Some of our most popular movies involve facials. There is just something about guys that makes them really like blowing a big thick load all over a girls face. Now I do not have anything against facials, as long as it does not go up my nose that is my huge no no followed by actually getting it into my eye.  I do not quite understand what a guy sees in this that is such a huge turn on though.  Part of me thinks it goes back to a domination thing however I know a lot of submissive men that are into this too. So that does not quite explain it.  Something you have to realize is that during sex I laugh a lot not in a mean way but just because I think it is fun. Facials fall into the fun dirty naughty thing that make me laugh.  I don’t know why but I always laugh about it. Yes it does take a strong confident man to have sex with me. Either that or a guy that really doesn’t mind a woman laughing while he is blowing his load.

If facials are your thing I would really enjoy hearing what it is about them that turns you on so much. Whether is the girl down on her knees looking up at you. All that creamy mess spraying all over her face. The feel of dominance you get while you stand over her or something completely different that I have not thought of.  Comment below and lets have some fun with this.

One thought on “Facials”

  1. To me I just love being on my knees sucking a cock and if the man wants to blow his load all over my face I would love it. It makes me happy to wear his juices and feel so submissive to him.

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