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How To Use Skype

Have you ever wanted to do a cam call but never knew exactly how it works or how to make it work? Well I have set up a step by step guide to help you through it. We prefer skype it is a little confusing when you first look at it but I will walk you through it all.  First log into your skype. Now go buy our id’s.  Take a look at the screen shot below.

skype how to


The red circle is where you paste someone’s id’s to add them to your contacts.  Hit “Enter” that will search skype for that person then click on their name to add them to their contacts.

The blue circle is where your id is located so if you are asked for your skype id this is what you give them.

The purple circle is where you start a video call.

Now lets talk a little proper protocol here. It is okay to ask a simple question via skype. DO NOT type out a whole fantasy that is not cool. However a lot of us girls work from home so we do not always sit right in front of our computers so please remember that. Also if we are on a call already we are paying attention to that person and it can take us a few minutes to get back to you.

It is okay to add us to skype first in fact we encourage it because it can take 30-45 seconds to add someone to there.

Call us on niteflirt FIRST! Do not call on skype first.

Please remember that things go wrong and us girls tend to know about as much about computers as you do. So be kind when something messes up whether on your side or ours often we have little to no control over it.