Face Sitting

Have you ever wanted something so badly that your mouth watered? Wanted to be completely engulfed in a smell that it takes over all your thoughts? That is what face sitting is to a lot of men and yes even women. There is something intoxicating about the smell of a woman’s vagina and even her ass.  Most women have this false thinking that if they do not smell like a product off the shelves then they “stink”. This is so wrong for sexual attraction those natural smells are wonderful. Every woman smells and even tastes different this is a good thing. Pheromones are produced by every creature out there to attract a mate. It has been proven that certain people are attracted to certain types of pheromones. It is like a lock and key fit. Women are taught at least here in the United States to be concerned about their physical appearance so a lot of women will not sit on a man’s face because they feel they are too big. For a man to be trapped under a woman that he is attracted to it is a huge turn on.  He enjoys the feel of her thigh on each side of his head. He becomes extremely excited the the anticipation of her as she lowers her self down on to his face. A little bit of taunting is a great way to make that feeling last a wee bit longer. Then that first moment when his tongue meets up with her musky goodness. With his nose buried in the crack of her ass he can smell her. I have been told by many a man that a woman’s ass hole smells wonderful. Women often fail to understand the power they have over men with the scent of their bodies. Men do not want a woman covered in perfumes it is way too over powering for their biological responses. They crave what is naturally produced by a woman. That is what their brains are programmed to be attracted to. In the modern world we try to mask all those smells with heavy scents that are completely unnatural. Most men are not attracted to  someone who has not bathed so hygiene is important but we over due it as women. We shower multiple times a day we pour on product after product that covers up who we are. Our mates are drawn to us and our smells help to reinforce those emotions.  Sitting on a man’s face (or a woman’s) is sexy it is powerful and it is controlling in a way that helps a relationship with any sexual partner.

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