CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male)

The clothed female naked male is a fantasy of mine that I have never got to have any fun with yet. For those not familiar with it this fantasy involved a man generally tied to a chair but not always bound he is naked and his cock is erect. There is a group of women around him most the time dressed in sexy business attire. They are there to torment him and tease him sometimes they stroke his cock and sometimes they make him do it himself. The whole point is that the man has no control over the situation and the women are free to do whatever they want. I have always wanted to get 6-10 women together with some guy tightly bound to a chair and tease him until he is unable to hold his cum any longer. Then all us girls get it on our fingers and make him suck it off. I honestly think this would be lot of fun. I like the thought of his balls resting on the chair and all us girls being able to stroke them, rub them, and maybe even tease them a little with our high heels. The surprised look of fear and want in that man’s face when he is not sure exactly what we plan for him.  The full exposure is part of the fun he is naked and completely vulnerable and we are in complete power we can bust his balls or stroke him nicely. He can yell, he can beg, but he can not do anything. I think for most men that I talk to about this fantasy they are generally the ones in complete power and the women work for them. Then one night the girls just decide to take over and the man is left to be at their complete mercy. The women of course are like a gang and enjoy taunting him about the size of his cock, his performance, his balls, or basically anything else they can to humiliate him and turn him on at the same time. The sound of laughter is a very strong instrument used to control and dominate a man when surrounded by women. Unable to move despite his continued attempts of escape in the end he can only take what the women choose to give him. Every time he tries to gain the upper hand he slips further and further into their control.

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