Cum Eating Instructions

Cum eating instructions is one of my more popular requests when it comes to calls. Men seem to enjoy the thought of having to clean up their own mess. For some men they have always wanted to try it but as soon as they get off they lose the desire. Therefore when they call me they want me to push them past that point and force them to finish the act. For other men it is pure humiliation they do not like the taste, feel, or smell of it but they want someone to make them do what they least desire to do. The humiliation for them is a complete and utter turn on.  I also talk to a lot of men that want to fantasize about forced bi they enjoy the thought of a woman making them suck cock. They do not want to go and do it on their own that is far too homosexual for them.  This is often a fun game of how far can I push you which progresses to the state of getting a man to actually go through with it. It rarely happens on the first call unless they have played before. This is usually about a powerful woman taking over and making them do things they least want to do.  Have you ever had a fantasy about being forced to eat your own cum? If so tell me about in the comments below or better yet give me a call.

2 thoughts on “Cum Eating Instructions”

  1. I’m exactly that way in CEI. Get to the end and intended to eat my own cum and spread all over my face only to chicken out. Never personally had a fantasy for forced bi (other than sucking a dildo), but have fantasized about a woman nailing my ass with a strap on.

    1. Every persons sexuality is a little different that is what makes life so much fun. It is always easier to have a woman rub cum all over your face than doing it yourself. I have always enjoyed a strapon and have owned a number of them through the years. My favorite way to use them is with you on your back and your legs in the air so you have to watch everything.

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