Encasement In Pantyhose And Nylons


There is a number of people who are very much into the feel of nylons. It is not about just the wearing of them they are into the smell, feel, and tightness of the fabric.  This is a fetish that is found in both men and women.  It can be a part of bondage but it does not necessarily have to be. The fabric itself is the pull of this fetish. To  feel that nylon all over every inch of their skin is a turn on for many people. For some though it has an almost calming effect for them.  This is something that happens with people who enjoy tight spaces. That feeling of not being able to mover or escape helps them to center their thinking and to control their emotions.  Nylon encasement can be across many acpects of fetish there is not a one size fits all. Some are all about the silky fabric nylons are very smooth if you touch them one way if they are true nylons then if you rub the the other way they can be very rough. The nylon industry has added such things as spandex and Lycra to make their product last longer and to feel silkier. For some people they really enjoy the way the blended fabrics others will wear nothing but 100% nylon. For someone that is into total encasement they generally create their own nylon outfits they want to have them super tight and to cover every inch of their skin. It feels so wonderful to them to have no skin showing and every time they move the only thing they feel is nylon on nylon.

When I first was introduced to this fetish many years ago I thought it was all men. Now as the years have progressed I have found that there are lot more women into it but they are not as expressive about the fetish as the men can be. This is a complete tactile it is all about the touch with the minor components coming into it but not leading the fetish. This is generally a fetish that is indulged into alone but it can be implemented into a play session between a dominant and a submissive. It can also be used as a punishment for the complete opposite side of this for those that extremely dislike the feel of nylon. I have played with nylon encasement through the years. There are a number of callers that enjoy having someone to just talk to about their favorite brand or how it fits. They enjoy having someone see them in their outfits without being judged.


Tell me about your experience withe encasement in the comments below.

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