Chilly Hicks 1966 Mustang

Chilly has wanted one of these her whole life and we were finally able to find her one. This is a true one owner car that has set in a field for almost as long as Chilly has been alive. It will need a complete redo which is what is being started this week. It was originally a Silver Frost color in this year that was a rare color. It has all its original badges including the ponies.  All the glass is still there and the windows even roll up and down. It does not have a lot of cancer most of what is seen here is surface rust. The tires even still hold air even though they were flat when we picked it up. Picking up this car was miserable it was 104 degrees that day with 55% humidity so the heat index was awful. 1506675_1698210913652623_7561558299387185152_n (1)








The car had an original black vinyl top which is why the roof is so rusted. It does not appear to have penetrated the metal so it should be fine. The body is good and straight.
















The rear has all the original glass and the back up lights.  The trunk lock was found in car it will just need to be re keyed and reinstalled.  The interior will have to be completely redone due to vermin living in the car for so many years.

















49 Year Old Interior

This is the old carpet after the seat came out. I think the rats had generations of babies in here. There was probably legends told about the families first residency.





These seats are in need of more than a little bit of cleaning. Some day she will be beautiful though.














The car is almost completely disassembled now and here is what we know so far.

New Engine $3500

Braking system $1000

New Transmission and ect. $2000

Floor pan $400

You guys were so awesome and bought her the new floor pans for her they are in and looking awesome.  I can’t wait to get more parts and watch her come back to life. 










Lower Quarter panels $80

Front Fenders $600

Back piece between trunk and windshield $80

Hood $500

There will be more at as the process continues. Chilly is paying for all the parts on this vehicle but the labor is being done for free. She would greatly appreciate any help you would want to give.

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