Foot Jobs

There are a lot of people out there that are into foot jobs. Notice how I do not say there are a lot of men, that is because women have this fetish too. I have personally known a number of women that were into either having their pussies played with or even having big toes inserted inside them. They like the feel the big toe as a it slides in an out. Women in a lot more numbers than most people realize enjoy sucking on toes or having their feet played with. This is a big sexual action that is pretty well even on both sides of the sexes from my personal experience. Men enjoy all kinds of wonderful things with feet from sucking on the feet, feeling feet wrapped around their cocks,  and even anal with a big toe. There are women and men that are into men feet. There are a lot of fetishes out there that seem to be male or female specific with men seeming to have more fetishes variety then women do. That is what makes foot jobs and feet so unique it is spread out between the sexes.

I am a little into feet it is not a fetish for me but I like to do different things  on occassion. For me there is something sexy and controlling about wrapping my toes around a man’s cock. The soft skin on that cock is just a turn on for me. Slowly stroking a man’s cock with my wrinkly soles is such a power trip to me. I like to feel a man explode all over my toes. If he is into it pushing my toes into his mouth and making him suck all those come juices off my toes is highly enjoyable for me. When it comes to women I enjoy sucking and licking on a woman’s toes and feet. A woman’s feet if they are taken care of are super sensual. It is such an intimate moment to pull a woman’s feet into my hands and rub them. Even if all we are doing is watching a movie. It seems that a lot of women get turned on by nothing more than having their feet stroked and rubbed.

One of the great things about warm seasons is all the pretty toes and feet that run around. I have had numerous men admit to me that they walk around stores during the warm months just to look at pretty feet. What about you are you into feet? Do you enjoy being touched or touching feet? How about a footjob is that your thing?

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