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Electric Play

Electric play is one of those things that people tend to automatically think of the worse case scenario. There is a broad spectrum to electric play which can be enjoyed a numerous levels. Like most play you need to be with someone who is trust able and will not push you well beyond your limits. A little tweaking above your current limit in anything can be fun. Most people start out with something like the tens machine. This is that little machine you often get after you have had a surgery to help your nerves in the healing process. It can be used to stimulate the skin in a minor way almost like an electric caress or it can be used to really get your attention. The tens machine is generally safe for most people. It is not going to cause any permanent damage and it has built in safety features because it is primarily designed to be a medical device. There are also a large number of glass wands sold for electric play which in a darkened room can be a beautiful as they are jolting. Anything glass is subject to break so care must be taken when playing with these. In the last couple of years a new trend has emerged with vibrators that also give jolts of electricity. While electricity can be dangerous with most these devices it is very safe and adds a layer of uncertainty to a play period. For the novice just starting out all play should stay below the heart of the person who is receiving the stimulation. Someone who has experience and is very well versed in the safety measures can play in other parts of the body. There is a lot of surface below the heart so finding an interesting place to apply electricity should be easy and fun. There are certain things to remember with electricity it is not the volts that cause the damage it is the amps. Volts is the force of the electricity while amps is the amount. The higher the amps the more dangerous it is to the systems of the body. Most reputable devices sold for electric play are well below the spectrum of harm.
When it comes to phone sex and internet play most of the time guys are wanting to have some fun with their testicles or shaft. I have done a number of electric play sessions over the years generally with a tens machine. It is easy for me to have them set the intensity and duration while we talk and it can be changed in an instant to accommodate where we want the play session to progress too. If this is something you are interested in pick up a tens machine and give it a try. Even if you are not into pain the lower thresholds can produce unique sensations that you have never experienced before. Have you ever played with electricity, if so did you enjoy it or was it too intense for your liking? Tell me in the comments below.


Chastity for me is generally of the male kind. I have a growing collection of cock cages from plastic to my favorite kind of metal. I know the metal ones look like something out of a medieval torture chamber but I am told they are far more comfortable for long term wear then the plastic ones. For some men there is this huge draw to have a woman fully control their orgasms and even if they are allowed to touch their penises at all.  Some men have a hard time understanding why a man would give a woman this type of control. Especially when it comes to metal cages that require more than a pair of wire cutters to remove. This type of relationship requires a level of trust that a lot of relationships never achieve. That is part of what I enjoy of chastity. There is something very intimate about having your key around my neck so that when I bend over to whisper in your ear it brushes against your skin. My special lock looks like a regular pendant that a large number of women wear. Most people would never suspect that I actually hold your cock in between my fingers while I play with my key. You know it though and it is a huge turn on to have me there there flirting with you. We both have a secret that no one knows about. The harder you get the more you feel the control I have over you. I know you crave to take me outside and pin me against the wall with your throbbing cock. However, that will not happen because I control every part of your manly anatomy. If you put yourself in this scenario you can begin to understand why a man might start to have a fantasy of sensual control. Cock cages are often used in cuckolding fantasies and scenes. It adds to the whole feeling of giving up control to another man and being less of a man. For some men that have issues with ongoing masturbation a cock cage can be used to help break the habit side of this. Having to ask permission from a woman that enjoys the control can be healthy. As in all situations someone that is out to be vicious or mean is never acceptable. Like with all bdsm role plays mutual respect is mandatory.

Inflatable Toy Fetish


Inflatables is a recent fetish that I have been introduced to it started with balloons which we started doing for a few viewers. Balloons were a lot of fun and someone mentioned to us that they enjoyed inflatables.  I like these fun fetishes and so I started asking people that I knew were into it what they found appealing about it. They said the feel, the smell, the sounds made.  They like to watch a woman ride an inflatable.  When I started with this it was with a raft that one of our viewers sent us and it was FUN! Blowing it up and then squeezing it rubbing it all over. The whole process was just a blast to have a lot of fun with.  I have not played with bursting inflatables as most my guys are not into this and my collection is very small at this time. I am sure there will come a time when I expand into that form of the fetish.  One of the things that I have been asked for a lot is the inflatable suits but these things are super expensive.

I can understand the feel of the inflatables because they do feel good against the skin and if you add water or oil they become super slick.  The smell of the inflatables actually comes from the deteriation of the product they are made of. As they break down chemically they emit a specific smell.  It is a lot of fun to blow these toys up and then rub them all over my skin.

If you are into inflatables please tell me all about it in the comments below. What got you into the fetish? What is the biggest turn on for you? What kinds of things you would really like to see start catching on with the internet.

Encasement In Pantyhose And Nylons


There is a number of people who are very much into the feel of nylons. It is not about just the wearing of them they are into the smell, feel, and tightness of the fabric.  This is a fetish that is found in both men and women.  It can be a part of bondage but it does not necessarily have to be. The fabric itself is the pull of this fetish. To  feel that nylon all over every inch of their skin is a turn on for many people. For some though it has an almost calming effect for them.  This is something that happens with people who enjoy tight spaces. That feeling of not being able to mover or escape helps them to center their thinking and to control their emotions.  Nylon encasement can be across many acpects of fetish there is not a one size fits all. Some are all about the silky fabric nylons are very smooth if you touch them one way if they are true nylons then if you rub the the other way they can be very rough. The nylon industry has added such things as spandex and Lycra to make their product last longer and to feel silkier. For some people they really enjoy the way the blended fabrics others will wear nothing but 100% nylon. For someone that is into total encasement they generally create their own nylon outfits they want to have them super tight and to cover every inch of their skin. It feels so wonderful to them to have no skin showing and every time they move the only thing they feel is nylon on nylon.

When I first was introduced to this fetish many years ago I thought it was all men. Now as the years have progressed I have found that there are lot more women into it but they are not as expressive about the fetish as the men can be. This is a complete tactile it is all about the touch with the minor components coming into it but not leading the fetish. This is generally a fetish that is indulged into alone but it can be implemented into a play session between a dominant and a submissive. It can also be used as a punishment for the complete opposite side of this for those that extremely dislike the feel of nylon. I have played with nylon encasement through the years. There are a number of callers that enjoy having someone to just talk to about their favorite brand or how it fits. They enjoy having someone see them in their outfits without being judged.


Tell me about your experience withe encasement in the comments below.

Crush Foot Fetish

We are all familiar with crushing grapes as a way to make wine. For a number of foot fetish guys and girls this is not the only kind of crushing that is a lot of fun. I enjoy having my feet worshiped.  I had not been introduced to the whole crushing fetish until after I started on the internet. Now I do not believe in killing anything for entertainment. Killing anything alive is not okay to me and yes that does include bugs. I do enjoy the food stuff though.

Taking a cake and smashing it under my feet to have it licked off by my submissive is just a lot of fun to me. I have always enjoyed the feel of things going between my toes. Of course I started out with mud. What person does not enjoy the feel of mud or clay squishing slowly between their toes. It just feels so wonderful that I go barefoot as much as I can. When I got older and when I started online I got introduced to cakes.  Which are awesome especially if you have someone to lick off all the parts that are left. I had someone on Niteflirt suggest I try a creme cake. Which I did and while that is an expensive habit to start it certainly feels wonderful on the toes.

I kind of did things backwards when it comes to crushing. I didn’t play with fruits until much later on like only in the last couple of years. There is just something sensual and wicked about shopping for things in a grocery store that you know you are going to use in sexual fun.  Picking out those tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, oranges as well as all the other things that just happen to catch my eye. Taking them home and having my foot slave lick up ever drop they leave behind is a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Appeal Of Drain The Wallet

Financial domination can seem odd to people who are not familiar with the fetish. This type of the fetish generally appeals to men who earn large sums of money.  The man that craves this is the one who feels that his power as a person comes from his ability to maintain a level of income that is far above the women in his life. He wants to be submissive for the same core reasons that any man feels the want to be submissive. These reasons can be anything from the need for a release of stress to want of feeling broken down.  When a dominant woman comes into his life he may find himself not able to reach the level of submission unless money is involved. Remember his sense of control comes from money so his desire for loss of control also needs to come from money.

financial domination, piggy play, piggy bank, wallet drain, submission, domination,

There are some men that just enjoy a woman sweetly and seductively draining his wallet of every dollar. He is completely aware of what is happening to him. He enjoys watching her take more and more control over the money that he works so very hard for.  When it comes to playing online there can be a number of ways of doing this. Online shopping can invoke the same feelings as being drug around all day while a woman burns through his funds on the things that she wants. He is only there for the money he can provide.  His boredom is part of her appeal she wants him to be uncomfortable. Another way that is commonly used with online play is demanding a man just to give her money he knows he will have no control on how she spends it. He knows that she could use it on someone else.  This type of play appeals to men that are drawn to the thought of being dismiss-able or even to some of the cuckold crowd.

Drain the wallet and financial domination is all about having someone take over control over something that society tells us to protect. The appeal of this is being unsettled beyond just the moment of play.

The Joys Of Anal

A lot of times in our sexual life we run into things that initially seem like they would be awful. After a little bit of education and proper introduction it starts to be more appealing. When it comes to anal this is one of those things that fall into that category. If a person tries to introduce themselves into anal through pornography that can be a frightening experience. For most people that utilize anal in their personal sexual adventure it is a lot milder than the over the top things that are done in mass production porn.

Starting out should be just teasing a finger gently rubbing against the ass hole or even lightly being pushed inside. There is no reason to start out with full blown anal. Let a person get used to the new sensation and more importantly let them enjoy all the new sensations that come from an area that has not had any attention. After that becomes very relaxing and all the jitters are gone move up to something a little more. This can be analingus which means using ones tongue on the bottom in a way similar to the way it would be used on a woman’s vagina. This if done properly can be a fabulous sensation.

From the sensation of the tongue a finger inserted to the anus with some gentle stretching can easily send a person over the edge. There are a number of toys that can be utilized at this step. Start small and slowly working up from there.  Toys can go from very thin about the width of a finger to things that are almost grotesque in size. Only a few people will actually go beyond an 8 inch toy. There is nothing wrong with that. As with all things sexual it should be an individual process that brings satisfaction.

Strapon play is often discussed when it comes to women on men play. Strapon do not have to be huge to be enjoyable. There is a learning curve on both sides. Women have to learn to use their hips in ways that might not be used to doing. For men they have to learn how to arch their backs and open themselves up mentally as well as physically to the play spectrum.

Men often are conditioned to think that anal is a homosexual thing and it is far from that. There is no reason why a man should be made to feel this way. Sexuality is an individual process and things that feel good that do not cause harm to others should be explored.

Wherever a person is they should be made to feel that exploration is okay with their partner. If a persona is completely turned off by something then of course that should not be forced onto them. However what I see is a lot of especially when it comes to women they let others peoples opinion that are not involved influence their sexuality.

Hierophilia Fetish Towards Religious Objects

Hierophilia is the fetish of sexual arousal towards religious objects. I have actually had quite a few people that were into religious objects some were into cruifixes others into Bibles and more than a few who were into being seduced by religious people both nun and priests. While most that I have spoken to seemed to be more into using religious objects as a means of breaking away from religion. There have been a few through the years that were completely infatuated with certain objects. It is generally an early imprenting that creates the fetishes that I have been exposed to. Most people can tell you exactly what started their fetish it makes a dramatic impact that does not leave them. The vast majority of people I have spoken to over the years that had hierophilia came from a strict Catholic upbringing. Most of the people that I have spoken to were in their mid 50’s to 60’s and spoke greatly of having to go to Catholic school. The strictness of the Nuns and being completley surrounded by religious objects created the fetish. This is a fairly harmless fetish and rarely causes any issues unless it is found out by family members who do not understand the underlying causes of fetishes. Most people can find ways to indulge in their desires without impacting other parts of their lives. It can be treated if becomes to life impacting through the use of therapy, hypnosis, and other normal psychological treatments. Most people are not impacted to a degree that causes intervention. The interesting part of this is that most people’s dedication to their religion is not impacted by their fetish. They are still religious and continue to go to church as they normally would.

Do you know or are you  hierophiliac tell me all about it in the comments below.

Forced Orgasm Non Control Of Sexual Pleasure

Forced Orgasm or the non control of sexual pleasure is something both men and women enjoy. They want someone to take away all control of pleasure. This is very wide spread desire it can be a simple thing of teasing each other over and over again. It can be working someone up right to the edge but not letting them complete their orgasm in order to build up the pleasure. The other end of this spectrum is tying someone down and being very forceful into making them orgasm on your terms not theirs. For men having a vibrator being used on their testicals can bring on an intense orgasm that is closer to the threshold of pain then pleasure.  There are men that also enjoy prostate play which means stimulating the prostate until the man ejaculates. For the majority of men the prostate does not give the pleasurable orgasm that direct stimulation does. The feel of those ejaculations can leave a man feeling empty and craving that orgasm that he can not obtain through prostate stimulation. There are some men that say the orgasm they have through anal or prostate is far more intense and longer lasting then direct stimulation to the penis.

Women often enjoy having a vibrator applied to their clit or inserted. With the large selection of toys that are wireless these can worn out in public for some different types of stimulation at unusual settings.  For some women just teasing with fingers is enough to keep her right at the edge without allowing her to completely orgasm.  When she is worked up to the point that the person wants her to be at the orgasm can be very long lasting.

This is different then ruined orgasm in that at the end the person will be allowed to enjoy those sensations. These sessions can last a few minutes or it can go on for hours. You can bind someone down to where they can not move. A lot of women enjoy being held down and teased by a stronger person. It can also be a strong session of submission and control. A dominant person can just tell their submissive to lay still and the submissive must do as they are told. These sessions can be fun and sensual or strong and dominant. The variation is what makes it so much fun for so many people.

Oculolinctus Fetish Eye Ball Licking

Oculolinctus or eye ball licking which is also known as worming  made main stream news a few years ago because it had become popular in Japan. It was causing a number of health issues and some people even lost their sight. This is one of those fetishes that is not a good idea. The human mouth contains a lot of bacteria that does not need to be in the eye. The eye ball is very easy to scratch and even the bumps on a tongue can cause a scratch which can be easily infected. I am not sure where the sexual gratification of having one’s eye licked. This does not seem to be a fetish that is historical like many of the others we have looked at. It seems to almost be under what I would call fad for preteens and teenagers. Oculolinctus appears to have come out of a number of Japanese animated publications. Basically it came out of fiction and an impressionable group started to pick up on it. Like a number of fads people started talking about it and then started to try it. The age of those that seem to be practicing it the most are of ones that try a lot of different sexual experiments. It is not a good practice and the damage it can cause can be irreversible.  Eyes are very delicate and once damaged often can not be repaired.  While the eye is full of nerves and it may be super sensitive to the stroking of a tongue there are many other wonderful parts of the body that are also sensitive and less susceptible to irreversible damage.  Toes are a good choice for exploration they  have a lot of nerve endings respond to even the slightest touch and covered with skin. Skin is our barrier against infection and it works very well to protect the body from outside bacteria and infections.  The eyes should be left to looking into not invading with a tongue.   This is one that I would say to not try this at home or anywhere else.