Cum Eating Instructions

Cum eating instructions is one of the top things that I hear about on a phone sex call. There are a lot of guys who think about and wonder what their cum tastes like. They generally want to be made by a woman to clean up after themselves. The conversation for a person who has never done this is generally the same. He will say something along the lines of he has thought about it alot and when he is worked up he really wants to go through with it. However, as soon as he gets off and has his sperm all over his fingers he just can not follow through with the act. He wants someone to make him do it at that very moment between when he ejaculates and when those hormones are subsiding. This is really hard to do when you are on the phone with someone but very easy to do when you are in the room with them. Sometimes it is about cuckolding but most the time it is just a curiosity or a power exchange that the men are craving. I have often heard that when a man tried to go down on a woman after he has orgasmed inside her she will refuse to let him. I truly wish these women knew the power of having a man go down on them and clean them after such an intense orgasm. A woman can create a relationship with a man that puts her in a control situation that he craves and desires more than anything. This type of relationship is not the same as telling someone to do something and they begrudgingly do it. For some men it is about true power exchange they do not want to taste their sperm and in a lot of cases truly dislike the way it tastes. What these men are craving is the feeling of being made to do something they do not want to do, yet the complete the act because they want to make the woman happy. They would never consume their own ejaculation by themselves they have no desire to do that. There is a small group of men though that do crave the taste of cum in their mouths they will consume it because they like the thought of it on their tongue. The majority of these men are to some degree bisexual in a lot of cases what they truly want is another man’s cum but are too afraid to go after it or they want to be made to do so by a woman.
What about you have you ever thought about consuming another man’s cum? If so what was your desire stemming from, tell me in the comments below.

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