Face Sitting

I am a huge fan of face sitting. It puts me in the perfect position to tease a man’s nipples, cock, and testicles.  I greatly enjoy the feel of a man’s tongue in my pussy and ass. I have found that most men like a woman to sit on their face it is intimate and passionate for them. A lot of women do not understand the power they have over a man.  Women in the United States are brought up to think their bodies stink or  their bodies are ugly. Men are absolutely attracted to the way a woman smells that is a biological thing it is part of mating and all animals are attracted to their potential mates.  What makes women stink or smell off is when they start using all different kinds of products to hide their natural good smells with something artificial. These fake smells can just mess up the chemistry between two people or they can such things as mess up a woman’s ph values and cause health related issues.  All a woman ever needs is soap and water nothing more. Men are also very attracted to the way a woman vagina looks. Most men do not care if it is shaved or hairy they generally like it kept meaning hair not running down the sides of the inner thighs but beyond that they just want to be close.  It is true that every woman tastes different and men adore the way their woman tastes.  Again do not go messing with biology here just a general regime of hygiene is all that is required.  A woman may think she smells bad or tastes bad but at that time is when her partner is most attracted to her.

There is a huge power of sitting down on a man’s face and capturing his head between my thighs. I like that moment when his tongue makes first contact with my clit. Rubbing my pussy all over his face and knowing that I am scenting him with me is animalistic in nature.  It is kind of a primitive way of marking my territory.  The funny thing is a person that smells like sex is far more attractive to other people than one who does not. It has to do with sexual pheromones.  I want my partner to know that I am in control and they will only get pleasure if they take care of my wants and desires first.

What about you are you a guy into face sitting or a girl that enjoys the power? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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