Chicago Trip

I took my first vacation in a very long time and had a great time. I am a huge history buff so I was able to see a lot of really cool places. I picked out a few pictures of the many we took on our trip. We started out driving through St. Louis with the great Arch. Then on to Springfield were we went to President Lincoln’s home and to his families crypt.


The house was really lovely well except for the carpet which was just gaudy to me. To hear about the real relationship of Mary and Abraham was very much worth the trip.



The crypt was just gorgeous the marble work was beyond stunning. To see history really does bring it all to life. The statues of the soldiers were cast from left over cannons of the Civil War.

From there we traveled into Chicago we got them at night and the skyline was just stunning.



Getting up the next morning we went to the Natural History Museum. I have wanted to go here since I was a child and it was just as awesome as I thought it would be. It is a HUGE place with so much to see.

10014637_1498152846991765_4599049617779857730_nOne of the highlights was seeing the Lions Of Tsavo I had read the book and knew the story.

1901437_1498157806991269_4442460384545650867_nWe did a lot of driving and went to a number of Gangster sites which was awesome just seeing all the places where the events that changed our history took place. We also went to eat at Klaus Restaurant if you get the chance to go there you need to. The food was wonderful and the interior is so interesting will all the real antiques.



While we were in Chicago we heard an advertisement for Medieval Times and just had to go do that. It was a great decision wonderful show and the food though simple was really good. They also had great coffee and for me that is a huge point. We had a blast though our “knight” lost.



One of the last things we did was the Willis/Sears tower it is a little expensive but well worth it just to say you have been there. Yes I did walk out into the glass box I had to tell my feet to move but I quickly overcame my brain saying this is not such a good idea. This is a picture taken before we got to the box but at the top of the tower.



It was a great trip and we enjoyed our time up there.



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