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The Joys Of Anal

A lot of times in our sexual life we run into things that initially seem like they would be awful. After a little bit of education and proper introduction it starts to be more appealing. When it comes to anal this is one of those things that fall into that category. If a person tries to introduce themselves into anal through pornography that can be a frightening experience. For most people that utilize anal in their personal sexual adventure it is a lot milder than the over the top things that are done in mass production porn.

Starting out should be just teasing a finger gently rubbing against the ass hole or even lightly being pushed inside. There is no reason to start out with full blown anal. Let a person get used to the new sensation and more importantly let them enjoy all the new sensations that come from an area that has not had any attention. After that becomes very relaxing and all the jitters are gone move up to something a little more. This can be analingus which means using ones tongue on the bottom in a way similar to the way it would be used on a woman’s vagina. This if done properly can be a fabulous sensation.

From the sensation of the tongue a finger inserted to the anus with some gentle stretching can easily send a person over the edge. There are a number of toys that can be utilized at this step. Start small and slowly working up from there.  Toys can go from very thin about the width of a finger to things that are almost grotesque in size. Only a few people will actually go beyond an 8 inch toy. There is nothing wrong with that. As with all things sexual it should be an individual process that brings satisfaction.

Strapon play is often discussed when it comes to women on men play. Strapon do not have to be huge to be enjoyable. There is a learning curve on both sides. Women have to learn to use their hips in ways that might not be used to doing. For men they have to learn how to arch their backs and open themselves up mentally as well as physically to the play spectrum.

Men often are conditioned to think that anal is a homosexual thing and it is far from that. There is no reason why a man should be made to feel this way. Sexuality is an individual process and things that feel good that do not cause harm to others should be explored.

Wherever a person is they should be made to feel that exploration is okay with their partner. If a persona is completely turned off by something then of course that should not be forced onto them. However what I see is a lot of especially when it comes to women they let others peoples opinion that are not involved influence their sexuality.

Hierophilia Fetish Towards Religious Objects

Hierophilia is the fetish of sexual arousal towards religious objects. I have actually had quite a few people that were into religious objects some were into cruifixes others into Bibles and more than a few who were into being seduced by religious people both nun and priests. While most that I have spoken to seemed to be more into using religious objects as a means of breaking away from religion. There have been a few through the years that were completely infatuated with certain objects. It is generally an early imprenting that creates the fetishes that I have been exposed to. Most people can tell you exactly what started their fetish it makes a dramatic impact that does not leave them. The vast majority of people I have spoken to over the years that had hierophilia came from a strict Catholic upbringing. Most of the people that I have spoken to were in their mid 50’s to 60’s and spoke greatly of having to go to Catholic school. The strictness of the Nuns and being completley surrounded by religious objects created the fetish. This is a fairly harmless fetish and rarely causes any issues unless it is found out by family members who do not understand the underlying causes of fetishes. Most people can find ways to indulge in their desires without impacting other parts of their lives. It can be treated if becomes to life impacting through the use of therapy, hypnosis, and other normal psychological treatments. Most people are not impacted to a degree that causes intervention. The interesting part of this is that most people’s dedication to their religion is not impacted by their fetish. They are still religious and continue to go to church as they normally would.

Do you know or are you  hierophiliac tell me all about it in the comments below.

Forced Orgasm Non Control Of Sexual Pleasure

Forced Orgasm or the non control of sexual pleasure is something both men and women enjoy. They want someone to take away all control of pleasure. This is very wide spread desire it can be a simple thing of teasing each other over and over again. It can be working someone up right to the edge but not letting them complete their orgasm in order to build up the pleasure. The other end of this spectrum is tying someone down and being very forceful into making them orgasm on your terms not theirs. For men having a vibrator being used on their testicals can bring on an intense orgasm that is closer to the threshold of pain then pleasure.  There are men that also enjoy prostate play which means stimulating the prostate until the man ejaculates. For the majority of men the prostate does not give the pleasurable orgasm that direct stimulation does. The feel of those ejaculations can leave a man feeling empty and craving that orgasm that he can not obtain through prostate stimulation. There are some men that say the orgasm they have through anal or prostate is far more intense and longer lasting then direct stimulation to the penis.

Women often enjoy having a vibrator applied to their clit or inserted. With the large selection of toys that are wireless these can worn out in public for some different types of stimulation at unusual settings.  For some women just teasing with fingers is enough to keep her right at the edge without allowing her to completely orgasm.  When she is worked up to the point that the person wants her to be at the orgasm can be very long lasting.

This is different then ruined orgasm in that at the end the person will be allowed to enjoy those sensations. These sessions can last a few minutes or it can go on for hours. You can bind someone down to where they can not move. A lot of women enjoy being held down and teased by a stronger person. It can also be a strong session of submission and control. A dominant person can just tell their submissive to lay still and the submissive must do as they are told. These sessions can be fun and sensual or strong and dominant. The variation is what makes it so much fun for so many people.

Oculolinctus Fetish Eye Ball Licking

Oculolinctus or eye ball licking which is also known as worming  made main stream news a few years ago because it had become popular in Japan. It was causing a number of health issues and some people even lost their sight. This is one of those fetishes that is not a good idea. The human mouth contains a lot of bacteria that does not need to be in the eye. The eye ball is very easy to scratch and even the bumps on a tongue can cause a scratch which can be easily infected. I am not sure where the sexual gratification of having one’s eye licked. This does not seem to be a fetish that is historical like many of the others we have looked at. It seems to almost be under what I would call fad for preteens and teenagers. Oculolinctus appears to have come out of a number of Japanese animated publications. Basically it came out of fiction and an impressionable group started to pick up on it. Like a number of fads people started talking about it and then started to try it. The age of those that seem to be practicing it the most are of ones that try a lot of different sexual experiments. It is not a good practice and the damage it can cause can be irreversible.  Eyes are very delicate and once damaged often can not be repaired.  While the eye is full of nerves and it may be super sensitive to the stroking of a tongue there are many other wonderful parts of the body that are also sensitive and less susceptible to irreversible damage.  Toes are a good choice for exploration they  have a lot of nerve endings respond to even the slightest touch and covered with skin. Skin is our barrier against infection and it works very well to protect the body from outside bacteria and infections.  The eyes should be left to looking into not invading with a tongue.   This is one that I would say to not try this at home or anywhere else.

Mechanophilia The Love Of Mechanical Things

Most people think of mechanophilia as the the sexual attraction to automobiles but that is a misconception. Mechanophilia is the the fetish of motorized goods. It can be a car but it can also be a washing machine, a computer, or a robot. Basically anything that is man made and runs off of some form of mechanics. This is a fairly new fetish that did not really come about until the 1920’s. It was first studied because a number of people were being arrested and placed on to sexual predator list for having sexual activities with objects. The law enforcement did not how to handle them and so they were being labeled as nuisances to society in the same way as a flasher would be. This was a huge misconception about the activity of the mechanophilia. They were not attempting to have a thrill at the expense of others instead they had a physiological attraction to objects. One of the first documented was that of a motorcycle.  We have all known that person that is protective of their property. Mechanophilia takes attraction to a whole new level it is a true sexual want to be with that object. It can include bicycles which means that it does nto require a motor just has to engineered.

I have never spoken with someone who has indicated they had this fetish. I have not ran into anyone that I felt had this particular fetish. Even though people will not know the name of a fetish a lot of time their actions and words will indicate how their sexual attraction is fetish oriented.

For me I see this as 1940’s with the very mechanical objects made of shiny metal. The newer robots are so human oriented I wonder if that will take them out of this fetish. Automobiles have always had a sexual undertone with men. They often name their cars with women’s names and when they speak of them they indicate they have female personalities. “She doesn’t want to run today” or “She is liking this cool weather and just wants to run”. Mechanophliia seems to be more male oriented unlike other fetishes that are not gender specific. There may be women out there that have just not been studied or the number is so low they are not scientifically significant.

Agalmatophilia The Fetish of Mannequin Sexual Attraction

The fetish of Agalmatophilia is sexual attraction to mannequins or statues. This is a fetish that we see a lot of in popular culture it has been expanded into all sorts of inanimate objects but the baseline is the same. I can remember my first exposure to the fetish of agalmatophilia with the movie Mannequin where he falls in love with the mannequin and then she comes alive for them to live happily ever after.  In the movie he creates her and then she comes alive but only when she is with him everyone else sees her as an inanimate object. This movie depicts a number of the things that this fetish encompasses the act of having a desire to be with and feel those objects are capable of giving back some form of emotional feedback.

This is a fetish that is very old and well documented through the years. It can be a pure sexual thing where the person desires to have sexual contact and relations with some form of inanimate object from mannequins, dolls, statues, as well as other things. It can show itself as just interaction with an object to a level of obsessive compulsive actions. It can also be a desire to become the object themselves. It is believed by some that the fetish of  pygmalionism may also be part of this fetish or an extension of it. Pygmalionism is the love or desire of an object that one has created themselves. This could be a stuffed doll, a statue, or perhaps even a teddy bear.  While this fetish has been depicted in numerous ancient types of art and literature. It was not looked at by doctors or scientist until 1877. It is one of older fetishes to be looked into by the medical community.  It is now easier for those that have this fetish to have a sexual object for their desires. The newer sex dolls are extremely realistic compared to the old blow up dolls from years ago. They have realistic skin and soft touchable hair. They warm to the touch and are completely poseable. Those with this fetish can now have a number of different ways of expressing it. The new robots in Japan are extremely humanoid.

With the internet and the exposure to different fetishes is far more common to see people having open discussions about them in a way that is not making fun of.

Is this a fetish that interests you or have you known someone with the fetish of agalmatophilia? Tell me about it in the comments below.


Encasement is part of the pantyhose fetish. People that are into encasement enjoy the feeling of being completed covered by the nylon of pantyhose.  There is just something about the feel of the silky tight pantyhose all over that a lot of people greatly enjoy. This is not a gender specific fetish. There are is a large number of females that enjoy the feel of pantyhose. There are some people that are very specific on the type of fabric used in pantyhose. Silk is probably the most expensive and the most luxurious of all the material used. The Lycra ones are very slick feeling. The spandex ones are tighter on the skin and stretch a great ways.  The plain nylons ones are smooth to the touch in one direction and rough if touched the other way.  There are a lot of people out there that 100% nylon is the only thing that works for them. This is generally connected to events in their lives that created the fetish to begin with. While not everyone is completely into total encasement there are a number of men that enjoy the feel of nylons wrapped around their penis and given a hand job till they explode inside the hosiery.  Are you into encasement? When was the first time you wore pantyhose all over your body? Tell me all about your version of this fetish in the comments below.


Vorarephilic is the fetish of wanting to be devoured by someone.  This tends to fall in with gigantic fantasy.  In my experience this is not a cannibalistic fantasy. It is not about the being eaten but more the full fantasy of giving oneself completely to someone else. These are fantasies of the mind because they could never be produced in reality. In the fantasy the vast majority of times the person is swallowed whole and is aware of the whole process of being swallowed. These fantasies are fun, lighthearted and generally full of vivid imagination. I actually really enjoy these types of fetish calls because it allows me to use scenarios I would not be allowed to use in any type of other fetish calls. There are a number of people who enjoy vorarephilic. In the last few years there were a number of Giant movies that came out. After each one of them I had a number of new people wanting to explore these types of fetishes. There are some people who have always had the vorarephilic fantasy they are not driven by popular culture. It is healthy to explore areas that you have never thought about before. The wonderful thing about internal fetishes is you are free to do whatever you want in your own mind. This is one of the fun fetishes as I call them. They hurt no one and can be extremely hot when both parties are into the moment. It is a power fetish like so many others with the power being on the female side.  They say that seventy five percent of what turns us on is mental so even the physical fetishes are mainly taking place in the workings of our own mind. Have you ever thought about vorarephilia? If so tell us where your fantasy goes in the comments.


When I first came across formicophilia I immediately thought to myself was that I know of a lot of people who might have this fetish. This fetish is when someone enjoys having insects or even animals crawl over their body. This can be anything and it can be anywhere. Think of all those people that enjoy having an ant crawl across their skin. Or those people that really like the feel of a spiders legs. How about all those people we know that own snakes and seem to over enjoy the feel of the snakes skin on their own. This can be in the genitalia area but it can be on any open area of skin. This can be that the person enjoys the sensation themselves. It can also be that a person wants to make someone else uncomfortable through the use of the sensations created by an insect or an animal. This is not about having direct sexual contact with that animal. It is all about how the skin and nerves react to the the contact with the creature. A famous one I remember being told about was a man that enjoyed the sensation of fire ants on his testicles. For those of you who are not familiar with fire ants they have a venom and sting. They can be all over you before you even feel them and when they sting you it creates pus filled lesions on your skin. After a few days these either burst through scratching or sometimes on their own. The wounds then become sore or even really infected. This particular man enjoyed the whole process of them on his skin how they would sting him and even the wounds that came from the process.  If you think about that one guy who enjoys tormenting girls with a spider the one who seems to enjoy a girls screams just a bit too much. While this could be he just enjoys tormenting for the process of it or it could be that he has a fetish for the insect/animal doing it for him. How emotional the girl gets in the process of being chased by something she is afraid of. This is not a fetish that sex specific. There are lots of women that enjoy these sensations on their own. Formicophilia does not mean the person masturbates with the animal nor does it mean they masturbate while the animal is one them. This fetish encompasses the whole process of interacting.


Aptomnophilia is a desire to have one’s own limb amputated. This is not exactly a fetish but more of mental disorder. I have never had someone with this desire.  This is a very deep desire to have a certain limb removed. It was not really studied until the 70’s and even then the cases of it are very rare. A person can desire to have a limb removed to such a degree that they will cause harm to limb in order to convince a doctor to remove a limb. When I started reading on this it does not seem to be a fun fetish. This is a serious condition where  person can feel that a limb is not physically attached to them even though it is. There does not necessarily seem to be a trigger it can just come on. While it is grouped in with sexual fetishes I am not convinced that is where it should be. It reminded me of the people that were convinced they were deceased when they were very much alive.  Though the cases of true aptomnophilia are very rare so there has not been a lot of study on it. It is not like a lot of fetishes that have been documented for hundreds of years.  Hopefully our next fetish will be something more on the fun side. This years journey through fetishes does not always bring us to things we necessarily want to dwell on. It does however bring us to things that are interesting and educational.