Chastity for me is generally of the male kind. I have a growing collection of cock cages from plastic to my favorite kind of metal. I know the metal ones look like something out of a medieval torture chamber but I am told they are far more comfortable for long term wear then the plastic ones. For some men there is this huge draw to have a woman fully control their orgasms and even if they are allowed to touch their penises at all.  Some men have a hard time understanding why a man would give a woman this type of control. Especially when it comes to metal cages that require more than a pair of wire cutters to remove. This type of relationship requires a level of trust that a lot of relationships never achieve. That is part of what I enjoy of chastity. There is something very intimate about having your key around my neck so that when I bend over to whisper in your ear it brushes against your skin. My special lock looks like a regular pendant that a large number of women wear. Most people would never suspect that I actually hold your cock in between my fingers while I play with my key. You know it though and it is a huge turn on to have me there there flirting with you. We both have a secret that no one knows about. The harder you get the more you feel the control I have over you. I know you crave to take me outside and pin me against the wall with your throbbing cock. However, that will not happen because I control every part of your manly anatomy. If you put yourself in this scenario you can begin to understand why a man might start to have a fantasy of sensual control. Cock cages are often used in cuckolding fantasies and scenes. It adds to the whole feeling of giving up control to another man and being less of a man. For some men that have issues with ongoing masturbation a cock cage can be used to help break the habit side of this. Having to ask permission from a woman that enjoys the control can be healthy. As in all situations someone that is out to be vicious or mean is never acceptable. Like with all bdsm role plays mutual respect is mandatory.

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