Financial Domination

Financial Domination is often misunderstood by men when they start to play in it. First off this is all about the money. If you do not have the money to play then you will cause the mistress to become frustrated. Remember you called her for a specific thing she has spent years working on how to make that fantasy the most fulfilling. If you call her and you can not indulge in the fantasy the way it is was meant to be then you are just being rude. There are plenty of other things you can do instead and they will be just as fun for you and her. However, if you call for financial domination then she is expecting you to get a rush or thrill from being put into unpleasant and increasing tightening of monies. It is not that she is a “gold digger” you called her for something that takes time and energy to learn so getting upset at her when you try to flip one thing into another is simply not okay. With all that said lets talk about what financial domination is and who is attracted to this type of play.

Financial Domination is generally a game that is played with someone who makes a lot of money. That income is part of their sense of power. When they have someone start to take that money away and as that game increases in amounts they start to feel more and more submissive. This game can start at any dollar amount but most the time it starts under $100 but can increase in amounts up thousands. There is a tease with the seduction coming from the pull of watching their wallet be drained. This game has been played for a long time in different ways. From the flirty woman who gets the man to spend money on her while she is being spoiled he is going without things that he wants or needs. At times it can be a woman taking money directly out of his wallet so the more the gives the thinner it becomes. With the modern world it is more about watching that bank account dwindle as he spoils that woman online.

The aspects of this game can be gifts of all kinds and different amounts starting out with little gifts with time becoming larger and more grand. Sometime it is just about money maybe paying her bills or giving her cash to spend on herself or others. She showcases that her life is becoming better while he works hard to give that to her. He of course only gets the enjoyment of losing those things that he once enjoyed or desired.

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