Charity Daniels

Charity is a good friend of us Tailstwichn Girls so I asked her to do a short little intro so you could get to know her too. Make sure you follow her blog and don’t forget to follow ours as well.



My name is Charity Daniels and I do phone sex on Niteflirt. I don’t do just any type of phone sex though. Mine is a bit more…specialized. I cater to a certain type of gentleman. Not your average, everyday man, but someone with a taste for the exotic. I specialize in financial domination.
Just those two words themselves are enough to incite certain men to anger “You have no right to demand money from those poor guys” and to excite other men in ways that can be difficult to describe. Men are funny and contrary creatures anyway. Given the nicest toys, they tend to ignore or abuse them. But keep something just out of reach, (like a baby trying to get an ice cream cone) and they obsess over it constantly.

I just happen to be that “thing” they obsess over. They want to spoil me, indulge me, and treat me as the Goddess that I am. The fact that I totally deserve it, and that they get a high like no other when doing so, is just the icing on the delectable cake that is me! My financial domination slaves know the euphoric feeling that they get whenever I command them to click my buttons and to pay tribute to their princess. It is a drug like no other, and they can’t get enough!
Sadly, not every man is into financial domination, (the world would be a better place if they were, though!) And for those gentlemen, I have a special “confession” line. This is a place where you can cum, *giggle* and tell me all your secrets and desires. You won’t shock me, and I don’t judge. (although I often laugh, especially at the small penis guys!)

I especially enjoy sissy sluts, sph, joi, cei, and forced bi-sexuality. I guess there is kind of a pattern here, isn’t there? I like to be in charge, and I like to be on top. Of course I prefer to have control of your wallet, (*natch*) but it’s not a deal breaker. I’ll have almost as much fun controlling your orgasms (or lack thereof!) and your social life. Wanna ask a cute girl out? I’ll give you advice (good or bad, depending on my mood that day) and sit back to watch the fun.
Call me, and find out what all the fuss is about!

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