Let me start off by stating my philosophy of cheating: cheating is lying and lying will always destroy every relationship.

Those of you that know me a little know that I am married and have been for over twenty years. My husband and I have always had some type of poly relationship or cuckolding play time. So yes we do have sexual relationships outside of our marriage. This does not cause issues in our core relationship. So yes it is possible to have multiple relationships and keep those relationships healthy. The issue with cheating is stepping outside of the agreed upon boundaries.  A lot of people cheat because they feel their relationship is boring or their significant person is not responding to their needs. This is not a thing of men cheat more than women. That is not true. I have researched it and just from personal experience women cheat as much if not more then men.

The issue I have with people that cheat is they are lying to everyone around them. Once they start down the lying road it gets really bad really fast. Once everything comes out it is almost impossible to get trust back after a person is justified with not trusting someone. This is not an issue of having another sexual partner. The sex is not the problem it is the lying and all the conniving that must take place for someone to cheat. I really believe that people may not know what they are being deceived about but they do know they are in the middle of a deception.

The flip side of this is the huge rush that people get from “getting away” with something. For habitual cheaters I personally believe that the rush becomes almost a fetish. They are not intentionally trying to harm someone they are just want the rush that comes with it. Like any other situation that causes a rush for people that are susceptible to addictions this can become an addition.

There of course are issues of health I don’t know if cheaters really think about this or even think about the other person they are involved with at all. With my poly lifestyle I take risks being fully aware of those risks and I have a say in what I am willing to do. When it comes a cheating situation the other person does not even know what is going on. So they can get an std without ever knowing they should have been careful. Pregnancy is another real problem with cheating between the sexes.

So, for people that would like the rush of cheating without all the down falls that can come with it. There are games you can play with your significant other to liven things up and stay within the confines of your particular boundaries.  Or give me or Chilly Hicks a call and we can have some fun that stays completely in your own mind.

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