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Fucking Machines

There is something about the mechanics of a fucking machine or a sex machine.  It is kinky but also kind of playful. Most people will probably never actually own their own but the thought of them is super exciting. I can remember watching a George Clooney movie where he created his own because his character was fascinated by the whole concept. To buy one is super expensive which seems to be part of the draw of wanting one. I do have a few guys that own one and have enjoyed watching them use it on themselves while we were camming.

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The concept of a fucking machine is fairly simple whether they are a plug in design or completely mechanical. Basically something makes an arm go up and down either vertically or horizontally. They can be created off of sawzalls either still looking like the machine you would use to construct something. Sometimes they will pull off the case and mount it in something that resembles a saddle. On that arm they then attach some type of dildo. On the average they are set up to be easy to change to different types of sexual devices.  I have seen some that were home made and very usable. I have also known people who have attempted to create them without understanding the basic concept and it ended badly. One girl that I knew thought she could put a dildo on a drill and use that as a fucking machine. This did not end well and she had to have 87 stitches inside of a place where you really do not want to have 87 stitches.

fucking machine, dildo, anal, vaginal,

Fucking machines for men are generally focused on anal play. With women they are generally focused on vaginal play. There are some women that truly do enjoy anal which can be a lot of fun with a fucking machine. The floor models that sit solid on the floor and you sit on seem to be the easiest models to use.

fucking machine, dildo, anal, vaginal,

Would really enjoy hearing your own fucking machine stories.

Steel Cock Ring With Leather Ball Strap

This is a great started cock ring I have been using the stainless steel cock rings for years. They come in all different kinds of configurations and in my collection I have a ton of them. Most of us start out with the stretchy cock rings that come free or we buy for a few dollars. The plastic ones are nothing like a wonderful stainless steel cock ring.  The stainless steel is sexy, functional, easy to clean and maintain.  Stainless steel is wonderful in that it can be heated or cooled with breath or hands. This can create a number of different and unique sensations for the partner wearing it. I really like this leather and steel combination leather will last a very long time if taken care of properly. A few pointers when it comes to leather cock straps first off you want to keep them clean so wash them every single time you use them. Take a towel and press out all the water you can. Make sure the snaps are good and dry. Then lay flat to let it dry. If the leather should start to curl at the seams you can place a heavy book on it to make it lay flat again.  A little bit of care with leather goes a long ways. I have had some leather toys for well over 20 years and they still look great.  This cock ring is an entry level one that functions wonderfully and has a fabulous price. If you are wanting something to enhance an evening without spending a lot of money check it out I think you will really enjoy the girth it creates.


Check out this adult sex toy and lots of others Leather and Steel Cock & Ball 

Single Strap Leather Snap Cock Strap


This was the very first cock strap that my partner and I purchased and we still have it almost twenty years later. We have progressed from this to a lot of different play toys. We do get this out though from time to time. It works great and is a wonderful starter cock strap because it is adjustable instead of being stretchy like the rubber ones or hard like the stainless steel ones. It is simple to use and can be put on by either partner. The biggest thing with all leather play things is to keep them clean. I use an old toothbrush to scrub them down then dry them with a towel and lay it flat to dry. If you do not keep it clean it can accumulate icky stuff around the snaps or in the rows of stitching. Good cleaning habits will keep these toys like this working for a very long time.  The Strict Leather Speed Snap is great for adding some girth or helping to make a cock harder by temporarily restricting the blood flow back out of a penis. Great fun enhancement device with very few drawbacks.

Anal Intruder Stainless Steel Male Sex Toy


number two










The stainless steel Anal Intruder a male sexual device with a two inch cock ring and a small 1.25″ anal ball. It can be worn for extended periods of time and will not automatically pop out once inserted. It can be used to enhance penetration play. It can also be used with temperature play and vibrators.

I have always thought that stainless steel toys are sexy and sensual. They are very easy to care for and easy to clean. Stainless steel does not have the issues that come from any of the soft based adult toys. If properly cared for stainless steel will last a lifetime. That can not be said about the softer toys that start to break down in one form or another. There is also the issue of bacteria with stainless steel it can be easily disinfected so that it is easy to make sure it absolutely clean. Any toy that has pits in it is very difficult to make sure it is absolutely clean. This is a fun male toy that allows for a cock ring to increase size and sensitivity; as well as some fun anal play. This is not a large size ball so it will work with men who may not be used to anal play or may be starting out. One of the fun things of stainless steel is that it starts out cool on its own and warms up to body temperature. It can be cooled to a lower degree to add layers of play. Transferring heat is also a really fun thing to do with stainless steel.  A great way to have some fun.


Chrome Triple Cock & Ball

I bought this for my personal collection about a year ago. I greatly enjoy using cock toys with my partners for a large variety of reasons. This one is a personal favorite of mine. For a more endowed gentleman it can be a little difficult to get into at first. We have found that putting it on while he is in the shower works very well.

toys number oneOnce it is on I am told it is very comfortable to wear. It makes the balls swell up nice and full. The cock generally gets about an inch thicker than without it. From a woman’s perspective girth is nice to have. Cock rings are wonderful especially for a man that is getting a little older and may not get to the hardness that he used to. They are a way to play that does not require a visit to the doctor. If a man gets stones a huge hard orgasm will sometimes clear those right out. So yes they could be considered a medical device. I really enjoy this one because it creates an angle with the shaft that hits all the perfect places that I desire to have a penis rub against me inside. It does help with endurance so that a man can stay harder a lot longer.

To put this on it look complicated when you take it out of the box and they generally do not come with instructions. The rings are different sizes the largest ring is the one that goes closest to your body. Your shaft and balls slide through that whole ring. Then you have to work your testicles through the lower ring one at a time. You can not put this on when you are engorged it will be a highly unpleasant experience if you try. After you have finished playing you need to let your penis go flaccid before you try to remove it. Again warm water and a little soap goes a long ways if it is being a wee bit stubborn. Most the times it comes off very easily after you are done because you have such a hard orgasm while wearing it. It does take a little pre thought and planning but the experience for both partners is well worth that effort. This is one of my personal picks that I highly recommend giving it a try and seeing what it does for you and your partner.


Silicone Bit Gag

I actually own this toy and it is one of my favorite gags that I currently have.  It does smell like rubber when you first get it but after a while that smell goes away. I like it because it can be worn comfortably by a sub for an extended amount of time. I do not have much in pony play yet so I just use it as a general gag. If you are planning on keeping your sub in restraints this works great. The problem with the ball gags is they are generally very hard plastic which causes the jaw to ache in a very unattractive non fun way. They also can be dangerous with mouth jewelry it is not fun to make someone’s lip or tongue bleed from it getting caught. The straps on those tend to be layered hard material which cuts into the cheeks of female submissives. This particular bit gag does not do any of that. It does not keep a submissive from speaking but a well behaved slave does not need anything but self control. Check it out I think you will be just as happy with it as I am with mine. I have had mine for a few years and it is still brand new looking.

Inflatable BBW Sex Dolls, RealDoll, Dutch Wives, Companion

I will be the first to admit that I get told all kinds of stories when I am on the phone with Niteflirt callers. That is part of the reason I really enjoy what I do is all the stories I get told. I had never really thought of the world of blow up dolls. I knew what they were and on occasion I had seen them in a sex store in a catalog I was flipping through.  However, one night I have a regular that I talk to often on the phone and he was just wanting to talk. That is great I do that all the time not everything in the life of phone sex is about getting off. He was telling me about his “doll” collection. He started telling me all about the different kinds he had and what he liked about them.  We were also discussing how much he had invested into his collection. I was shocked I like toys and I have a few but his was just a crazy amount. As we are going through all this he tells me how one of the hardest to find is a BBW (big beautiful woman) doll. I was like really there is a market for that. He then tells me not only is there a market but also a huge following of people that seek those out exclusively. Now I have had friends over the years that wanted BBW. I had one friend that would never date a woman unless she weighed over 300 lbs. I understand that part of the fetish, I had just never thought of it as being a niche for sex dolls. I guess to be honest I had never really given love dolls, companion dolls, or dutch wive as they are commonly referred to.

There are many different styles of dolls but there is also a big difference in construction of them. The kind that most of us are familiar with which are often given as gag gifts or as throw away toys are made out of vinyl they are of lower quality and do not last very long. They are made to be used a few times and then discarded.

Fatty Patty Doll


This is an example of a lower end doll there are very few details and the doll is overall plain.

The next step up is are made of pvc, latex or some other higher grade of composition.  They can range from $100 to $1000 in price and are expected to last a lot longer then the vinyl dolls.


There are a lot more details to these dolls including eyelashes, hair, and working joints.

The most expensive are made from silicone and can range over $1200 or more in price. They have lifelike skin that warms and cools to the touch. They are fully jointed and are often used by photographers and artists.


The difference in quality is very noticeable there is also a difference in weight of the doll itself. These dolls are no where near as socially acceptable as they are in other countries. Such as in Japan where they will rent out a doll (kinda a yuck factor there). They also have large facilities that rent rooms and dolls. Like always I find human sexuality very fascinating. Tell me all your thoughts on this good and bad!

Silicone Anal Toys

We talked earlier this week about a rubber line of anal toys there is another really nice toy that I personally have that is made out of silicone. Now these only come in one size that I have ever seen so they are not as versatile if you are wanting to buy a whole series of toys. This is a nice toy though in that it is made of medical grade silicone is easy to clean and the design of the base is nice. I have had mine for around four years and so far it has held up really well. The feel of it is different than the rubber ones hard to explain just different. The rubber ones seems harder and this one has a little more give to it.  These do come in a couple of colors so there is a choice there as you see mine is purple. This is a great starter toy if you really just want a small anal toy to play with every now and then and like the colors offered. They are inexpensive running under $10 and would make a great gift for a new brides gift basket.



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Rubber Butt Plugs

This is was the first butt plug I got and I have had it for years. It is rubber which means it does not have ‘pores’. This is a great starter size if you are wanting to explore anal. A lot of people want to try it but are not really sure where and how to start. Sure you can look at a porn site but they are not the greatest for real life how to. There are a lot of guys out there that want to try anal with their significant other but are not sure how to bring it up in a way that makes them feel safe. For a guy there are a lot of reasons why anal is pleasurable when done on him the prostate is enjoyable for a man when it is messaged. Also the entrance of the anus has a lot of nerve endings which can bring a lot of pleasure. Butt plugs are generally a starting point and this line is a nice way to start. I do not own the full line of them as I have other butt plugs but rubber is a great substance to buy because of its ease of cleaning and allergic reactions to it are very rare.

You can always start out with this size and move up in the line from there.




This is the medium size in this same line of toys I do not own the larger sizes just the slim one.



Here is large and it comes in extra large but that is pretty advanced for most people



I think the differences in color is just lightening from when the pictures are taken. If you are wanting something small and inexpensive to try out and see if you or or partner likes anal than this is a really good one to start with. I have had mine for well over 10 years it has held up well with multiple play sessions and the rubber itself does not have any pitting or scratches on it. Cleaning of toys is very important.


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Ball Gag’s Toys

While the thought of taking off our panties and shoving them into a guys mouth is really appealing and for really short play time it can be fun. The problem with this is it can cause some real issues with long time play. It can be very unsafe for someone that is tied up and unable to move. There are some really great ball gags out there. I have owned my for a number of years. DSC09771

The great thing about them is they are full breathable and cleanable. One semi funny drawback is that the person wearing them drools ALOT! While I find this enjoyable during a session some people might not. Another drawback to the one that I own is it is hard plastic for my purpose it is great. However if you are shopping for something keep these things in mind and you might opt for one with a softer ball. There are a number of great ball gags available in my store.




This one has a rubber ball that might be a little more comfortable for extended play. If you are planning on someone being in the ball gag for longer than an hour.




I have never tried one like this but I have a feeling this would make a great gag for beginners because of the way it is made.


I will repeat this so many times but I want to make sure it is something you never forget do not leave someone alone that is bound and gagged. You can make them think you left them but do not ever do it.  I have never had anything go wrong during play time and never known anyone that has but there are some things we just do not take a chance with. I will be going over bit style gags later one there are a number of those available and I own one that I really enjoy playing with.

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