This is not a technical article about cuckolding I am sure we will go over lots of aspects of it in due time. This is about my personal experience with it. My husband and I have always had girls in our relationship pretty much from the very beginning. We started dating at the end of January and by June of that first year we had the first of a long list of girls.  When we got to our mid 20’s we started fantasizing about other men. We did that for awhile till we decided to give it a try. While there have been far more women in our lives than men it has been a ton of fun. Like most things sexually we progressed to at different levels over the course of time. Cuckolding for us is like the vast majority of things we do. It is a spice it is a thing to add to our fantasy time. If you watch our movies then you know that we really enjoy what we do. It is not just for entertainment. For us having the ability to enjoy other people openly without lies and deceit is important to our relationship. I think most people in cuckolding relationships feel that way. There are a lot of men out there that enjoy the thought of their significant other with someone else. They are often to scared to express that to their spouse for fear of rejection.  I believe that people should be able to talk about things with each other it doesn’t mean you have to go through with a fantasy and there are ways to make parts of a fantasy happen. People that are afraid of their life partner turning them away in my humble opinion have already been turned away. There is a thrill with being with a person for the first time we all feel that. Often that is all we want from them they are not partner material but the excitement is enjoyable. For couples that practice cuckolding one incident can bring a lot of future fantasy.

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