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Diane Callaway And Chilly Hicks Girls Playing In Silkyhose Clips4Sale

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Diane Callaway And Chilly Hicks Girls Playing In Silkyhose
Price: $11.99
Size: 56 MB
Length: 11 minutes
Diane Callaway and Chilly Hicks have been out all day shopping and doing girl things. Wearing their cute little sundresses and pantyhose on very hot summer day. Chilly Hicks is wearing her black pantyhose and her white chunky heeled sandals. Diane Callaway is wearing her black pantyhose and her black heels. Diane rubs up and down those silky hose of Chilly pulling off those heels. Diane likes the way Chilly’s tiny foot smells and feels after being up on them all day long. She enjoys rubbing those nylons against her skin. The girls start kissing on each other making out with their hands and tongues. Diane slowly undresses Chilly out of that sundress of hers showing off those pretty tiny breasts. Chilly is a huge fan of girls feet she slowly takes off Diane’s heels. Messaging those aching soles and kissing all over those feet of Diane’s. Being that close to Chilly’s pussy is too much for Diane she slips her fingers under those full pantyhose and teases that little clit of Chilly’s. The girls have been teasing each other all day long and can’t wait to actually be able to touch all over each others bodies. Chilly rubs her fingers all up and down those pantyhose slipping inside the waistband of Diane’s to tease that swollen clit of hers. Diane needs to feel Chilly’s mouth and fingers all over those big “DD” breasts. Taking off that sundress so that Chilly can wrap her lips around those sensitive nipples. Chilly uses the roughness of the pantyhose to make that clit of Diane’s super sensitive. Rubbing through the hose Chilly makes Diane come hard making the crotch super wet. Diane pulls Chilly’s pantyhose down just enough to expose that pretty pale pussy of hers. Rubbing all over that clit she makes Chilly explode hard with her fingers.


Catherterophilia Urethra Sounding Play

While all three of these are similar or even identical there are some nuances between them. Catherterophilia is the medical side of cather play. There is a large group of people who are into medical play for sexual enjoyment. This is not about urine but the process itself that they enjoy. This type of play is done as if it were in a medical setting and is all about the steps involved and the control in this case of the bladder. Urethra is more the sexual side of this play it is still done generally with a cather but it is more about working someone up and then using that to give them an intense orgasm. The only difference between Catherterophilia and Urethra is the setting the acts are still about the same.

Sounding is using solid rods in the place of cathers. It is about the stretching sensation of using larger rods in place of others. It is also about the feeling of having the urethra stimulated from the inside. A lot of people think that this type of play is new but it has been documented from as long ago as 4000 years. Like most fetishes they are not new to our time frame. These fetishes do require skills to be learned and a number of safety precautions as to not harm someone. These areas of the body are fragile to some degree and one can cause a lot of harm very quickly that will require medical intervention. This type of play is not for people who are lazy on the clean side. Infections can be common even under the best situations. It is important to make sure that everything is kept sterile at all times. Sounding has become more popular in the last couple of years and with it a lot of men are trying it on themselves. With a little practice and going very slow at first it can bring on intense orgasms. It can increase the fluid produced during orgasms to a much higher volume. I have had men explain that a handjob combined with sounding is a sensation they can not even describe in words. If you were wondering what would have been used in ancient times for this type of play the most common were bone, antler, and ivory. Now we have much better play things such as stainless steel and glass (though breakage might be frighting to some).

What is a Life Styler?

I have been working on the internet since around 2007/2008 before that I was just what most people would have thought of as a normal person. I worked in the corporate world and had for a long time. To the outside world I was just a wife. However since the time I had left home I had been having threesomes, playing with s&m, and cuckolding. I was doing it because I just had the urges and wanted to explore my sexuality. My husband enjoyed it and so did the people we were bringing into our lives. Most the stuff we did we did not even have a name for it. It was simply a matter of hey this feels good so lets do it some more. I have never been ashamed of my sexuality nor have a skirted it. I have always been that wife that other men were envious of because I would do the things that they could only read of in Penthouse Forum. When we started getting into the internet side it was because of practical reasons my job was ending there was not a lot of work close to where I lived and the money was an improvement from where we were. I started to become more and more curious about other people and with that came lots of reading. I began to understand that what we were doing for fun was also a big part of other peoples lives or their imagination. I also started to understand how much women do not allow themselves to be sexual creatures. Society has created a scenario that women should always be ashamed and coerced into doing things. I have never been that type of person I am nto going to say that I have always enjoyed everything I have done because somethings seem much better on paper than in person.

For me a lifestyler is someone that does sexual things because they are driven to do them not because they are simply making money off them. I have made good money off of my sexual desires and I am in no way ashamed of that. I have spoken with a lot of men that want something but can never have it. I give them someone who understands that pull of sexuality. I also give them an outlet to explore things that for one reason or another they are unable to do so with their significant other. These men are not always heterosexual either just because a man is homosexual does not mean he has a great communication relationship with the person he is involved with.

A lifestyler understands the struggle of finding and coming to terms with the less socially acceptable parts of sexuality because we have been through those struggles. We are able to communicate on a deeper level because while we may not have tried xyz we have tried things that turned us on while making us unsure of ourselves at the same time. I do this because I enjoy it and I will only do it so long as I enjoy it once the thrill of exploration with strangers is gone then I am gone. In the end my own sense of who I am is far more important my own want for a specific lifestyle will always come first over money.

Cum Eating Instructions

Cum eating instructions is one of my more popular requests when it comes to calls. Men seem to enjoy the thought of having to clean up their own mess. For some men they have always wanted to try it but as soon as they get off they lose the desire. Therefore when they call me they want me to push them past that point and force them to finish the act. For other men it is pure humiliation they do not like the taste, feel, or smell of it but they want someone to make them do what they least desire to do. The humiliation for them is a complete and utter turn on.  I also talk to a lot of men that want to fantasize about forced bi they enjoy the thought of a woman making them suck cock. They do not want to go and do it on their own that is far too homosexual for them.  This is often a fun game of how far can I push you which progresses to the state of getting a man to actually go through with it. It rarely happens on the first call unless they have played before. This is usually about a powerful woman taking over and making them do things they least want to do.  Have you ever had a fantasy about being forced to eat your own cum? If so tell me about in the comments below or better yet give me a call.


Chastity is something that I talk about on niteflirt a lot. While most people would think of chastity in the form of a virgin girl with a belt on to protect her virginity this is rarely the case in the modern world. Most of the discussions I have are involving male chastity which is hugely popular. I am a fan of male chastity and if you look into my toy collection you will see a number of these fun devices. The reason I like it and a large number of men like it is because of the role reversal. This is very much about power exchange and having a man being submissive to a woman. The amount of chastity devices available is growing each year they generally come in hard plastic, silicone, and metal. I personally own hard plastic and metal. The metal ones look really scary but most men prefer them over the hard plastic ones. The plastic male chastity devices tend to pinch in ways that are just not fun. A well formed and well fitting metal device is comfortable to wear for extended times from what I have been told.  For a lot of men seeing a chain hanging from a woman’s neck or ankle is a turn on.  It reminds them that they are hers and she will only let them have satisfaction when she desires it. This can be a really good thing for a number of relationships if the woman is attentive.  Teasing a man can spike his interest in the relationship he is in. If a woman puts a little bit of effort into it she can easily wrap him around her finger and he will beg to be let out of that cage. The fun thing about chastity is that you keep someone on the edge for an extended amount of time. They want to be there because they are getting attention, but not getting off. The vast majority of men want a woman that is sweetly in control. They want a woman that makes them feel like they have to work to get her but that she desires them more than anything else. Men want to be desired but not necessarily given everything without working for it. Most women make the mistake of not showing a man she wants him badly. She behaves in a way that conveys indifference and that is never good for any relationship. What about you have you ever thought of chastity and if so in what ways? Tell me in the comments below.

Glass Adult Sex Toys

I recently did a youtube video (please see below) on my collection of glass toys. Glass toys are my favorite of all the toys that I play with. To me they are just works of art. Glass is one of easiest toys to clean and keep sanitary. You can boil it, wash in the dish washer, use any kind of soap on it, and any kind of lube. They are extremely durable now if you drop them on a concrete floor they will shatter. Mine have rolled off of beds, dressers, etc and I have never had one chip or break. Glass comes in the widest range of colors and styles. There are cock rings, pussy toys, anal toys, double ended and in all kinds of different sizes. I have no problems showcasing mine and they always get a lot of talk. I have picked out three of my more favorites to really show case today.  You will see all these in the video as well as others.

This was a gift from one of my oldest online friends and this is just awesome it lights up  and is fascinating to watch. Set it on a shelf  turn the lights down low while you have a nice bottle of wine by the time you are done you will want to play with it. It is not a huge toy about midsize which is perfect for a girl or guy play time.

This is one of the smaller glass toys that I have both in girth and in length. If you play with me you will see use this toy often. I find the ribbing inside the toy fascinating and it is smooth so it slides in and out very easily. This is the perfect size for pussy play or anal play if you are inclined. It is not long enough for two people to use at the same time.


The color of this pink toy is so pretty. It is rippled but they are smooth ripples. I am not much into nubbies but when the toy is cool these feel good on the clit. This is perfect for a girl that is so into pink or maybe a sissy wanting some domination time. It is a size that would be comfortable for the majority of people for anal play too. It is not tiny but not too large either.


Inflatable BBW Sex Dolls, RealDoll, Dutch Wives, Companion

I will be the first to admit that I get told all kinds of stories when I am on the phone with Niteflirt callers. That is part of the reason I really enjoy what I do is all the stories I get told. I had never really thought of the world of blow up dolls. I knew what they were and on occasion I had seen them in a sex store in a catalog I was flipping through.  However, one night I have a regular that I talk to often on the phone and he was just wanting to talk. That is great I do that all the time not everything in the life of phone sex is about getting off. He was telling me about his “doll” collection. He started telling me all about the different kinds he had and what he liked about them.  We were also discussing how much he had invested into his collection. I was shocked I like toys and I have a few but his was just a crazy amount. As we are going through all this he tells me how one of the hardest to find is a BBW (big beautiful woman) doll. I was like really there is a market for that. He then tells me not only is there a market but also a huge following of people that seek those out exclusively. Now I have had friends over the years that wanted BBW. I had one friend that would never date a woman unless she weighed over 300 lbs. I understand that part of the fetish, I had just never thought of it as being a niche for sex dolls. I guess to be honest I had never really given love dolls, companion dolls, or dutch wive as they are commonly referred to.

There are many different styles of dolls but there is also a big difference in construction of them. The kind that most of us are familiar with which are often given as gag gifts or as throw away toys are made out of vinyl they are of lower quality and do not last very long. They are made to be used a few times and then discarded.

Fatty Patty Doll


This is an example of a lower end doll there are very few details and the doll is overall plain.

The next step up is are made of pvc, latex or some other higher grade of composition.  They can range from $100 to $1000 in price and are expected to last a lot longer then the vinyl dolls.


There are a lot more details to these dolls including eyelashes, hair, and working joints.

The most expensive are made from silicone and can range over $1200 or more in price. They have lifelike skin that warms and cools to the touch. They are fully jointed and are often used by photographers and artists.


The difference in quality is very noticeable there is also a difference in weight of the doll itself. These dolls are no where near as socially acceptable as they are in other countries. Such as in Japan where they will rent out a doll (kinda a yuck factor there). They also have large facilities that rent rooms and dolls. Like always I find human sexuality very fascinating. Tell me all your thoughts on this good and bad!