CFNM Clothed Female Naked Male

Clothed female naked male (CFNM) is one of the growing fetishes of the last two years. I think it has always been around it is just getting more exposure so guys are talking about it more. This is a form of humiliation where men are the only one naked in a group of women. There are some parties all over the country where a group of girls will invite a man or men over generally these men are older and the women are younger. They will set up rooms or certain things such as masturbation tease, face sitting, torment chambers etc. This is not generally a bdsm session it is more about the playful tease. The goal is not to make a man feel horrid about himself (though some men enjoy that state of mind too) it is about the escalation of the sensations with a man having little to no control. The men that enjoy this are generally those that have a lot of control in their lives and enjoy the company of a strong dominant woman. A lot of these fantasies involve an office setting where the traditional roles are completely reversed.  A meeting goes wrong and the underlying male is placed in a room with women that are upset with him and want him to pay for his indiscretions. This can be a very fun tease session even if it never leaves the fantasy world. The majority of guys that I talk to enjoy the transformation of mind and the stripping of all control. There are some men that enjoy a darker side of this and it is a perfect fantasy for that as well. The group of women that behave in a pack mentality that take full advantage of man. The fear/excitement of not being able to do anything but take what a group of women choose to give them. If this is something you have thought about in the past or maybe just a thought I planted in your head. Give me a call and let us explore this journey of tease, taunting, sexual exploration and humiliation.

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