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Goddess Natasha Cuckolding In the Real World Niteflirt

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Real Life Cuckoldress

I am a Cuckoldress in real life and belong to the Goddess Manor which is a private group that holds meetings and extremely erotic BBC parties where the white Women are serviced by bulls and Our white male cucks perform a variety of other duties…none of which include having sex with Us!

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These photos actually depict me getting ready for a private cuckold party assisted by my white cuck who is kept in chastity of course!

Call me and I will tell you all about these HOT BBC parties and more!

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Being a cuckold can be an erotic and very satisfying role for a male. As a Dominant Female and one who believes in servitude AND service I have found the aspects of cuckolding to be very satisfying! After all, it should be about the Woman’s pleasure and satisfaction! These recordings below touch on a variety of aspects to being a cuck and the different roles! I hope you enjoy these recordings on cuckolding and the Lifestyle!



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This contains My erotic cuckold files! As you may or may not know I am a Lifestyle Cuckoldress. I am a member of The Goddess Manor which is a private cuckold group. This collection of cuckold recordings includes My latest best seller Cuckolding I love you but! (Six Audio Recordings and three Videos)

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It is time for a heart to heart. Sitting you down I have decided that even though I may love you I realize that I will never be sexually satisfied by you. Instead I will be taking My pleasure with other lovers and you will be relegated to the role of cuckold. Not only a cuckold to Myself but since I have always enjoyed emasculating you there will be some new roles for you. Satisfying BBC cock is one. The same big black cock that I will be enjoying, you will be getting ready for Me. Oh I will be generous and let you watch Me enjoying Myself and receiving such deep satisfaction. The satisfaction that you have never been able to give Me. With each new cock I will be making a verbal and physical cock comparison that humiliates and emasculates you and drives the point home exactly why you have not been able to satisfy Me. Actually, you should be quite relieved that you will never penetrate a Woman again! I know that over time you will enjoy watching your wife having sex with other men…real men! Featuring elements of cuckolding, SPH, BBC, bisexuality, humiliation, emasculation, cock comparison


Well, I am dressed for a date! Not a date with you of course! As I lie on My bed in a short black dress and black pumps, I describe just what your duties will be as My cuck! Servicing My lovers, getting them hard and ready for Me as you are locked in chastity. Maybe watching if I allow it. I explain every humiliating aspect of your role!

FLUFFER CUCK: I think we both know what being a fluffer cuck is and in this video I explain exactly what you will be doing! Get ready to serve Me in a VERY different way ~smile~

CLEAN UP CUCK: Yes, dear it is 4 AM and I just arrived home. While you were at home, doing chores and locked in a chastity device I was out having hot sex! How many times did I cum? Oh, and I will have you remove My panties with your teeth Featuring elements of humiliation, cuckolding, sph

CASTRATED CUCKOLD: I have always told you that one day your emasculation would be complete with your castration. For years you have served as My cuck. Performing oral sex but never being inside Me. I always made it clear that you would never be able to satisfy Me due to your size. So you have been content to be on the outside occasionally being allowed to participate or watch. But as I explain how your castration is going to take place I have added two things that will make this psychologically as well as emotionally humiliating and emasculating. Not only WHO will witness your castration but WHO will perform it!

MAKING YOU MY WIFE CUCKOLD DUTIES: As My wife you have many duties and chores to perform. I have high expectations and with My training and guidance you will be able to perform them to My specifications. Of course, you know by now that the hormone therapy and testosterone blockers make it impossible for you to maintain an erection. Be assured you will never again penetrate a Woman. Not only would I never allow it but NOW it is physically impossible! No, your sex life is VERY different now. Simply a cuckold you will be performing as such! Not only will it be embarrassing and humiliating but it will be emasculating. Oral sex, fluffing and sexually available at any time!

SISSY CUCKOLD: Surely you have realized by now that you will never have sex with Me! After all, I have made that very clear haven’t I?? No, you are going to be My feminized sissy cuck who will have OTHER duties! Fluffing, clean up and those lovely cream pies! This is what I have been training you for!

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Lady_Katy Curvy Domme with an Ass Worth Worshipping! HD Cam Niteflirt


Get ready to cede control to a curvy, intelligent mistress. If you want cookie-cutter femdom, click away now–every show I do is customized to your submissive qualities for a creative, immersive sexual experience that will engage not just your crotch but your mind as well. I want to get inside your head so I can pull the strings to bring you under my power, giving me complete control of you.

New to domination and submission play? Don’t be shy. I welcome everyone from the experienced submissive looking to deepen his subservience to those new to power exchange who would like to dip their toe in before they commit.

Message me with your show requests so we can ensure that our styles and interests match before beginning your show.

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Lady_Katy Bratty Brunette Will Bring You To Your Knees Niteflirt



I’m the kind of girl who gets what she wants. Some people call me a brat or a bitch, but you and I both know they’re just jealous. Losers like that have no right to even look at women like me. I deserve the finer things in life. I drink champagne, wear vintage furs and sexy lingerie. I’m a member at an exclusive country club, and men like you pay that bill. You know I’m worth it…and you know you need me more than I need you. Let me scratch that itch…let me be the perfect woman for you. Sit at my feet and ask politely for my attention and I’ll give you the best minutes of your day.

Think you’re man enough for me? Call me and prove it.

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Lady_Katy Naughty in Nylons * Perfection in Pantyhose Niteflirt



I love wearing pantyhose and stockings. Under a pretty dress, with high heels, with sexy and lacy lingerie. I love how the sheer, silky nylon slides over my skin, smooth and sensual. I enjoy the feeling of someone running their hands from my toes, over my ankles, up the curve of my calves to my thighs and up and around my ass. Do you love pantyhose as much as I do? Whether you’re a sissy boy prancing around in panties and stockings or a man who loves a nylon footjob or anything in between, call me up and let’s talk about it!

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Niteflirt Cuckolding Princess

Hey guys wanted to introduce you to a friend of ours Cuckolding Princess. She is one of our fellow phone sex operators on Niteflirt. I could tell you she is this really sweet wonderful lady which she is to all us other girls. However, to you boys that is a completely different story. She is called the Cuckolding Princess for a reason. When it comes to feminine boys she greatly enjoys sending you out on assignments. Dress up sessions for sissification are a fun way for her to spend an evening. She knows that you have always thought about feminization and wearing those pretty things you complain about your wife buying. Really though you are just a closet homo waiting for Cuckolding Princess to take over your world. Some might call her a home wrecker but really your wife has always known what a loser you are she was just too polite to tell you what she thought. Now if you really do no want people knowing your deepest darkest secrets how about some blackmail fantasy to show Cuckolding Princess how much you are willing to do or shall we say pay to keep her quiet. She really does enjoy humiliation though so it might cost you a pretty penny. Make sure those pennies,nickels and dimes are super shiny a Princess always deserves things that sparkle. Financial domination is one of her specialties and she is very good raping that wallet.

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I know you thought that when she invited you over it would be for you to fuck her she is stunningly beautiful isn’t she? She would never let a small penis like that one between your legs come near her. She has a much larger strapon that is what will be filling up your evening. When it comes to chastity her collection is a lot like mine shiny pretty with lots of different styles to try. The only thing that cleavage of hers needs is the key to your jewels. Welcome to the world of tease and DENIAL! By the time she is through she will have complete the task of mind fuck and you will be begging to be her good cock sucker.

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If you are looking for content she has all kinds of fun things. Assignments for you to complete. Contracts that will keep you coming back again and again. Mp3 to listen to while you sit next to your wife. How about some how to’s on being a better sissy. Go check out all her fun stuff and make sure you tell her that you found her through Tailstwichn Girls.

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Our Friend Katy Churchill Is The Kind of Naughty Neighbor You Want…

Katy Churchill
My good-girl smile hides a wild side a mile wide, and I’m dying to show you how bad I can get! I’m home alone and horny, and I can’t wait for us to get off together! Nothing pleases me more than some sexy dirty talk and hot fetish play. I’m very open-minded and kinky, and my phone line is a fetish-friendly place. Bring me your fantasies and listen to me bring them to life! I love getting off with you, and sexy, creative roleplays really turn me on. If you want a real girl with a hot body and a nasty mind, who enjoys exploring new fetishes with callers, give me a ring! You and your cock won’t be disappointed.

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