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Put Pantyhose On
Price: $6.99
Size: 66 MB
Length: 7 minutes
Chilly Hicks knows how much you enjoy an old fashion satin full length slip. She has hers on it is a pretty creamy white color and reaches down below her knees. Getting out a pair of full sheer 100% nylon suntan pantyhose she is going to show you how to put them them on correctly. She has worn these before so she has to smooth them out before she can put them on. Scrunching up the leg till she is holding just enough to put over her pretty small feet. She pulls those pantyhose up to her calf. Reaching down and working the fabric up till it lays flat against her leg. Now she has to put on the other leg doing the same thing as before she works the fabric up till all that she has in her hand is enough to slide over her other foot. Slowly and gently arranging that material so that it lays flat against her toes. Standing up to pull those hose all the way up to her waist then working the fabric up her leg till it lays flat all the way down to her feet. She pulls that nylon away from her leg working it up snug on both legs before she is done. Showing off those hose with her black panties underneath them. Chilly stands in front of you with her slip gliding against that fabric. She likes to taunt you in that undergarment. Getting out her pretty floral full length dress she pulls it over her head and slides it down her body. Tying the straps in back before sitting down to pull on her plain black five in pumps. She is getting ready for a fun day out on the town and has to dress properly. This is all about the fabric and the look.


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