Do High Heels Appear More Attractive To Men?

The question of  what men find more attractive was answered in a way we all expected with a recent study. They chose a number of men randomly and dressed women in a number of ways to test different reactions. It was not suprising to me to learn that the higher a woman’s heel the more attention she received from men. A sensible shoe got little to no attention. A mid range heel around 2″ caused men to give a little attention. However, when a woman put on a pair of heels with a 3.5″ heel or higher men where far more recepttive to help her in a number of ways.

The men when asked sited such things as it seemed she was more attractive, more into dating, and more approachable. This is all very interesteting because femine movements often publish articles informing women to not wear medieval torchure devices. Yet all the women I know including myself have a strong pull towards high heels.

As a woman that really likes shoes I can attest to the fact that I do feel more powerful, sexy, and feminanine when I am in a pair of high heels whehter that heel is one a pair of stilletos or on a pair of leather boots. There is a lot of truth to a number of things stated in the article but in some ways I wonder if it is just becuase at least in the Midwest and South where I frequent women rarely wear high heels so it just different. There is also a feminine side to this that men really enjoy being part of as they rarely are in todays yoga and blue jeans fashion.

It was interesting the height they considered high heels in the article which was just 3.5 inches.  There are a number of women out there that would consider that a mid range heel and would be more abt to where that on a daily basis instead of perhaps a 5 inch heel.

If high heels are your thing tell us about it in the comments. Do you agree with the article are men more attracted to a woman in heels? If you think they are then what is your input into why that is the case.  Is it just because when a woman is wearing heels she tends to be wearing other things like dresses, makeup, hair done up and hose? Is it a case of the full package or is it heels specifically?

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