Forced Ejaculation

There is something fun about tying a man up and teasing his cock over and over for an extended amount of time.  One of my favorite things to do is take a man out while I am wearing my thigh highs, high heels and a very short tight dress. That way I can tease him with my soft silky thigh highs on my feet all night long. The entire time telling him how much I enjoy the thought of taking him home and tying him up for my pleasure with those thigh highs that he is touching just now.

I have spoken to a number of men through the years that the thought of being my complete servant in this manner turns them on in great ways. The thought of a woman taking what she wants in the way she wants it is something that a number of men do not get very often. Women often do not use the power that they have and do not understand how they can control a man in ways that want him to be controlled. A man that is forced to come on a woman’s time in either a fast or even a very extended matter.

Men have told me through the years that having the power of their own orgasm taken from them is a very powerful power exchange.  Most men that I have spoken to enjoy being tied up so they are only allowed to look down and see their penis rock hard and standing at attention. They are not allowed to touch themselves in any way instead they are can just watch their penis twitch and the balls swelling.  A woman can then do with both as she wishes for some this means using a bit of pain as a persuasion to her wants and desires. For others like myself I enjoy more sensual play a tease and denial of orgasm until I feel that he is going to explode to completely.

Many a man tends to think of the longer versions of play as being more controlling but a quick forced ejaculation when a man wishes to play longer can be just as controlling. The feel of orgasm makes a man want more and a woman enjoys the feel of her complete control over a man.

Have you ever thought about having someone tie you down and force you to ejaculate for them? Have you ever thought about a little phone play of a woman telling you how to play? Tell us all about your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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