Corporal Punishment (Whip, Cane, Paddle)

This is the second version of this article because the first one disappeared into cyber world.

Corporal Punishment is one of my favorite things to inflict on someone. There are a number of implements that I prefer from whips, canes, to paddles. I tend to gravitate towards more of a domestic discipline then a traditonal role play. For me and those that I play with the sense of a real wrong doing is very motivational. I will discuss domestic discipline in more depth in the future. There are a number of implements that can be used and each person has their favorite one. The three I listed above are categororically my favorite.

Whips can range from an old fashion belt or leather strap which is commonly used in domestic settings. There is also such things as a wide array of riding crops. I own a few riding crops and enjoy the short one for putting perfect one inch welts on a bottom. The most beautiful and the most dangerous is the bull whip. I have never personally used one but they are art in someone’s hands that knows how. Bull whips take a long time to master and if used incorrectly can inflict permanent damage with minimal effort. If this is something you want to try I strongly recommend getting with a professional and then practicing a ton before introducing real human flesh.

Canes are most commonly associated with English School role plays. In the South though we have our own version of canes and that is the switch. A switch is beautiful in that it will leave one long welt across both cheeks and hips. These welts can be layered on top of each other to produce a beautiful cascade of welts. A modern day version of the cane is the plastic rod off of a mini blind these work very well. This rod can also be left out for a constant reminder to be a good boy or girl.

Paddles are something most people remember from their child hood. There was many a paddle left on display in kitchens everywhere. For a lot of people the wooden hair brush was a paddle that was easily within reach. I enjoy a wooden hair brush for some intimate over the knee spanking. Many a naughty boy or girl was paddled with a wooden spoon for saying or doing something they should not be doing. The nice thing about wooden spoons is they can sting very nicely but are less likely to leave marks.

Tell me in the comments below your most memorable spanking.

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