Electric Play

Electric play is one of those things that people tend to automatically think of the worse case scenario. There is a broad spectrum to electric play which can be enjoyed a numerous levels. Like most play you need to be with someone who is trust able and will not push you well beyond your limits. A little tweaking above your current limit in anything can be fun. Most people start out with something like the tens machine. This is that little machine you often get after you have had a surgery to help your nerves in the healing process. It can be used to stimulate the skin in a minor way almost like an electric caress or it can be used to really get your attention. The tens machine is generally safe for most people. It is not going to cause any permanent damage and it has built in safety features because it is primarily designed to be a medical device. There are also a large number of glass wands sold for electric play which in a darkened room can be a beautiful as they are jolting. Anything glass is subject to break so care must be taken when playing with these. In the last couple of years a new trend has emerged with vibrators that also give jolts of electricity. While electricity can be dangerous with most these devices it is very safe and adds a layer of uncertainty to a play period. For the novice just starting out all play should stay below the heart of the person who is receiving the stimulation. Someone who has experience and is very well versed in the safety measures can play in other parts of the body. There is a lot of surface below the heart so finding an interesting place to apply electricity should be easy and fun. There are certain things to remember with electricity it is not the volts that cause the damage it is the amps. Volts is the force of the electricity while amps is the amount. The higher the amps the more dangerous it is to the systems of the body. Most reputable devices sold for electric play are well below the spectrum of harm.
When it comes to phone sex and internet play most of the time guys are wanting to have some fun with their testicles or shaft. I have done a number of electric play sessions over the years generally with a tens machine. It is easy for me to have them set the intensity and duration while we talk and it can be changed in an instant to accommodate where we want the play session to progress too. If this is something you are interested in pick up a tens machine and give it a try. Even if you are not into pain the lower thresholds can produce unique sensations that you have never experienced before. Have you ever played with electricity, if so did you enjoy it or was it too intense for your liking? Tell me in the comments below.

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