When I first came across formicophilia I immediately thought to myself was that I know of a lot of people who might have this fetish. This fetish is when someone enjoys having insects or even animals crawl over their body. This can be anything and it can be anywhere. Think of all those people that enjoy having an ant crawl across their skin. Or those people that really like the feel of a spiders legs. How about all those people we know that own snakes and seem to over enjoy the feel of the snakes skin on their own. This can be in the genitalia area but it can be on any open area of skin. This can be that the person enjoys the sensation themselves. It can also be that a person wants to make someone else uncomfortable through the use of the sensations created by an insect or an animal. This is not about having direct sexual contact with that animal. It is all about how the skin and nerves react to the the contact with the creature. A famous one I remember being told about was a man that enjoyed the sensation of fire ants on his testicles. For those of you who are not familiar with fire ants they have a venom and sting. They can be all over you before you even feel them and when they sting you it creates pus filled lesions on your skin. After a few days these either burst through scratching or sometimes on their own. The wounds then become sore or even really infected. This particular man enjoyed the whole process of them on his skin how they would sting him and even the wounds that came from the process.  If you think about that one guy who enjoys tormenting girls with a spider the one who seems to enjoy a girls screams just a bit too much. While this could be he just enjoys tormenting for the process of it or it could be that he has a fetish for the insect/animal doing it for him. How emotional the girl gets in the process of being chased by something she is afraid of. This is not a fetish that sex specific. There are lots of women that enjoy these sensations on their own. Formicophilia does not mean the person masturbates with the animal nor does it mean they masturbate while the animal is one them. This fetish encompasses the whole process of interacting.

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