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Recordings Intro

I am working on a new project where I answer questions, talk about things going on and answer questions. Please join me on my patreon page to show some love and get everything earlier than my blog. Plus all my mp3’s are available to my friends on patreon. I hope you enjoy this first one I have several planned and some already recorded. If you have an idea please email me


Recordings Being A Dominant

I have always been dominant my whole life I do not know how to be anything but what I already am.  It is so much fun, to be honest with the world. While I enjoy being nice it is my preferred way of dealing with the world someone screws me over and a whole different person comes to the surface. Join me as I talk about being dominant and being a woman in today’s world. Please join me on Patreon where you will have access to all kinds of new and fun stuff.