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What is our Favorite Fetish?

Chilly and I are often asked this question and while we both enjoy a wide variety of things there are a few things that we enjoy a little bit more. We both really like pantyhose there is just something about them that makes a girl very feminine and also in control. I have a great liking to boots well shoes is probably a more adequate description. I adore having my feet worshipped and daunted on. Being worshipped all over my body makes me very happy. Chilly is a little bit more submissive she likes being told what to do. She likes that you tell her how to please you. I have always had a great enjoyment of sissy guys dressing them up, putting them down it is all fun. Now Chilly and I have explored a number of different fetishes so this is more what we enjoy on a regular basis not what we enjoy over all. Do you have a favorite fetish that you want to talk about. Give us a call and lets have some fun with it. 

Awesome Fall Weekend

It has been a great weekend. The weather has been about perfect and I have been enjoying every minute of it. Football season is in full swing and I really enjoy all the college games when I get to watch them. Hope everyone is doing okay with all the chaos around us these last few weeks. I am not that worried we will survive whatever these idiots choose to throw at us that is what makes us such a great country. Not sure how they will all fair in the next election personally I think it should be a full house cleaning sometimes you just have to move out all the old furniture to find the dust bunnies. Hanging out on niteflirt you should come join me and have some fun or stop by and see Chilly she would enjoy hearing from you. 

Peek Long Movie

Ever wanted to know what happens in mine and Chilly’s bedroom. This is just us doing what we do. Nothing staged or crazy going on here. We are just having the fun that we normally have when people and camera’s are not around. Check out the free trailer and then go buy the full length video.
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Lindsey & Diane GG Oral Fun Free Trailer

This is one of my more liked videos simply because this girl was so much fun to play with. In fact we are still great friends she just has moved on in life to do other things. What a crazy fun time we had on this video and some of the others we made together. This redhead is such a hot little number and a complete nympho I am not talking about a girl that likes to fuck. I am talking about a girl that has to fuck. She tastes so good too I just can’t get enough of that young tight pussy.

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Today should have been a productive day but I had no motivation at all. So instead I just kept thinking about what I should be doing and listening to music. All different kinds of music from blues to hiphop and everything in between. Now the sun is going down and I have no desire to do anything at all. Usually I am a go go go person but today she just got up and went. Hopefully tomorrow I will be more into making things happen.