Encasement is part of the pantyhose fetish. People that are into encasement enjoy the feeling of being completed covered by the nylon of pantyhose.  There is just something about the feel of the silky tight pantyhose all over that a lot of people greatly enjoy. This is not a gender specific fetish. There are is a large number of females that enjoy the feel of pantyhose. There are some people that are very specific on the type of fabric used in pantyhose. Silk is probably the most expensive and the most luxurious of all the material used. The Lycra ones are very slick feeling. The spandex ones are tighter on the skin and stretch a great ways.  The plain nylons ones are smooth to the touch in one direction and rough if touched the other way.  There are a lot of people out there that 100% nylon is the only thing that works for them. This is generally connected to events in their lives that created the fetish to begin with. While not everyone is completely into total encasement there are a number of men that enjoy the feel of nylons wrapped around their penis and given a hand job till they explode inside the hosiery.  Are you into encasement? When was the first time you wore pantyhose all over your body? Tell me all about your version of this fetish in the comments below.

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