. That is the great thing about phone sex. We can explore a lot of things that would get way to intense with a real life mistress. I do have some guys that are into smacking themselves over and over again in the testicles.  If a guy calls me and tells me he wants to have a fantasy then I can certaintly understand the difference. If there is something you are into don’t be afraid to call and talk about. We can take it as far as you want or as a mild as you want. The important thing is opening up and telling me what you are wanting to discuss. I have played and enjoy playing in real life. However, I greatly enjoy having a fantasy and the most fun a person can have is in their own mind.


This is the new buzz thing with all the girls and I am sure some guys reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I will confess I have not read the books yet. While I have read a ton of other books on the subject I have not got around to these yet. I am sure I will at some point just because of curiosity of the fuss. I am happy that they are allowing a lot of people to open up about their fantasies and explore who they are in a lot of ways. While this is a jump point from what I have gathered this book of fiction is not really even close to the reality of a submissive and dominate relationship. That is perfectly okay I know a lot of people are criticizing the book, but I am sure we all understand that an a work of fiction is not reality. If it does start people going hey I might like this and start talking about it that is quite alright. I have been in the bdsm lifestyle since I was in my late teens so I have been exposed to a lot. I will say for me it is more sensual domination as apposed to hard core pain. I like the tease and the taunt of having someone tied up. I like someone who wants to please me. I really have no desire to break someone. That is why if you talk to me you will hear me say I would rather be a goddess that a mistress any day. For some women and men they want someone to break them they want someone to take their will away from them and leave them in a state that there is no longer a choice for what they will do. That is fine I understand that want and that complete loss of control and power. Neither way is the “right” way as there is no right or wrong with this lifestyle just differences of wants and desires. From the discussions I have gathered on Fifty Shades of Grey that is the just of the book and there is nothing wrong with that fantasy. I just feel that people should understand the whole thing is a fantasy. The life of bdsm and domination is one that can be explored however the two people involved wish to make it happen and it does not have to follow specific rules others than those set within the relationship itself.

Ass Worship

When  a lady like myself has a big round bottom of the first things that comes up with a large number of men is ass worship. They so want to touch it, kiss it, and have it hovering over their face. Yes, I do enjoy having my butt worshipped in numerous ways. I have to say laying down and having a man put little kisses all over my bottom and then licking my tight hole is very nice. I have always enjoyed a pair of strong large hands messaging my bottom will I relax under neath their touch. However, when I am in the mood to take control that is when I shove them down on the bed and climb on their face. I like to take my hands and spread those cheeks nice and wide before I push their face in between them. I am expecting them to kiss and lick that ass hole and crack very well. In fact if I do not thing they are doing a very good job I just might sit down on that face and smother them. Sometimes the biggest motivation for a man is not being able to breath. It always amazes me how he will start being more in tune with his job when he must do a good job to get a breath.  Motivation is what a number of men need including having their penises made and kept hard while they completely take care of me first. I really enjoy making a man wear a collar and running a leash between my legs while pulling him right into my ass cheeks. That is right where his face belongs he does not need to see nor think about anything but that bottom right in front of him. When he starts realizing that his job is whatever I demand of him things quickly change and he starts to want to make me happy in every way.  One of the questions I am often asked is if I can orgasm from ass worship. Yes, I can orgasm from having my ass licked, teased, and enjoyed. Actually some of the hardest orgasms I have had have come from this activity.

So tell me in the comments is this something you do? Or perhaps you have always wanted to do it but your girl was not into it. I would greatly in joy hearing your stories.

Bondage And The Devices Used

I have been in the BDSM world since I first became an adult. My first bondage type toys were all handmade. I am honestly thinking of doing a video on how to make a bondage kit from a hardware store.  There are so many things that people enjoy using. I will do in depth discussions on all these subjects at a later time. Most people start out in bondage with whatever is laying around the house. The pantyhose used on a late night of drinking is commonly used. There is nothing wrong with this I actually enjoy pantyhose play but I strongly encourage having scissors close at hand. Having to find a pair that you forgot where you put while someone’s body parts are turning purple can very much ruin a moment. Rope is another thing we commonly use. There are good types of rope and really terrible types of rope which we will discuss a lot more in a later time. I personally enjoy rope over all things used.  A lot of people enjoy handcuffs I own a number of different types of handcuffs even though these are the least of my favorites. There are regular handcuffs the type all cops seem to care. There are hinged cuffs which are not as commonly seen but very popular in law enforcement when they have an unruly person. Leather cuffs are also another favorite of mine. I like that you can put someone in leather cuffs for an extended amount of time without having to worry about blood supply. I strongly caution against playing with bondage and using extra curricular things such as drugs or alcohol. A lot of people do not realize how close they are to passing out and if you do that while someone is bound up that could be a very bad deal. If you want to play with rope, pantyhose or something else that can get tighter the more struggle is applied you need to make sure you fully understand how to remove these quickly before you need to remove them quickly. Handcuffs come equipped with a locking system learn how to use this in an efficient manner before you put them on someone else. If you are using something with a lock make sure you know where the key is before you snap that onto someone. I know these seem so simple but so many people forget these simple things and end up having to get help embarrassing themselves and their partners and ruining what could be a wonderful experience.


I talk to a number of guys about the concept of humiliation. Most of these men are successful in their daily lives.  They have great jobs, families, and are over all balanced people. Almost all of them ask at some point ‘I do not know why I am into humiliation or why it turns me on so much’ If they have been in a situation where it was an ongoing humiliation they will often say something along the lines of I did not enjoy it while it was happening. Yet after they have been through this a couple of times they start to crave that. Of course, this is all about the chemical process in the brain. These stressful situations cause certain chemicals to be released by us. It is not the situation we crave but the natural high we get on the other side of it.

I have had a number of men tell me they start to need those feelings again. That the way they felt was better than most orgasms they have had sexual contact including masturbation. This makes sense to me because sex is mainly about the mental process and only a small portion of it is physical. With humiliation along with other submissive acts because we are in charge of the situation we do not have the guilt of what is happening to us. It almost frees someone to be allowed to enjoy something to a higher degree.

Someone like myself who enjoys being in charge of a what is happening has a deeper understanding of this process.  If a person is doing this to another it is often done out of spite at least initially. No one likes to be shamed at least not the first time. It is not the shaming they want but the release they get from how the brain reacts to it. For myself, I always keep this in mind with Niteflirt play or other types of adult play. The build up is all about the mental portion at the end. The control of how that build up happens and the degree helps to determine the chemical dump at the end.

This is one of the reasons I try and get to know someone it helps me make their experience more intense. Humiliation is an area of sexuality where us being in different parts of the world works really well. The reason for this is due to how much of it is about tapping into something that has already occurred. Putting a person into that feeling they once had then helped them work back through that in a controlled way is also a healthy way to own a situation that once was extremely painful.

If humiliation is something that you think you might be interested in or if you just want to talk out a situation you do not talk about with others. Give me a call!


Bondage Wrestling

Bondage wresting is something I honestly knew nothing about till about six months ago. I had a caller ask me if I had ever heard of it nope not at all. He then sent me a few youtube links to take a quick peek at. I can understand why a lot of guys and girls would be interested in it. For those that are not familiar with it the concept is pretty simple. It starts out like any other wrestling except for two very important items put in the ring. These can be traditional metal handcuffs, plastic zip strips or more commonly two pieces of rope. The whole point is to get your opponent tied up and immobilize them. After that it can become any number of scenarios. It can just be a fun time of tag your it. There can be a bit of female on male domination which is what I hear more about. I know a lot of guys have a fantasy of a woman over powering them. There is also a lot of guys that are into having a woman “beat them up” while this can go to the extreme of drawing blood or just being banged around till they give up. While most of the time bondage wrestling has limitations to what can and can not be done in some ways this makes it safer for a man who wants to explore this side of his sexuality. A lot of times there is no hard core sexual contact but in most bdsm it is not the end game that is important to someone. The buildup is far more sexually gratifying because it lasts for an extended amount of time. I have talked to a number of men who were in real life situations where women over powered them and those are where their fantasies go again and again. If you want to explore your need to be tied and teased we can explore that together.

Forced Bi

You may have noticed that forced bi has left a lot of girls descriptions. That is due to a lot fo sites making us take those words down. I have played with bi play for almost twenty years now. I enjoy having a man do things for me that he would not do on his own. Forced bi is just a search term that makes it easy for men to find women who enjoy taking control of a situation. They look for a woman that will treat them in a way that makes them want to push their boundaries. In all reality, you can not force someone to do something of this nature without their wanting to be there at some level.

It is not about being homosexual it is about being pushed into a situation that is uncomfortable. That unsettled feeling is a huge turn on for a number of people. The butterfly’s they get in their stomach as they realize they are going to do something for someone they would never do on their own. They want to please the woman in every way. Submission is giving of one’s self completely over to another. It is also about trust. Forced bi situations are all about trust. There is nothing more destructive than a person giving themselves in ways they never would other wise, and then having someone use those actions against them. I have spoken to men over the years who’s girlfriends would turn these instances against them in very cutting ways.

I want a person who gives themselves to me and does what I ask when I desire it. I do not want to force someone in a physcial way I enjoy the mental play between partners. I desire to have a man that goes above and beyond to give me parts of himself that he has never given someone else. The more uncomfortable he the more fulfilled I am.

Sissy Feminization

This is one of my most popular fantasies that I hear from you guys. There is just something about having a woman find something out about you and then use that against you in ways you never expected. For those of you that do not know sissy feminization is basically about a woman turning you into not just a girl but a very feminine girly boy. This is more about the process than about sexuality. It does not generally involve another man. Most of the men that are involved in this type of fantasy want to feel that control is being taken from them. The more they try to get out of it the worse the situation becomes.

I generally start out with talking about some of the things running through a person’s mind. I like to work from where they are and take it to levels beyond their wildest dream. I never have a way of doing a call. It is hard for me to create a world with nothing to go from. A little bit of honesty while it might be difficult to do, does wonder on the back side. It gives me a general idea of the things that are you into and the things that you are NOT into.

Fantasy is a great thing in that we can take it where your mind wants it to go. If left up to me I will more than likely take you down a road that you did not want to go. I have been playing role play since I was in my teens. I enjoy things that a lot of men do not like and sometimes vice versa.

Feminization is almost always about the process of changing from all clothing that is masculine to those that are very girly. Rarely, do I talk to a man that is into wearing yoga pants. They all want panties and silky material. Most want to wear everything that screams soft sexy lady.  Bras, panties, thigh highs, short slutty dress and of course high heels. Most men want to be uncomfortable they enjoy that feeling of being out of their comfort zone.

Makeup is almost always an important part of the setting. It can be as simple as red lipstick. Nothing screams naughty girl like bright red lipstick. As the fantasy progresses generally the level of makeup goes with it. Maybe we talk about sexy cat eyes or maybe we go all the way out and discuss false eyelashes.

Wherever your sissy feminization fantasy is at I would greatly enjoy helping you discover your limitations or perhaps completely destroy them.

Cum Eating Instructions

Cum eating instructions is one of the top things that I hear about on a phone sex call. There are a lot of guys who think about and wonder what their cum tastes like. They generally want to be made by a woman to clean up after themselves. The conversation for a person who has never done this is generally the same. He will say something along the lines of he has thought about it alot and when he is worked up he really wants to go through with it. However, as soon as he gets off and has his sperm all over his fingers he just can not follow through with the act. He wants someone to make him do it at that very moment between when he ejaculates and when those hormones are subsiding. This is really hard to do when you are on the phone with someone but very easy to do when you are in the room with them. Sometimes it is about cuckolding but most the time it is just a curiosity or a power exchange that the men are craving. I have often heard that when a man tried to go down on a woman after he has orgasmed inside her she will refuse to let him. I truly wish these women knew the power of having a man go down on them and clean them after such an intense orgasm. A woman can create a relationship with a man that puts her in a control situation that he craves and desires more than anything. This type of relationship is not the same as telling someone to do something and they begrudgingly do it. For some men it is about true power exchange they do not want to taste their sperm and in a lot of cases truly dislike the way it tastes. What these men are craving is the feeling of being made to do something they do not want to do, yet the complete the act because they want to make the woman happy. They would never consume their own ejaculation by themselves they have no desire to do that. There is a small group of men though that do crave the taste of cum in their mouths they will consume it because they like the thought of it on their tongue. The majority of these men are to some degree bisexual in a lot of cases what they truly want is another man’s cum but are too afraid to go after it or they want to be made to do so by a woman.
What about you have you ever thought about consuming another man’s cum? If so what was your desire stemming from, tell me in the comments below.

Electric Play

Electric play is one of those things that people tend to automatically think of the worse case scenario. There is a broad spectrum to electric play which can be enjoyed a numerous levels. Like most play you need to be with someone who is trust able and will not push you well beyond your limits. A little tweaking above your current limit in anything can be fun. Most people start out with something like the tens machine. This is that little machine you often get after you have had a surgery to help your nerves in the healing process. It can be used to stimulate the skin in a minor way almost like an electric caress or it can be used to really get your attention. The tens machine is generally safe for most people. It is not going to cause any permanent damage and it has built in safety features because it is primarily designed to be a medical device. There are also a large number of glass wands sold for electric play which in a darkened room can be a beautiful as they are jolting. Anything glass is subject to break so care must be taken when playing with these. In the last couple of years a new trend has emerged with vibrators that also give jolts of electricity. While electricity can be dangerous with most these devices it is very safe and adds a layer of uncertainty to a play period. For the novice just starting out all play should stay below the heart of the person who is receiving the stimulation. Someone who has experience and is very well versed in the safety measures can play in other parts of the body. There is a lot of surface below the heart so finding an interesting place to apply electricity should be easy and fun. There are certain things to remember with electricity it is not the volts that cause the damage it is the amps. Volts is the force of the electricity while amps is the amount. The higher the amps the more dangerous it is to the systems of the body. Most reputable devices sold for electric play are well below the spectrum of harm.
When it comes to phone sex and internet play most of the time guys are wanting to have some fun with their testicles or shaft. I have done a number of electric play sessions over the years generally with a tens machine. It is easy for me to have them set the intensity and duration while we talk and it can be changed in an instant to accommodate where we want the play session to progress too. If this is something you are interested in pick up a tens machine and give it a try. Even if you are not into pain the lower thresholds can produce unique sensations that you have never experienced before. Have you ever played with electricity, if so did you enjoy it or was it too intense for your liking? Tell me in the comments below.