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Diane’s Shorts Picture Sets

Hmmm where am I at this time? Well one of my favorite work and vacation spots, South Padre Island Texas. This was my winter trip which just to let everyone know it does get cold on the Island. So I decided to spend the day in my hotel room taking pictures and shooting videos. What great fun I had even though the weather outside was dreary. This is just me having some fun teasing the camera and you while wearing nothing but panties and a t-shirt which doesn’t stay on very long.  I really enjoy the fact that you will be looking at me I have always enjoyed being bad and taunting.




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Teasing Dress Pictures

After a hot and sweaty night on the town I just couldn’t resist teasing you guys with some up shots. This is a perfect little dress both very low and very high at the same time. Makes for a very fun night. You pantyhose guys are just going to love these purple tiny fishnets as much as I do. Now come help me strip out of this so we can end the night on a very OHHH perfect note…..


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Scrub It Clean


Come watch as Chilly  does a job  that she really hates to do.  Clean the bathroom by scrubbing the tub with her bright yellow rubber gloves.  Lets just say, after a minute  she  was playing in the bubbles instead.  Want to play in the bubbles with Chilly while she cleans and makes a mess at the same time?

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