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Fetish Dacryphilia Aroused By Tears or Sobbing

The fetish of dacryphilia is one that can either be the desire to have it forced onto one or the need to make someone sob and cry. This is not a fetish of a few tears but a full break down in mentality. It is one that either sex can cause or need to undergo. This was one of the first fetishes I was exposed to when I started on the internet. I truly did not understand it or what was the driving force behind it until I started to research sadistic behavior. This is a fetish of forcing someone to tears either through humiliation or through physical discomfort. Like most fetishes involving power play this can go either with the top forcing the situation or the with the bottom eliciting the response. Do to the fact that I am dominate I tend to deal with this men that wish for a woman to force them to tears. Generally the means is through humiliation but there are some men that enjoy having their genitals manipulated until they are unable to withstand the pain of it except through tears. The most abundant situation I have ran into is the stripping away of manhood forcing a man to admit he is unworthy of women and admitting his penis size is of unsatisfactory nature.  Ultimately this is a power play situation and the full breakdown of power from the bottom. For one that is into fetish of dacryphilia there is a huge release of endorphins when they are forced to  a release of tears. It is considered a sadistic act by those pushing someone to this state because of the cruelty that is utilized to gain the response of the tears.

Frotteurism Rubbing Against People To Get Turned On

This is one of those fetishes that is probably best left to fantasy and not done in reality. It is something that I actually here a lot of so I know it is a fairly large fetish. The term frotteurism comes from a French term frotteur which means to rub or rubber. This fetish is generally one that is male on female there have been a few cases of female on male and it does exist on a small level in the homosexual society. The fetish of frotteurism means to rub against someone with out their consent in order to obtain sexual gratification. This is generally done in a public place and most often a crowded place like a concert, subway, or busy street. The reason for this is that keeps the victim from being able to react to what is happening and it makes it harder for the victim to prove it was being done for sexual gratification and not just by accident. The majority of this fetish is that the other person is NOT consenting that is the major part of the turn on. The biggest issue with this fetish is the fetish itself in that it is almost always against the law to touch someone without their consent even if it is done over clothing. After speaking with a number of people that have this fetish there is a huge thrill from getting away with something they know they are not suppose to be doing.  Now having fantasies of this nature is not a problem it perfectly natural to have naughty fantasies. The problem comes in when those fantasies take over normal sexual functions to the degree that they have to be acted upon. With this fantasy if it is acted upon it can lead to a lot of unpleasantness for both the person with the fetish and for the person that the fetish is acted upon. The biggest issue being the person with the fetish gets arrested and humiliated in a public courtroom and then labeled as a pervert or even worse a sexual predator. This fetish is not a new one it has been documented and discussed for well over a hundred years.

Fuck You Pay Me

I decided this week to talk about something that is a little strange to some people and that is financial domination. This is not the same thing as blackmail they are completely different things. Financial domination is when a man enjoys having his money taken from him. A number of my online friends like it when I taunt them and force them to push a button to make them send me money. It is a huge thrill to watch that money being ripped from them and put into my hands. I have a number of men that are into being “piggy boys” or having their wallets raped. I know for a lot of people they have a hard time understanding why someone would want this but for me it is really simple. Most of the men that are into being human atm’s work really hard and long hours. They are not slackers in any way and feel like their money is theirs.  Like most fetishes the thrill comes from either taking or losing control of something that has impacted us greatly. For bank whores this is having the very thing they worked the hardest to get taken from them. It gives them an adrenalin rush and the more they lose the more it turns them on. Over the years I have had a few men that could not afford to play try this and it always ends up really badly.  If a man is barely making it from paycheck to paycheck he will not feel a rush he will feel a panic which is a complete turn off. The men that can and do greatly enjoy this have the expendable funds it is all about the thrill to them. I will admit I like this too come on I get to buy me something special and nice and they get a huge sexual release.  What more could a girl want! I will admit I do not get into blackmail I am not a vicious person in any way so gathering intel and threatening someone just does not go with my normal personality. I am not saying I can not be intentionally cruel I have been known to enjoy teasing, taunting and forcing a guy to comply….but that is a whole different story.

Fetish Eproctophilia (Farting)

I will be honest I had no clue what eproctophilia meant or had even heard the word until  I started working on the internet. Then I started to get guys that were asking about this I thought I was knew a decent amount about sexuality but this was a lesson.  While I am sure if a person looked hard enough they could find a woman that had this fetish. The type of person that develops this fetish is generally a heterosexual man that is into the sound and smell of a woman’s farts. I have to think that in some ways it can be attributed to the games that men play when they are young.  I do not personally know anyone that has this fetish . I do know a lot of men that find farting very funny and make jokes of it which may show an underlying part of eproctophilia. While most people would think this is a very small populous of people that are into this fetish. There seems to a growing populous of men that feel safe in admitting to having an attraction to women’s farts.

They have even done medical studies in regards to what this particular group of men are attracted to. Most enjoy the sound and the smell of the fart.This is a sexual attraction and many men become extremely turned on by the thought of a woman farting on them or near them. It seems to be something that starts when a man is young and grows with time and does not seem to be triggered by one life event more a series of events. Face sitting is something that seems to naturally occur with this fetish though some men enjoy the thought of a stranger someone they have never met and probably never will meet. Some seem to think that this is a milder form of coprophilia however from the reading and discussions I have had with men through the years I really do not feel this is the case or at least not with a wide majority of men.

If this is a fetish that a man is into there is not a lot of really good substance out there.   While very few if any professional porn stars do eproctophilia movies there are a number of amateur girls that do specialize in this fetish. A really good friend of mine Miss Sexy Lizz does a number of specialty videos for those interested. She has a great selection of fun movies and a gorgeous woman as well. You can find access to her web site here :

Chilly and I have not done any movies involving this fetish because we have a very small group of men that discuss this with us.


Fetish Furries (Furry Fandom) Dress Up In Animal Costumes

I was first introduced into this fetish from a CSI episode ‘Fur and Loathing’ I have included a clip off of youtube. I don’t think at that time I realized how huge this fetish actually is. Most the fetishes I try to research have just a few articles on them if I am lucky, not this one. WOW! There are a lot of people who enjoy this.  As for the definition of what this fetish is even those who enjoy it can not completely agree on it. I have noticed with fetishes the more general the explanation the more accurate it is. The reason for this is because people will always but their own spin onto ever fetish out there.

Some people enjoy pretending they are an animal for awhile  others it is pure sensation of the fur on their skin. Some people it is a complete sexual thing meaning they desire to have sex while dressed up as an animal for others is more of a mental transformation into a different mind set. One of the articles I read describes conventions in such cities as Memphis, Tn, Kansas City,  and Chicago. This is very mainstream compared to a lot of other fetishes. This fetish should not be confused with plushies who are into stuffed animals. The people that play in furry fandom actually become the animal they are representing for play time. They enjoy having others touch them like an animal would be touched such as scratching their backs or behind their ears.  For someone being introduced to this for the first time I am sure it comes off as odd. However as far as fetishes goes this one gets put under fun and harmless.  The people that play in this are not in real animals all their relations are with people just like themselves. They are not into hurting anyone or themselves. Textile fantasy are very common and to some degree I think all people have a little bit of textile in them that is why satin and silk are so popular with lingerie. To some degree I think all people enjoy stepping out of reality and into a safe fantasy world for awhile. There is no harm and lots of fun in this one. What surprises me in regards to this fetish is unlike most it is fairly new though most can not agree on exactly when it started some say the 1960’s while others claim the 1980’s. The majority of fetishes have been documented for much longer periods of time. It almost seems to coincide with the popularity of cartoons.

If this is something you enjoy let me hear what you like about and what turns you on about being dressed up as your favorite creation.

Fetish Ederacinism Tearing Out Sexual Organs By The Roots

Some of the fetishes I am looking at and talking about this year are fun, sexy, and not so out there. There will be some like Ederacinism which are of a darker nature. I want to be fair in what we are discussing so not all of these fetishes will be easy or comfortable to talk about and deal with to me that is okay. Part of exploring ones sexuality is to stretch out into areas that are not comfortable to find one’s limitations. I would not suggest trying each and every one of these but talking about it and some of the reasons behind it are important.  When I first started researching this I thought it was along the lines of something that I often do with submissives we will discuss that later.

Starting out with what Ederacinism is the thought of ripping ones sexual organs out by the roots in order to punish one’s self in order to punish one’s self for too many sexual wants and desires. The fetish itself is very brutal in nature.

Now  when I thought of this what came to me was where I tie a guy up nice and tight and tease his balls. Leaning over and telling him how if he is not a good boy I will just rip it off. Then watching and feeling his body respond to the adrenalin dump that courses through him.  Sexy and fun. That does not seem to apply to this fetish. Neither does it seem to be where a man would become a eunuch for his mistress.

The fetish itself is a punishing one of a very brutal nature. Now I am sure if we searched a lot we would find someone that had committed these acts to themselves. However I strongly think that most people just think of the act and that is what turns them on even more.  To me this would seem to be a fetish of sexual disfunction as it is of something that is meant to punish for thinking of sexual wants and in the end the person become more turned on at the thought of being punished.

Personally I think I will stick to my sexier and more fun version of this. I have always enjoyed playing with a mans balls and a little bit of fear implemented at the right moment can make a play session even more fun.


If you are interested in even more fetishes take a look at this blog that I ran across while doing some research.

Auto Fellatio

This is the act of giving oneself a blow job. Now before you go getting all excited and hurting your neck there are only about 1% of men who can actually do this. To be able to suck your own cock you have to be very flexible and have a decent size penis. It is very prevalent in history especially with the Egyptians. So this is not a new fetish it has been around for a bit of time. With the Egyptian culture it was more focused as an act performed by the male gods. Yes even I see the pun in that one. Only a god can suck his own cock. What I find the most interesting is how in ancient history fetishes of this nature were just part of the society they were not frowned upon or seen as nasty. In a lot of ways our sexuality has been suppressed.

I have had guys try numerous times over the years with only a few that could actually get the tip of it in their mouth.  Most of the guys that I have talked to or even played with in my own sexual experiences have  laid against a wall and jerked their penises off into their mouths.  I would imagine that this is a fetish far more enjoyed in fantasy than in reality. Think about it for a moment you are all scrunched up with your neck bent a weird angle trying to get pleasure out of your own mouth. While it is fun to talk about and masturbate too blowjobs seem a lot more pleasurable when administered by someone else.

I do remember years ago a rumor about Marilyn Manson having a rib removed just so he could suck his own cock. It makes me wonder how far a guy will actually got to get a blow job.

Fetish Claustrophilia Tight Places But Not Bound

If someone came up to you and said they were into Claustrophilia you would probably have no idea what they were talking about. However all of us have experienced the sensations these people crave as a sexual release though we may not all remember those sensations. Think of how we swaddle babies to calm them these tight sensations are pleasurable to a number of people.

Claustrophilia is a sexual desire to be in an enclosed tight space. These can be a box, coffin, vinyl sheeting, even rope if done right. This is a fetish and those that have this fetish should be able to explore it in a very safe very controlled enviroment. If it is not handled correctly then it can become dangerous to the point of being deadly.  These tight restrictions can cause some issues such as breathing issues and circulation problems. Such things need to be considered before and during play time.

From what I have discovered through my reading most people enjoy the slowing down of time while being confined. The way they are forced to focus on each breath. The way that they feel as all outside sensations leave their skin and they become completely aware of just their own bodies.  The tighter and more restrictive it becomes the more of a “high” their brain gives them and the harder their sexual release is. Like a number of fetishes this is mental release not a so much a physical one. Most of sexual satisfaction is mental from past readings it is something of the nature of 75% mental 30% physical.

There are a number of companies that make things such as sleep sacks and vinyl sheets that enclose a person to the point of very little to no movement. With this restriction in movement also comes a natural restriction in breathing.  One of these companies is Winter Fetish they have a number of really nice bondage pieces and lots of vinyl and rubber wear.

One of the things I did find interesting is that because of the study of this fetish there has been some medical advances made for other mental problems such as Autism. The close and calming effect of restrictions brings some people a sense of well being if only for a little while.  Another interesting thing I found out while doing research was that a very famous British Spy Gareth Williams was thought to have died from a play session that did not end well.

If you are a person that enjoys or has dabbled in this fantasy I would greatly enjoy hearing about your stories.

Inquest into death of MI6 spy