This is just such a fun bondage fetish for those those not familiar with it this is where a Goddess makes someone a piece of furniture. You are no longer human your whole purpose in life is to be an inanimate object. While I have yet to get to play with this in real play none of my submissives have been into this. That is okay though I have some awesome real life submissives. I hope to some day have someone be my foot rest for my stinky sweaty feet. I think it would be so much fun to make someone a table for my glass of wine in that tall stemmed glass that they have to work very hard to keep upright. Oh the joys of punishment that could go with someone making it topple and shatter on the floor from lack of attention.  I would enjoy tying someone up into a stool that I can sit on and do my makeup on. Or even have another submissive blow dry my hair out while I sit on my own human chair. The joy of teaching a submissive to sit perfectly still as to not let on that they are actually human. In fact I would want them to learn to control their breathing even so that I would not feel the rise and fall of their chest while I sit there at my leisure. Then to have my human table follow me around the house with my books and wine moving every so careful and delicate as to not disturb any of their precious cargo. It would be completely disappointing to have it fall to the floor and make a horrendous noise.  I would expect more from my submissives they had better never disappoint me in such a way. I would have to punish harshly in fact there would be marks left on their bottom and back of their thighs that would last for a week at least. It would be a lot of fun to make a cock stand at attention and have it hold my purse when I was through the door after a long day. Oh to have a row of hard cocks properly trained to stand at attention for my coat, purse, and those of my guests as well. To be surrounded by a house full of my human inanimate objects doing all my bidding would bring me great joy.


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