Forced Bi

Forced bi is a fetish that is seems to be becoming more popular. It is generally connected to a cuckolding situation where a man has a strong wife that makes him do things because it amuses her. This fantasy has little to do with man on man. The vast majority of these men would never go out and suck cock on their own. These men crave being under the control of a woman. They crave the want to do things that take them beyond their own mental discomfort but to that for someone. It is all about being submissive in situations that they do not want to be submissive in. Most of the things that turn us on sexually are created in our own minds. The act of a sexual action is very much secondary to the the mental turmoil that gets one there. Men that are into forced bi are not into men they are into the rush of the turmoil in their own minds. They want to be pushed to the point of true tears not the false bravado of an act but the true breakdown and giving up of themselves.

A lot of women have a hard time understanding what would make a man want to be this type of person. They think that men should be stronger than women. However, throughout history strong men have often been controlled by the women in their lives. There is something about having a woman that is demure in the streets but controls everything in the home. Women seem to think that sexually they do not have to be aggressive that being pursued is how things should be. For a lot of men though that is where they start out in a relationship but not where they end up. They want a woman that steadily finds herself and her own sense of control the closer that a man becomes with her. This is one of the main reasons why men become bored with a woman. When a woman fails to find her own sense of sexuality she burns out of the mundane and her partner burns out on her.

Forced bi is like a lot of the fringe acts they add a spark to a relationship to create that sense of butterflies again that people feel when a relationship is new. Not all elements of forced bi is the same from person to person our whole lives creates the things that we crave. However, one thing that does hold steady is the want for a woman to find herself sexually and exploit that. Men want to serve their women they may not want the whole world to know about though. Women often forget how a man becomes a “puppy dog” when a woman controls him sexually they become lazy in how they deal with their partner and no longer give them the tease or the chase. It is okay to say no as long as it builds up to something else. There is for a lot of people the thrill of a little humiliation which can often mimic the butterflies of something new. Like all drugs the rush must be obtained by raising the bar to a higher degree. This holds true when the chemicals are those produced by the body as well. Forced bi for many men is just a way of raising the bar and getting that dump of chemicals. If controlled in an honest, loving relationship there is nothing wrong with this. Being mean for the sake of destruction of another human being is never okay.

Have you ever thought about forced bi with a partner? Is this something you want to try or have tried? Tell me about it in the comments below then give me a call and lets discuss it further.

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