Extreme Fantasy

One of the wonderful things about phone sex is the full spectrum of imagination that a person can have. We are able to step into worlds that are not achievable through real life scenarios. A lot of the fantasies that I discuss are not physically attainable.  That is part of the whole fun of the phone sex world.  People who have never played in  the phone sex world have issues with relating to the span of things that two people can achieve through telling each other a story or role playing. A person’s mind is very powerful it can achieve things that seem impossible at the beginning. It has been said that seventy five percent of sexuality is in the mind. For a lot of people they only rely on their physical response that would mean they are missing out on over half of the stimulation they can achieve. This is easy to understand if we step back into the first sexual encounters we had. The butterflies and the speciality of the first time of doing things from kissing to touching came from our mind being put into a state it had not been put in. If a person can step out of the mundane and into the unknown even if that is “just” in the mind it can be a charged sexual experience for all parties. I have been asked numerous times if I get turned on when I talk on the phone. Of course I do, however those times always happen when the person on the other side of the conversation is into the moment. I rarely get turned on when I tell a story though there have been a few times when I was able to tell a story that even I could not resist.

The role are as endless as the imagination and never ending with two people that are into. From vore which is a person being swallowed alive by a giant and then knowing everything that is happening to them.  Perhaps some  alien abduction and being used by a female or group of female aliens.  Maybe you are just a cuckold boy looking for the perfect cuckolding home? Have you thought of being put into a situation of forced bi sexuality we can do that in the safety of our role play. We can take it as extreme as you desire as long as it is something that turns us both on.

I am asked what is the biggest hinderance to a good phone sex relationship and the answer is the same as any other relationship communication.  Knowing what each person will make or break a session quicker than anything.  Be prepared to spend a few minutes explaining what you are into or maybe more important what you are not into. Tell the person you are talking to where you envision the role play going. I have had people who are great communicators be able to tell me a world of information in less than two  minutes so this is not something that will take a long amount of time.

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