Fetish Liquidophelia Submersion Of Genitals In Liquid

The fetish liquidophelia is a lot harder to write on than I would have initially thought. I have been researching it for a couple of days and there is very little about this fetish out there to be found. Most of what I have found is a one line definition which seems straight forward. It is the desire to have one genitals submersed into liquid of any kind for stimulation. As far as fetishes are concerned this one seems pretty harmless and maybe even a little fun. I can not find anything about how extreme this fetish is and I have not personally ran into someone that shared this was their fetish. I do know a number of guys that tend to masturbate in the bathtub which could be this fetish or it could be just a relaxing private area that they enjoy. I would be really interested in talking to someone that is really into this fetish to find out what is the draw to it. I wonder if there is a pull to like chocolate, oil, or other thick liquids or mainly water.

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