Fetish Dacryphilia Aroused By Tears or Sobbing

The fetish of dacryphilia is one that can either be the desire to have it forced onto one or the need to make someone sob and cry. This is not a fetish of a few tears but a full break down in mentality. It is one that either sex can cause or need to undergo. This was one of the first fetishes I was exposed to when I started on the internet. I truly did not understand it or what was the driving force behind it until I started to research sadistic behavior. This is a fetish of forcing someone to tears either through humiliation or through physical discomfort. Like most fetishes involving power play this can go either with the top forcing the situation or the with the bottom eliciting the response. Do to the fact that I am dominate I tend to deal with this men that wish for a woman to force them to tears. Generally the means is through humiliation but there are some men that enjoy having their genitals manipulated until they are unable to withstand the pain of it except through tears. The most abundant situation I have ran into is the stripping away of manhood forcing a man to admit he is unworthy of women and admitting his penis size is of unsatisfactory nature.  Ultimately this is a power play situation and the full breakdown of power from the bottom. For one that is into fetish of dacryphilia there is a huge release of endorphins when they are forced to  a release of tears. It is considered a sadistic act by those pushing someone to this state because of the cruelty that is utilized to gain the response of the tears.

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