Electric Play

I was first introduced into electric play years ago with a guy who had a great dungeon in his office. He was an engineer so he could change everything out very quickly.  The unit he had was very old school and he had owned it for a number of years.  For most people electric play is not about pain but about sensation. The vast majority of people use a unit like this one.

These run a little over $100 and are fairly easy to use.


I know a lot of couples that prefer the handheld units

These are about half the price and have tons of  attachments you can add to them for both female and male anatomy.


The important thing to remember is keep it below the heart I know there are people that play above the heart or at the nipples. For someone starting out the best play is the safest play. You also want to make sure that you start out slow and increase at intervals. Push the limit till you find your partners threshold and then back it back down. Only use that upper limit for VERY short amounts of time. If they are into pain then that is different but the majority of people are not. With anything new you want to set aside an evening of exploration. If your partner is bound then you need to use it on your self first.

One of my favorite electric toys is


These are beautiful works of art but they are delicate as all the conductor components are made of glass.

You can use these toys in a lot of ways. You do not have to actually touch someone with a lot of the ends. You can have it arc to their skin much like a Tesla Coil. This makes for a stunning display with the lights out. In a lot of cases you can run the electricity through someone else and have it end at your partner. Similar to the old children’s game a lot of us played when we were younger. For a woman playing with a man the teasing takes on a whole new level. Even if she keeps it low but varies it within those boundaries the anticipation is a lot of fun. This is not a play session for everyone but if the simple rules are followed and everyone is healthy it can add a spectacular level of suspense to an evening.


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