Electro Play

Electro play is the act of using electricity to stimulate someone sexually. While this may seem like a new thing it is far from that. One of the first things made was a dildo that was electrofied. At the time it was used by doctors to help with “women issues”. In other words women that were stressed out and needed to have a hard orgasm to feel better. There are a number of different toys used in electro play from the simple tens machine that most people start with to the beautiful but delicate glass.  Electro play is not about pain for most people it is about the buildup of intensity. The wonderful thing about electricity is it can be a tingle or a zap depending on the intensity chosen.  Anyone who has an injury knows that tens machines can be used to stimulate muscles without causing any pain. However, if one chooses they can turn that up to a point that someone is screaming in agony. Placement of the device also makes a big determination on the type of play that is happening. If you place it on a calf muscle the effect is not the same as if you place it on the underside of a penis. Most people think that a man’s testicles are the sensitive part but that is only if they are struck. When it comes to all kinds of other play they can take a lot more stimulation then that ball of nerves under the head. For women electricity can be used to cause ‘goose bumps’ or heighten the sensitivity of the skin. While pain may not be the result trying to be achieved it can be used in short bursts to help build the intensity of the play session. electro1

For some people the one thing they crave is pain it is a release mechanism for them. A de-stressor that allows some people to overcome hardships they endure daily. It is not the pain they crave but the natural endorphins the body creates in response to the pain. That dump of dopamine that for some becomes a natural high. This is the part of pain sensation that is hard for most people to grasp. This type of play should be built up to over many sessions. It is never something that should be done during a first play time.

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Electro play can mild to extremely intense with the ease of turning up a dial.

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