Chilly Hicks New Tattoo

Chilly has been wanting a new back piece for all long time since like 2008 ish. She  did not want a traditional “tramp stamp” but something unique to her.  For those that do not know Chilly is a nickname she has had for a long time. She likes it spelled with a “y” instead of an “i” so that is how it is spelled. She wanted something with lots of color and unlike anything she had seen. After about a year of planning, talking, looking and working out issues there was a plan formed.


If you follow us on twitter you know that she was suppose to get her tattoo before I got mine. The first shop she went to wanted to completely change her design. They did not want to lay it out in the way she wanted. They took a design that was layered and wanted to do it all meshed up together. She decided not to go with them. I am glad she waited too because we found a much more competent tattoo artist. I would not call the other guys artists at all!

He spent over an hour just drawing it out and getting all the pieces to line up correctly. Then he started on the outline.


Lots and lots of outline. He put a lot of details into the piece by free hand!



The first side after it was done only about two more hours of work before he had it completed.

10603353_1649337658539949_1138420412926028555_n (1)The finished piece which is just stunning. I am told that butterflies are some of the hardest to do yet he did a wonderful job. The bees even look fuzzy anyone who knows honey bees knows they are fuzzy not hard like a wasp.  She wanted stars but she wanted the to add a pop of color throughout the tattoo.  He even did the pepper flowers in different stages of growth instead of them all open at once. All the leaves have shading, veins and depth to them. Needless to say she is beyond happy that she decided to wait for a much better artist. There is a big difference between a tattoo person and a tattoo artist.


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