Favorite Movies

I am often asked what my favorite movie is and while I really can not answer that question I can make some confessions. I like cartoons I am talking about things such as The Croods, Ice Age, Over The Hedge, Jungle Book, Rio, well you get the picture. I do not know why I but I really do like these types of movies. I also really like end of the world catastrophe movies yep like 2011, Volcano, Day After Tomorrow, Signs, and Twister just to name a few. I am really weird about it too when I am feeling horrid for whatever reason I watch disaster movies I have long stopped trying to explain it. When it comes to romance well I am a gothic girl all the way Blood and Chocolate, Underworld, it has to be gory and have a romance that is completely unbelievable. I did like Twilight some but not really over the top kind of thing with me it was just okay yes that is the whole series of them. I am also a huge fan of loosely historical movies Braveheart is a favorite of mine ‘I’ve come to pick a fight’, Patriot, Apocalypto (is one of my more liked movies even though it has no talking in it) the scene where they are rolling the heads down the pyramid is just awesome. Memphis Belle was also one of my more liked movies. I have a HUGE movie collection like probably close to two thousand or so and that is not including all my old vhs tapes. I like action too but not as much as I used to here in the last couple of years I have to say it has gone too far fetched and just doesn’t pull me into the story line like they used to. I will not list every single movie because I think we both would get bored with that. But I will say the last two movies I watched were The Croods which was really good and Planes which I didn’t like to much. I am wanting to see The Pacific Rim hoping it is at least as good as Battle Los Angles. I have to say my taste in movies is pretty much like everything else in my life eclectic. 

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