Chilly’s Pantyhose Destruction Clips4Sale

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Chillys Pantyhose Destruction
Price: $6.99
Size: 32 MB
Length: 6 minutes
Chilly Hicks is wearing her denim mini skirt and a cute tight little t shirt but underneath that denim skirt she is wearing a pair of suntan nylon full pantyhose. She has been out all day doing fun things with her girlfriends. Coming home she discovers that her hose have a tiny itty bitty hols in them. Bored she starts to pick at it just a bit at first and making it a little larger. Then try as she can she can not leave it alone. Soon it becomes a rip only up the one leg. She likes the sound of the nylon as it rips apart. Taking off her shirt and exposing those beautiful breasts of hers she touches them. Soft and creamy against her fingers. She then decides to take off that skirt. Down to only her pantyhose with no panties underneath. Chilly starts to rip those hose even more. Now she has to start on the other leg it feels awkard to have holes in only one side. Pulling hard on both sides the nylon gives way under her abuse. Chilly is bound and determined to completely destroy the hose till they are nothing left but shreds. Watch as her white creamy skin is exposed over and over. Those pantyhose soon become nothing but small shreds of suntan stripes against her skin. It all starts out as a tiny itty bitty hole in her suntan pure nylon pantyhose and she just couldn’t leave it alone. Destruction can be so much fun.


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